How to: Clean and care for your bedding


Knowing how and when to wash your bedding can become all too confusing. Do you know how often you should be replacing each item in your bed? Or do you know how to keep them in top-tip condition for as long as possible? Well that's why we have created this handy guide to teach you all of our cleaning, maintenance and replacement recommendations for each of these products. We do strongly recommend you read the care label of each product thoroughly before attempting to clean it. Evading these instructions can lead to potential fire hazards, health and safety risks and damage to the product. 


Quilts + Pillows

It can be quite easy to forget about your quilt and pillows when doing the laundry but its just as important that they are cleaned as thoroughly as the other items on your bed. As they are regularly protected by pillowcases and a duvet cover, they do not need to be washed as frequently as your duvet sets and other decorative accessories. But, did you know your quilt and pillows can accumulate over 10,000 dust mites every six months? Dust mites cause irritation to the skin and eyes as well as worsening the symptoms of allergies and asthma. That's why we recommend cleaning your pillows and quilt as least every six months. 


Cosy Home Quilt

Our Cosy Home Quilt is filled with a special type of lightweight hollowfibre polyester. With a variety of Tog ratings and high-quality synthetic fabric, this hollowfibre quilt is a perfect, great value choice for a guaranteed nights sleep all year round. 

For heavy soiling, this quilt is hand washable at a warm temperature or can be washed in a commercial washing machine at 40 degrees with a mild detergent. We recommend you gently squeeze out any excess water by hand and air it to dry. We consider this method to be better than wringing or tumble drying as this can affect the padding and overall quality. 

Depending on how well a quilt is looked after, you may not need to replace it for quite some time. Typically, you should replace your quilt every five years. 


Superbounce Anti-Allergy Pillow

Our high quality and luxury Superbounce pillows envelop you with a feeling of warmth, snugness and comfort from the moment your head hits the pillow. Depending on the amount of usage, we recommend replacing your pillows every one to two years and cleaning them at least every six months. Using a pillow protector can help keep any dust or bacteria to a minimum. Not only are our pillows non-allergenic but they are machine washable. Make sure these pillows are on a gentle wash if cleaned in a commercial washing machine and follow the care label accordingly. Failure to do so, can result in a fire hazard, safety risk or damage to the overall product. 


Duvet Sets + Bedding

 All of our duvet sets feature button closures so you can simply remove the cover and throw them in the wash - it's as simple as that!

Similar to the accumulation of dust mites on your quilt and pillows, you will also find them (as well as sweat and skin cells from your body) in your bed sheets. As your duvet is the outer cover of your bedding, it comes into contact with your body every single night so we recommend you clean and change your bed sheets at least once every two weeks.


Stonehouse Linen Look Duvet Cover Set in Ochre


You can try and keep your bed sheets as clean as possible and make them stay fresher for longer by:

  • Showering before bed
  • Removing make up
  • Avoiding creams/lotions or oils 
  • Not eating or drinking in bed
  • Keeping your pets off your sheets


When it is time to wash your duvet sets and fitted sheets, always follow the care guide on the product label accordingly. Our care guide instructions differ for each product due to differences in material, thread count and size. We recommend you use a mild detergent and avoid any harsh chemicals when washing your bedding. Please be cautious of mixing colours and washing with other items that may cause damage to the fabric. Not all of our duvet sets and fitted sheets are iron or tumble dryer safe, so please follow care instructions accurately to avoid any potential fire hazards or safety risks. 



We stock over 1,000 cushion designs - each engineered with love, care and unparalleled quality and appearance. From simple plains, piped velvets and even beautifully embellished patchwork designs; our cushions feature exceptional details and we’re confident you’ll find something suitable for your home. With so many varieties available, it is difficult knowing how to clean and look after each one. But don't worry, we have broken this down for you:


Cushion Covers

Our cushion covers are incredibly practical and durable for those busy households. The great thing about our cushion covers is - if you do fancy a change, they can be replaced whenever you please without having to buy an entire new cushion. You can switch up the designs and insert the inner pad into a new cover without breaking the bank. 


Ellis Windowpane Check Cushion in Natural Beige


The majority of our cushion covers (once the inner pad inside has been removed) can be thrown into the washing machine. If your cushion cover does have any fine detailing such as pom-poms, we would recommend a spot clean only as a commercial washing machine may be too vigorous and damage the cover. Most of our cushions can be kept fresh and neat by ironing them on a low setting (cushion inner pads must be removed when ironing). 

Not all of our cushion covers are machine washable, tumble dry or iron safe, so please make sure you read the care labels accordingly.


Cushion Inner Pads

When selecting an inner pad for a cushion cover, you can either choose from our duck feather inner pads or polyester filled inner pads. If you are unsure which inner pad is best for you, you can check out our handy guide to compare the two here.



In the unlikely occurrence your inner pad does become dirty or marked, we would advise to spot clean or hand wash only. This can be done with warm water, a gentle cloth and mild laundry detergent - do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals. Placing a cushion pad in a washing machine poses the risk of damaging the overall quality as the filling can bunch together. We do not recommend tumble drying any of our cushion inners as this can also be a potential fire hazard. 


Ready-filled Cushions

Most of our cushions come with a removable cover but we do have some that do not have removable inner pads as they come pre-filled. This means, the 'cover' cannot be removed for washing. The filling is integrated into the cushion itself for added durability. This makes the cushions perfectly plump and super comfortable at all times.


 Bobble Velvet Cushion in Brick Red

Similar to our cushion inner pads, we recommend a spot clean only for these types of cushions as machine washing and tumble drying can distort the filling inside the cushion which there is no access to. Not only this, it can pose as a potential fire hazard if used in a commercial washing machine or tumble dryer so its best to hand wash with a gentle cloth.



Our throws are often used as decorative bed coverings, forming the focal point of the room. They are also an additional comforter during the cold weather and to get you through those freezing winter months. When used as decoration alone, they can often be forgotten about when it comes to your routinely clean. 


If a throw is purely used as a decorative piece, they can be considered extremely durable. If used on a daily basis as an extra form of comfort, it can wear a lot quicker. Either way, most of our throws can be washed at 30 degrees in a commercial washing machine to keep them in tip-top condition. We do not recommend ironing our throws as this can not only pose as a fire hazard, but damage the many textures. We also recommend you line dry our throws as not all of them are tumble dry safe. This is also the best way to avoid any damage to the material or detailing of the throw. As always, we advise following the exact care label of the item to avoid any fire hazards, safety risks or damage to the product. 


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