Our top 5 home interior influencers of 2021

Lost on how to style your home? Home interior trends come and go, and keeping up with the latest fashions can be a chore. That's why we are sharing our favourite home interior influencers of 2021 to spark your creative side and provide endless home inspiration. 



First up is Louisa, or you may know her as @life.atno37 over on Instagram. Louisa's stunning home stood out to us as no two rooms are the same, yet all of them tie together immaculately. Her selection of bold and jazzy wallpaper prints are complemented perfectly by the array of textured accessories she has chosen. She isn't afraid to experiment with colour which is a fresh and fun approach to home décor opposed to the greys and neutrals of past interior trends. 

Our absolute favourite look of hers is a jungle-inspired wall mural with pops of contrasting colours. A striking print like this is enough to grab anybody's attention when walking into the room. The ginger tones of the bedding are calming as they gently compliment the statement wall; proving contrasting colours do not always clash. 

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Sarah-Jane showcases her dreamy mid-terrace over at @homebythestation. A neutral interior is the perfect base for vibrant pops of colour which she has added to her home generously. She is a whizz when upcycling furniture to give something old a new lease of life - not only do they look incredible but we praise her eco-friendly approach. Each room claims its own assortment of bright prints and the retro details throughout each one is enough to give anyone home envy. 

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Often overlooked, a bathroom is no exception when it comes to home interior. It might not be on the top of your list of rooms to decorate, but once your guests pop to the loo, you'll sure wish it had of been. Our favourite look of Sarah-Jane's is this monochrome detailed bathroom decorated generously with green foliage. 

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Sharon from @a_story_of_home takes botanical interior to a whole new level...
Her home flows together perfectly as varying shades of green dominate every room - yet each space still holds its own unique style and look. Whether its printed or living, the arrangement of foliage, shrubs and plants throughout her home creates a calming and tranquil space. To establish character in each room, Sharon opts for pops of contrasting colours. Her use of alternate furniture advances interior trends away from the typical flat-pack builds giving her home a modern but timeless look. 

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Our favourite look of hers is this dreamy master bedroom. By selecting a bold and busy botanical duvet, Sharon's bed becomes the statement feature of the room. The rich print of the duvet ties in perfectly with the many green tones of the room and still provides a splash of contrasting colour. If you have neutral décor, a bright and patterned duvet set is a great way to bring in some personality to the room. 

Sharon's statement duvet set is our Wonderplant Exotic Botanical Duvet Cover Set in White/Green


One word springs to mind when admiring the home of Jen from @halfpaintedhouse and that is COLOUR! We only wish we were as adventurous when it comes to her vibrant coloured walls and furniture. As an avid up-cycler and DIY-er, Jen transforms almost anything and everything into something bolder and brighter. Despite the use of striking colours in almost every room, Jen's home still maintains a minimalistic and sleek look putting a twist on modern home interior. 


 Our favourite look of Jen's is this stunning bedroom which features an array of contrasting soft furnishings. We can only praise the thought behind each texture and colour paired together to exaggerate the depth and dimension of this space.

You can find out how Jen layered this exact bed here




We are obsessed with this delicate interior style radiating from Lucy's home over at @lucys_hillside_house on Instagram. Her style incorporates neutral tones with hints of deep colours creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The variance of statement furniture within each room creates an effortless look and the older loved antique pieces contribute to her timeless interior style. A flawless mismatch of vintage and modern furniture adds a quirky yet natural feel to her home which she has styled together perfectly. 


This stunning bedroom by Lucy is our definitely our favourite look of hers. The earthy tones within the room create a relaxing and tranquil feel just like the rest of her home. It makes us wonder how a mismatch of furniture looks so great together - she makes it look so easy!

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Make sure you check out these amazing interior influencers on Instagram for more home inspo! See their handles below:
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