Pink vs Ochre, which is your favourite Spectrum duvet cover set?

Are you looking for a super easy way to transform your bedroom? There’s no denying that the bed is the main focal point of any bedroom, no matter what the decor. A fresh duvet cover set is the easiest and quickest way to get a new bedroom feel with minimal effort. If you are looking for a stunning duvet cover set that will elevate your bedroom into a contemporary space, then look no further than our Spectrum duvet cover set.

The Spectrum duvet cover set was created in our head office in Yorkshire by our team of talented in-house designers. Inspired by the spectrum of colours, the popular duvet set features a delicate ombre of colours combined with a soft geometric pattern overlaid. The unusual gradient design travels from grey into one of the colourways of either pink or ochre yellow, and fades out into white.

Spectrum is a super versatile design that will add a modern touch to any bedroom, perfect if you’re the kind of person that appreciates something a little different from the norm.

*Please note that the colour placement of the ombre design may vary.

Colour - Pink vs Ochre.
Our Spectrum duvet cover set is available in two gorgeous colourways, choose from either delicate soft pink or a stunning ochre. Both colours are paired with a super modern grey gradient. Grey has well and truly taken the interiors world by storm. It is the most versatile neutral that works beautifully alongside almost any other colour. A perfect combination for both the pink and ochre Spectrum duvet cover sets.

Pink - the new neutral.

This delicate pink and grey colourway is the ultimate chic combination. The soft blush pink tones are soothing and add a cosy feel to the cool grey hues. In our opinion the pink compliments the grey perfectly and is super versatile.

Featuring a coordinating grey reverse with a smaller scale white geometric pattern. This duvet cover set will have a neutralising effect in brightly coloured bedrooms or you can pair it with plenty of other pink and grey decor and accessories if you want to keep the warm, cosy and neutral vibes. 

Ochre - Grey and yellow is one of the most popular contemporary colour combinations.

Yellow is a mood boosting and uplifting colour, whereas grey can be a very cold colour when alone. Grey and yellow work in perfect harmony, yellow adds warm rich tones that make even the coolest temperature of grey feel cosy.

Featuring a coordinating ochre reverse with a smaller scale white geometric pattern. Don’t be afraid to use this duvet set in interiors that are already super colourful. The richness of ochre yellow helps this duvet set hold its own in already bright and vibrant bedrooms. Alternatively, if your bedroom is neutrally designed, this ochre bedding will have no issue being the centre of attention. 

Made from super easy care polycotton, our Spectrum duvet cover set is irresistibly soft, whilst also being durable. The benefits of polycotton bedding are that it can be washed as frequently as you like and requires minimal ironing. The polyester content in the bedding also means that polycotton bedding dries quickly.

It might also not come as a surprise that at furn. we love a reversible duvet cover set design. Spectrum has a coordinating smaller scale geometric pattern on the reverse, which is absolutely perfect if you fancy a midweek switch up, you get two stunning looks in one duvet cover set!

So are you team pink or ochre?
Whichever of the Spectrum designs you choose, both the pink and ochre duvet cover sets are incredibly eye catching and will create a contemporary feel in your bedroom.