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discover the final layer of luxury with ornate bedspreads.

Layered on top of your duvet cover for a finishing touch of texture and style, bedspreads are the ideal way to round off your bedroom decor. Bundle up in rich jewel tones and luxury damask patterns, keep comfort a priority with thick quilted velvet, or embrace a glamourous touch with diamante sequins that’ll shine bright in any space. Shop the collection.

Our bedspreads are the ultimate crowning layer for your luxury bedding arrangement. They’re designed to completely cover most UK-size beds, gently grazing the floor for a sweeping look that’s tastefully extravagant. Doubling as a warming extra layer on those chilly winter nights, bedspreads offer style and practicality that’ll transform any interior.



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Our bedspreads collection offers plenty of options to grace your sleep sanctuary with a finishing layer of luxe. Think regal jacquard weaves with rich damask detailing, cosy quilted velvet in soothing pastel hues and diamante crystal sequins that exude glittery glamour. Whether you’re looking for a cosy extra layer for the winter months or an opulent finishing touch for your five-star bed arrangement – we’ve got chic bedspreads to suit any interior taste.

While our bedspreads offer the finest finishing touches, you’ll need a strong foundation of quality bedding for a sleep experience that’s truly top tier. Lay the perfect foundation with a crisp cotton bed sheet, maximise your comfort with a thick mattress topper or spread a layer of style with our chic selection of duvet covers.

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what is a bedspread?

A bedspread is the final, outermost layer of fabric you’ll see on most beds. Made from a single layer of ornate fabric, bedspreads are commonly used just for decoration, and usually drape over the entire bed for an elegant floor-grazing look. You can sleep under a bedspread if you’re a chilly sleeper or just fancy an extra layer, but they’re usually folded down or taken off before bedtime.

Embroidery, textured fringing and other luxury details are a common sight with bedspreads, making them a highly decorative addition to any bedding arrangement. They work particularly well with traditional and luxury interior styles, but can elevate any space if used carefully.

what is the biggest size bedspread?

Our bedspreads range in size from 220x240cm all the way up to 275x275cm, but the right size for you will depend on the size of your bed. If your bed is a double king size, we recommend a bedspread of 275x275cm to get that floor-kissing luxury look. For a king size bed, a slightly smaller bedspread of 265x265cm might make a better fit. Go with 240x240cm for a double bed or anything smaller, but remember that bedspreads are designed to look oversized and sweeping.

If your bed is raised or particularly high, remember to factor this into your measurements and adjust according to the look you’re trying to create.

can you use a bedspread as a blanket?

While bedspreads are mainly decorative pieces that are used to add a final coating of style and texture to your bed, they have plenty of practical uses too. During the cooler seasons, bedspreads can serve as a valuable blanket of insulation, keeping you nice and toasty while blocking out the cold.

In a similar way, sleeping with just a bedspread and a flat sheet is a great solution for keeping cool when those stuffy summer nights start rolling in. As they’re lighter in weight than traditional duvets, bedspreads can be a refreshing alternative for warmer sleepers.

They’re also quite low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about your extra bedding layer bringing about undue stress. Because bedspreads are thin and light, they’re easier to wash than a standard quilt, making them a handy sleeping alternative during those sweltering summer nights. 

As always, make sure to check the specific cleaning guidelines for each of our bedspreads, or consult the care label for instructions.