Buying Guide: Blinds

At furn. we understand that there’s a lot to consider when shopping for blinds, so we’ve created this handy buying guide to help you find the perfect blind that is right for you and your home.

What are the different types of blinds available?
We sell two different types of blinds, Roman and Roller styles. Whether you prefer your blinds to fit inside or outside of your recess, both styles are readily available in a range of popular sizes that will fit most windows.

Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds are a great alternative to curtains. They are made up of soft fabric that hangs in neat vertical folds. Roman blinds are designed to be as simple as possible. When open, sections of fabric fold over each other creating pleats for a wonderfully soft and voluminous appearance. When closed, they lay flat across your window for a super clean and minimalist look, creating maximum privacy and blocking out as much light as possible.

Roller Blinds
Simple in both style and function, our roller blinds are an incredibly popular choice due to their minimalistic design. Made from a stiffened fabric, roller blinds are super easy to use and can be partially closed by simply adjusting the blind to desired height. These blinds can add additional privacy to any room and can be a great solution when using as well as curtains.

Is there a choice of light filtration?
All our blinds have blackout properties, perfect for when you require a little extra shut eye. Made using the best in class ‘3 pass’ manufacturing process, this is where the lining is formed using three layers of ‘foam’ (white, then black, then white again). This ensures that absolutely no light can be passed through the fabric, for total darkness!

Our readymade blackout blinds also have thermal properties. The 3 pass lining includes it’s natural ability to regulate room temperature. It keeps your room cool in the summer, and warm in the winter by ‘blocking’ the transfer of heat.

How do i measure correctly for my blinds?
Having blinds that fit correctly is essential as they will block any unwanted light and prevent draughts. When choosing a new blind for your home, we recommend considering if you would like it to be fitted inside or outside the window recess.

Inside the recess
If you want to hang your blind within the window recess, measure the internal dimensions of the window from wall to wall. We advise measuring the internal width of the window in a few different places, making sure you take note of the narrowest measurement.

Then go ahead and measure the top of the recess down to the windowsill, again measure it in three different places, taking note of the shortest measurement.

For blinds that are being fitted inside the recess, once you have measured the width, we suggest that you allow for an extra 1cm each side for the blind fittings. So if your recess measures 150cm, allowing for the fittings you might be looking for a blind at 148cm.

Over the recess
If our ready made blind sizes are not quite right for your windows, you may want to consider fitting your blinds outside of the recess. If you require complete blackout from your blinds, fitting them over the recess will give you the best results, ensuring no light creeps in around the edges.

This means fitting the blind over the window frame. To do this, we advise that when measuring your window recess, you allow for approximately 10-15cm on each side. This will ensure that any unwanted light and draughts are kept out.

*Please note that we do not advise cutting down our blinds to fit your window. If the blinds are altered, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange for your purchase.

How do i operate the blinds?
All our blinds have easy to use adjustable pull cords with built-in child safety devices.

Roman Blinds
Our Roman blinds are super easy to operate:

To raise the blind - pull the cord in a straight position. Ensuring that all of the cords are pulled together. To lock the blind in place, pull the cords to the right and tie the cords onto the child safety device. Wrap the cords onto the device in a figure of eight until all the cord is wrapped around securely.

To let the blind down - Unwind the cord from the child safety device and pull the cords to the left. 

Roller Blinds
Our roller blinds are super easy to operate. Simply pull on the beaded chain to raise and lower as required.

How do i fit my blind?
All our blinds are supplied with all the fixtures and fittings you’ll need to perfectly fit your blind. As well as easy to follow instructions. You’ll have your new blind up in no time!