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Ready Made Measuring Guide: Pencil Pleat Curtains

Decided on pencil pleat curtains? Now its time to measure up! 

Make sure you have the right curtain pole 

Pencil pleat curtains will suit any pole or track. If you have a pole, you will need curtain rings to fit them.

Fitting your curtain pole or track

If you are fitting your pole or track for the first time, make sure you allow roughly 15cm above and to both sides of your window, excluding finials (the decorative pieces on the end of the pole) if you are using a pole.

This means you will be able to fully draw back your curtains without obstructing your window, allowing daylight to flow into your room. It will also help to block the entire window during the night.

Find out the width you require

Make sure you measure the width of your curtain pole or track, not the width of your actual window. If you have a pole, exclude the decorative end finials from this measurement. If you have a track, measure the entire width.

With ready-made curtains, you should choose the width of curtains that is the closest match to your pole or track width. If you are choosing between two widths, go for the larger as this will ensure your curtains are fuller and have a more luxurious feel.

As this can get confusing, remember that the given width measurement of ready-made curtains is based on the curtain pole, not the actual width of the product.

Find out the drop/length you require

With ready-made curtains, choose the length that is the closest match to your preferred drop. Note that for windows over radiators, the curtains should end 2-3cm above the top of the radiator. This is so the heat does not escape behind the curtain.

For curtain poles
Measure from the eye of the curtain ring
to your preferred drop
For curtain tracks
Measure from the top of the track
to your preferred drop

Above your window sill
Ends 1cm above the window sill
Below your window sill
Ends 15cm below the window sill
Floor length
Ends 1cm above the floor

All done!

With your width and drop properly measured you can now select the correct sized curtain. Want the exact size? Contact your local curtain alteration service before ordering and they will recommend how to proceed.