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What your favourite Peter Rabbit character says about your home decor

a collection of beloved peter rabbit characters
Peter Rabbit’s been hopping about from page to screen to duvet sets since 1901, and for good reason – he’s totally adorable! And if you love Peter, you’re likely also fond of the little laundress Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, cheeky Squirrel Nutkin, and sweet Jemima Puddle-Duck looking for somewhere to lay her eggs. If you hadn’t already noticed, we’re obsessed with interiors just as much as we’re smitten with Beatrix’s array of cute characters.
We’ve been imagining what their home décor styles might be ever since we conceptualised our brand-new Peter Rabbit™ collection. From minimalist and maximalist to rustic and luxury, here’s what your favourite World of Peter Rabbit character says about you and your home décor – and all the accessories to get you started!
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Jemima Puddle-Duck

“She set off on a fine spring afternoon along the cart-road that leads over the hill. She was wearing a shawl and poke bonnet.”

Jemima Puddle-Duck cuts a respectable figure with her pink patterned shawl and her classic blue bonnet. She’s a little too trusting, but she knows what she wants! And what she wants is a nice nest to hatch her eggs in. We don’t get to see her nest in her tale, but we’d like to imagine that it would be full of home comforts and country style. Filled with animal motifs, natural materials and British-made values, country style is a timeless option that works for all types of home. It’s warm and inviting – you’re sure to be given a nice cup of tea and a biscuit when you arrive! 


No country home is complete without florals. With a stunning watercolour design of hand-painted peonies and delphiniums in shades of blue and teal (just like Jemima’s bonnet!) these floral curtains are the perfect addition. Available as made to measure, they can be totally tailored to you and your window – whether you’re looking for a traditional triple pinch pleat heading or a more modern eyelet heading.


The Classic Peter Rabbit duvet cover set is the epitome of cosy, comfy country home décor. Made from 100% cotton, it’s soft and snuggly – perfect whether you’re a tiny tot or a grown-up fan. You can see Peter on his adventures through Mr McGregor’s vegetable patch, his scarecrow and cuddling Mrs Rabbit after a long day of exploring.


Add a contemporary feel to your country décor with this Hunter velvet cushion in mustard. Featuring a proud embroidered pheasant resting on a branch, it’ll add a pop of gorgeous colour to your bed or sofa. The contrast leather piped hem and reverse to makes it feel modern, while the traditional pheasant design means that it’ll complement your country décor perfectly.



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Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

“lily-white and clean, oh! With little frills between, oh!” –

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is a minimalist through and through, right down to the sharp lines of her prickles. So, if she’s your favourite character, it’s likely you’re into minimalist décor too. She loves everything tidy, clean, and fresh as a lily. Minimalism is a unique style that encompasses the motto – embracing all things simplicity, this style allows you to experiment with texture and materials. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle lives in a humble dwelling and lives the simple and meaningful life of a laundress. Her walls are painted a neutral white and her furniture is functional with clean lines which is exactly what minimalist décor stands for. Everything in her home is neatly folded and orderly, from the handkerchiefs in her laundry baskets to the plates stacked on her wooden shelves. No matter whether you want to go classically monochrome, or you like to add a contrast colour in your minimal décor, we have accessories aplenty to add minimalist flourish to your rooms.


Settle down into a bed as crisply white, clean, and soft as Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle’s laundry! The stunning Manisha Medallion duvet set is manufactured from 100% cotton and made for the ultimate comfort and durability. You (and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle) will be pleased to know that it’s machine washable and can be ironed for a spotless look – line dry for the unmistakable smell of the Lake District’s fresh breeze. Shop all bedding.


Keep out the draughts and stay toasty in minimalist style with our Malham fleece draught excluder in ivory. Not only will you stay snug and warm inside, but you’ll also add beautifully soft boucle shearling fabric to the bottom of your doorways. Fitted with a zip closure, it’s easy to take off and pop in the wash whenever it needs a clean. It’s also designed and made here in the UK, making it a more sustainable choice for your home. Shop all draught excluders.


Add a subtle pop of cream and embellish your spaces to look like Mrs Tiggy-Winkle's well-kept hillside cottage with the Jasper Herringbone throw in feather. Created with a woven fabric to add texture, it’s also super-snuggly and will keep you warm and your home pristine. Finished off with a decorative tasseled fringe, it drapes and cascades beautifully over any seat or chair it’s placed on. This throw is the perfect example of marrying form with function, and it definitely has Mrs Tiggy-Winkle’s approval.



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Tom Kitten

Somehow there were very extra-ordinary noises over-head, which disturbed the dignity and repose of the tea-party”

Tom Kitten’s tale of getting grubby in the garden is one that lots of us can relate to. Dislike being prim & proper? Don’t want to conform to the rules? If that’s you down to a tee, we think you might be a maximalist. There’s nothing clean or serene about this style. Just like Tom Kitten, you don’t want to have a home that you can’t have fun in. And that’s what maximalism is all about – bringing joy through layers and layers of loud pattern and bold colours. Choose prints, shapes and finishes that make you smile, and ornaments that you’re absolutely obsessed with.


The Kitta duvet cover set in watermelon is the perfect combination of colour, graphic print, and of course, cats! The watermelon pink is a beautiful backdrop to the black and white angular poses of the cats, making them really pop. On the reverse, you’ll find a geometric print – ideal for folding over and adding another pattern to your maximalist bedroom. It’s full of colour and personality, and super affordable too (if you love the pattern, we even have it as a wallpaper so you can go super matchy matchy!).


Add the finishing touches to your playful, maximalist room with the Fleura floral cushion in ochre. With a bright yellow background in lush velvet, this cushion will enhance any luxe mood. The hand-painted floral pattern almost reads as stripes, with stems going from top to bottom of the cushion. Featuring roses, tulips, daisies and more, it’s a maximalist’s dream. It even has fringing!


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Peter Rabbit

“they lived with their mother in a sand-bank, underneath the root of a very big fir tree” –

If Peter Rabbit is your favourite Beatrix Potter character, we can’t blame you – he’s ours, too! That’s why we have a whole range dedicated to him. He’s the famous bunny with an adorably mischievous side that you can’t help but fall in love with. Mrs. Rabbit has instilled a Scandi style into Peter that we think you’ll love too. Their little burrow is as Scandinavian as it gets - warm, uncluttered, and cosy – but super stylish. Just look at Peter’s blue jacket – it’s a clean and stylish design, right down to the little brass button details (before he gets it dirty in Mr. McGregor’s Garden that is)! But we think that just speaks of his love of nature (and stealing vegetables), which is also what this trend is all about – it’s a happy and hygge lifestyle as well as a gorgeous home décor.


Our Scandi Woods throw follows Peter as he bounces around the woodland, looking for lettuce in his trademark blue jacket. This classic Scandi design features all the vibrant colours of autumn sitting against a neutral backdrop. Sumptuously soft to the touch, the Scandi Woods throw is created from heavyweight fleece which is sure to keep you feeling cosy as you snuggle down into a minimalistic nest of joy. Shop the full Peter Rabbit™ collection.


Hop under the Holbury Melange duvet set in ochre. With its luxuriously soft 100% cotton finish and soothing chamomile colour, you’re guaranteed the sweetest of sleeps. Topped with a delicate stripe, this duvet set provides a textured appearance to your bedroom. It’s the perfect mix of classic and contemporary and will make all the difference to your bed-scape by providing not only style but ultimate comfort. And with a wooden button trim detail, it’s very Peter! Shop all duvet cover sets.


Lean back into Scandi comfort with our gorgeous Woodland Scandi cushion in duck egg blue – it’s the same colour as Peter’s jacket! Printed with an enchanting Scandinavian inspired woodland scene where hares, deer, and wolves roam, it will take pride of place upon any sofa or bed! It’s complete with a piped trim and hidden zip closure meaning it’ll sit sleekly wherever you choose to place it. And it’s made right here in the UK. Shop all cushions.


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Jeremy Fisher

“Once upon a time there was a frog called Jeremy Fisher; he lived in a damp little house amongst the buttercups at the edge of a pond.”

Jeremy Fisher’s home is perfect for him. Sure, we probably wouldn’t go for a partially flooded house, but Jeremy Fisher likes getting his feet wet – he is a frog after all! And so when it comes to home décor style, we like to think that Jeremy’s home is full of little luxuries just for him. He wears a floral waistcoat and jacket, and when his friends come round for dinner, they wear their best get up too. So if Jeremy Fisher is your favourite character, then we guess you like a bit of luxury in your home décor too. From sumptuous textures to high end materials, you’re looking for the best of the best!


Is there anything more luxurious than crushed velvet curtains in a jewel tone? Just dripping in luxury, our Verona curtains in emerald add a sense of opulence to any room. The crushed velvet has a sheen that catches the light beautifully, as well as a heaviness that makes them feel expensive (though they’re super affordable!). They’re lined, so they have room darkening qualities, and will help to keep the heat in too!


If you’re a water baby like Jeremy, then you’ll need some incredible soft and absorbent towels! Our Egyptian Cotton towel sets are perfect for the job. Made with cotton grown on the banks of the Nile, they’re beautifully soft, thick and fluffy, ideal for wrapping you up after a soak in the tub. Go for classic white with a basket weave band, and they’ll complement your luxury style bathroom for years to come, whether you change it up or not.


Add a bit of glitz to your home décor with a gold mirror. You could go for something ornate or over the top, but a modern style is just as lavish. The Gold Geo wall mirror makes a statement with it’s angular brushed brass frame, octagonal mirror and star-shape. Pop above your bed, on your mantelpiece or as part of an impactful gallery wall. it’s even handmade, so you know you’ll get a one-of-a-kind.  


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Squirrel Nutkin

“Nutkin and Twinkleberry and all the other little squirrels came out of the wood” –

Is cheeky Squirrel Nutkin your favourite Beatrix Potter character? If so, we think you’re all over the rustic décor style. Squirrel Nutkin lives in a woodland at the edge of a lake – he’s surrounded by nature and likes to collect nuts! A rustic home décor encourages upping the welcoming vibes, adding care-free organic elements, and creating a warm colour palette. Think stand out wooden furniture pieces, a variety of shapes and texture and plenty of character and charm to bring the look together. Whether you’re looking to go all out earthy, or you’re simply thinking of adding rustic details into your interiors, at furn. we have everything you need to transform your spaces into a place as warm, soft, and cosy as Squirrel Nutkin’s furry red tail.


Introduce natural wooden elements into your home with our Elijah side table in mulberry. Perfect for popping books on the bedside or lamps in the living room – a side table is totally functional whilst also adding loads of rustic personality to your rooms. Our Elijah side table is complete with gorgeous red colour blocking and comes fitted with drawer storage and a pine handle. Its tapered wooden legs will also provide your room with relaxed shape and carefree flow. Shop all furniture.


Inject glorious, homely warmth all over the walls with our Winter Woods wallpaper in ochre. Featuring a unique woodblock inspired print of a wondrous woodland scene and in a sunny ochre shade, this wallpaper is oh so rustic. You’ll even spot Squirrel Nutkin himself amongst the leaves of the trees, storing all his stolen nuts! Easy to apply, non-fading, and sponge cleanable, this wallpaper is a stress-free affair! Shop all wallpaper.


Featuring all the muted, warm and forest tones characteristic of rustic home décor, our Folklore roman blind in peacock is a wonderful addition to any room of the house. Its roman blind finish means it’ll pleat and fold to add texture and volume to your window recesses. Printed on an ultra-soft cotton-linen blend with a blooming floral tapestry design, these blinds will supply your interiors with rustic elegance as well as privacy, darkness, and warmth – perfect for hibernation season! Shop all blinds.


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