Meet one of our best selling duvet cover sets: Pomelo.

Let us introduce you to one of our best selling duvet cover sets, inspired by the largest citrus fruit, pomelos. Either round or oval in shape, pomelos have a thick textured rind that ranges in colour from green to yellow. This is where the inspiration for our most bold and vibrant duvet cover set has stemmed from.

So what is a pomelo? The largest fruit of all the citrus fruits, with a close relation to the popular and well known grapefruit. Pomelos are native to South and Southeast Asia. If you’ve never heard of the pomelo fruit before, it is pronounced “Po-muh-low”. And just a heads up that they can also be called pompelmoes, but let’s not over complicate it.

A pomelo fruit.

The Pomelo design for our popular duvet cover set is completely original. A bright and colourful hand drawn motif that has been created by our team of talented designers in our Yorkshire head office. A stunning floral pattern that also features butterflies and birds.

Reflecting the natural tropical colours of the sweet pomelo fruit, our Pomelo duvet cover set is available in three vibrant colourways: orange, verdi and yellow. The striking tropical colours of this duvet cover set will brighten any bedroom. Also featuring an equally beautiful white floral reverse. This duvet cover set gives you two looks in one which is perfect if you fancy a midweek switch up.

Not only will our Pomelo duvet cover sets completely transform your bedroom, but they are also easy to care for. Made from a super soft yet durable polycotton, these duvet cover sets can be washed as often as you’d like whilst requiring minimal ironing. Other benefits to polycotton bedding is that it also dries quickly. There's no reason you can't take your favourite Pomelo duvet cover set off your bed to be washed and have it back on in the same day!

The Pomelo duvet cover set is incredibly versatile and is suitable for a variety of different bedroom styles. Whether you're looking for a statement duvet cover set to be the focal point of your bedroom or the perfect bedding to accompany some bright and wonderful soft furnishings to achieve the perfect eclectic style. Pomelo is the ultimate bedding.  


Photo credit: Fiona Green (and Spider) - Pomelo Yellow

Also loved by our furry friends!

Available in single, double, king and super king. The Pomelo duvet cover set is the perfect addition to your bedroom this summer.