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blinds buying guide.

At furn. we understand that there’s a lot to consider when shopping for blinds, so we’ve created this handy buying guide to help you find the perfect blind that is right for you and your home.

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Ready made or made to measure?





Caring for your blinds



We sell two different styles of blind, Roman and Roller styles. Whether you prefer your blinds to fit inside or outside of your recess, both styles are readily available in a range of popular patterns and styles.


roman blinds.

Roman Blinds are a great alternative to curtains. They are made up of soft fabric that hangs in neat vertical folds. Roman blinds are designed to be as simple as possible. When open, sections of fabric fold over each other creating pleats for a wonderfully soft and voluminous appearance. When closed, they lay flat across your window for a super clean and minimalist look, creating maximum privacy and blocking out as much light as possible.


roller blinds.

Simple in both style and function, our roller blinds are an incredibly popular choice due to their minimalistic design. Made from a stiffened fabric, roller blinds are super easy to use and can be partially closed by simply adjusting the blind to desired height. These blinds can add additional privacy to any room and can be a great solution paired with curtains.




Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics ever (for everything from blinds to clothes). It’s soft, lightweight and versatile, with the ability to be made into a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. Cotton is also an affordable choice.


Polycotton takes all the best bits from both cotton and polyester, and blends them together. You have the durability and crease resistance of polyester with the versatility and softness of cotton. It’s the perfect option for busy households or for kids rooms.


Add a touch of luxury with a soft velvet roman blind. It’s heavier and thicker than cotton and polycotton, adding to that opulent feel. It’s a versatile fabric, with a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from.


Printed fabric is when the pattern is printed on top of the fabric (rather than woven in with different colour threads). Printed patterns are usually available in a wide variety of different colours and precise patterns.


In contrast, woven fabric is creating through the weaving of coloured threads. The pattern might not be as intricate as printed fabric, but the pattern and the fabric is more hardwearing and longer lasting.


Embroidered fabric features embellishments through thread and needlework. it could be that the entire pattern is created in this way, or it’s simply an added extra decoration. Embroidered fabric blinds can add a pop of luxury to any room.




Plain blinds offer the perfect backdrop. Whether you’re layering up with curtains or using it as a practical standalone, a plain dye blind is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your window, whatever your colour scheme.



Add personality to any space with a patterned blind. There are loads of different patterns in our collection to choose from.

Florals are a versatile pattern. They can be ditsy and traditional or folk-inspired, modern or dark and moody. The options are endless!

Abstract patterns don’t resemble anything in particular, so they’re ideal for minimalist and modern spaces.

Geometric patterns are modern and edgy, using shapes to create patterns.


ready made or made to measure?

Our collection of blinds includes both ready made and made to measure. We recommend measuring your window before you decide on a specific fabric.

Our ready made blinds are available in a range of standard sizes, but if you don’t find your window size in our collection, our made to measure blinds allow you to get the exact fit.


ready made blinds.

  • Standard sizes
  • All blackout
  • Roman and roller style


made to measure blinds.

  • 250 fabrics
  • Roman style
  • Three different lining options, including blackout thermal, bonded interlining and cotton sateen



thermal blackout.

This is the lining recommended for bedrooms, as the blackout qualities mean that no speck of light can shine through. Not only that, but the thermal blackout lining also reduces heat transfer, helping you with your energy bills too! All our ready made roller and roman blinds have a thermal blackout lining as standard.

bonded interlining.

If you’re choosing a made to measure roman blind, then you have the option to go for bonded interlining.

cotton sateen.

A plain lining, cotton sateen is smooth and luxurious, giving you a polished finish to your blind.



Having blinds that fit correctly is essential as they will block any unwanted light and prevent draughts. When choosing a new blind for your home, you need to decide whether it will be fitted inside or outside the window recess (the hollow space between your wall and the glass).

inside the recess

If you want to hang your blind within the window recess, measure the internal dimensions of the window from wall to wall. As walls are often uneven, we advise taking three separate measurements across different points on your window. Use your shortest measurement as the 'width' value when ordering your blinds.

Next, find your length by measuring from the top of the recess down to the windowsill. Take three separate measurements at different points again, using the smallest figure as your 'drop' value when ordering.

When ordering recess fit blinds from, you do not need to make any adjustments to your measurements. While a small deduction is needed to ensure the blinds and mechanisms fit perfectly, we take care of all this ourselves. All we need from you is the exact dimensions of your window recess, so make sure to check over all your measurements.

over the recess.

If our ready made blind sizes are not quite right for your windows, you may want to consider fitting your blinds outside of the recess. If you require complete blackout from your blinds, fitting them over the recess will give you the best results, ensuring no light creeps in around the edges.

This means fitting the blind over the window frame. To do this, we advise that when measuring your window recess, you allow for approximately 10-15cm on each side. This will ensure that any unwanted light and draughts are kept out.

*Please note that we do not advise cutting down our blinds to fit your window. If the blinds are altered, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange for your purchase.



All our blinds are supplied with all the fixtures and fittings you’ll need to perfectly fit your blind. As well as easy to follow instructions. You’ll have your new blind up in no time!



All our blinds have easy to use adjustable pull cords with built-in child safety devices.

To raise the blind – pull the cord in a straight position, ensuring that all of the cords are pulled together. To lock the blind in place, pull the cords to the right and tie the cords onto the child safety device. Wrap the cords onto the device in a figure of eight until all the cord is wrapped around securely.

To let the blind down - unwind the cord from the child safety device and pull the cords to the left. You can then give it some slack and the blind will lower of its own accord.


maintenance + care.

Your blind may come with care instructions – always follow the label in the first instance.

Both roller and roman blinds should be lowered before you clean them. Dust them with a microfibre cloth or the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Ideally, this should be done on a regular basis.

If dusting isn’t enough, run a clean damp cloth over your blind.

If your blinds are stained or have marks on them, then you may have to spot clean. Make up a bowl of liquid dish soap and warm water, and dip a clean cloth in it. Wring it out so it’s damp but not dripping wet. Gently dab at the stain until it comes out – being careful not to pill the fabric.  


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