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open up to a new standard of style with our curtains.

Whether you’re craving a fresh look or just something to keep the glare out, our stylish curtains are always an excellent addition. Flick your way through hundreds of chic designs, from soothing traditional fabrics to muted prints and bold exotic florals – all available in a huge range of neutral, pastel and brilliantly bright hues. Shop the collection.

Can’t find your size? Take a look at our bespoke made to measure curtains range.

Our elegant collection of curtains has something to suit all styles and interior tastes. Choose from graceful pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains, or keep your space contemporary with our sleek eyelet headers. We’ve got stunning ready made curtains that fit most windows, thermal curtains that keep the chill out and handy blackout fabrics for the most soothing of sleep sanctuaries.



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If you’re in search of statement-making style that’ll be the envy of passers-by and nosy neighbours alike – look no further than our stunning selection of curtains. Many of our drapes are designed right here in the UK at our Yorkshire studio, where our talented team spend hours perfecting prints and patterns by hand. We’ve been creating signature soft furnishing designs for over 30 years, giving us the confidence to say that you won’t find better quality elsewhere.

If you’re confused about curtains, draped in doubt or simply don’t know where to begin – head over to our inspiration blog for a full set of curtain guides and style tips. Our curtain buying guide covers all the basics, from fabrics to headers, to choosing between our ready made and made to measure options. We’ve got individual curtain measuring guides for every type of curtain, making sure you waste no time in getting your latest style statement on display.

how to measure curtains.

Wondering how to measure for your new curtains? While there’s certainly an art to it, the best measuring method for you will depend on a few factors – the type of heading on your curtains, and whether you’re using a curtain pole or a track.

If you’re fitting eyelet curtains (ring-top curtains that only fit on a pole), start by measuring the width of your curtain pole, excluding any decorative finials on either end. Next, place your measuring tape just above the top of your curtain pole. As this is where your new curtains will start, this is where you should measure the length from. Bring the measuring tape down as far as you want your curtains to fall. Read the full guide to measuring for eyelet curtains here.

If you’re hanging pencil pleat curtains or pinch pleat curtains on a curtain pole, keep in mind that you’ll need to use curtain rings to attach them. The top of your curtains will hang just below the pole as a result, so you’ll need to measure from the eye of the rings. If you’re using a curtain track instead of a pole, you should measure from the top of the track. For full instructions, read our guides to measuring for pencil pleat curtains and measuring for pinch pleat curtains

how to put up a curtain pole.

Whatever type of curtains you choose, and wherever you decide to hang them, you’ll need to start out by measuring and fitting a curtain pole or track. While all of our curtains can be hung using a pole, you’ll need curtain rings if you’re going with a pencil or pinch pleat heading. Eyelet curtains can’t be hung on a track, so a curtain pole is the safest option if there’s a chance you’ll change your type of heading down the line.

Your curtain pole or track needs to be at least 30cm longer than the width of your window, giving you plenty of space to open your curtains completely without blocking any light. Centre the pole above your window, and make sure it extends at least 15cm beyond the edge of your window on either side. If your curtains are made from a particularly thick or heavy fabric, you should allow an extension of up to 30cm on either side.

Deciding what height to hang your curtain pole at might sound like a small detail, but it can be the deciding factor in how your curtains end up looking when hung. Hanging your pole too low and close to the window frame will make a space feel small and restricted, while going too high and close to the ceiling will call for tons of extra fabric, and may end up looking a bit silly. Our recommendation is to aim for somewhere between halfway and two-thirds up your wall, between the ceiling and the top of your window frame.

how to choose curtains for the living room.

A good pair of curtains for your living room is always a good investment. Not only will they help regulate the amount of light and heat that can make its way into your home, they’re also a stunning style statement that can really bring a room’s look together.

The first thing to think about when choosing curtains for the living room is how much light you want to leave through. For brighter spaces that suffer from glare (or if you love a dimly-lit movie night), go with blackout curtains made with heavy fabrics like chenille or velvet. If you’ve got a north-facing living room that doesn’t get much natural light, look for brightly coloured drapes made from a sheer fabric like cotton. You can always layer up with blackout blinds down the line if you’d like more control over light levels.

Thinking about style, ensure you go with a curtain heading that fits with the rest of your decor. Pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains are ideal for more traditionally styled spaces, while eyelet (ring top) curtains are sleek and contemporary. Eyelet curtains are easier to hang and give a wide, wavy effect when drawn shut; while pencil and pinch pleat drapes offer a neater look that fits elegantly with traditional and country-style interiors.