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Floor Cushions

make every spot the perfect seat with large floor cushions.

Whether you’re after the softest meditation station, some bliss for your beach days or a plush pile of seats for alfresco gatherings – our stunning floor cushions leave no surface un-snug. Embrace powerful plain-dyes and intricate hand-drawn florals, or get lost in one of our statement abstract prints – all available in a variety of moody and blazingly bright hues. Shop the collection.

Our luxuriously large floor cushions are the ultimate all-purpose accessory, creating a luxurious layer of comfort, texture and style wherever they’re thrown. Make every summer trip soft and snug with outdoor floor cushions, designed with full resistance to water and UV rays that makes those big days out a breeze. Or, give your living room floor a fresh touch of luxe with our soft velvet designs for indoor use.

Floor Cushions


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The perfect extra seats for sunny garden days, a plush spot for the kids to stretch out, or lush finishing touches for those lazy nights in – our cosy floor cushions are the ultimate easygoing accessories. Offering a generous 70cm x 70cm of padded comfort, they’re the ideal spacious solution for all your seating needs.

No relaxing hideaway is complete without its fair share of cosy textures and surfaces, so don’t forget to check out the rest of our super-soft selection. Elevate your bed or sofa-scape with a cascade of stylish cushions, and layer on the luxe with thick and toasty throws. Find the ideal outdoor floor cushion accompaniment with our full outdoor range, rich in everything from quality furniture to resplendent outdoor rugs.

Feeling a little lost, or fancy a head start? Our inspiration blog is the ultimate source for helpful how-to guides and stellar design tips. Learn how to choose the right cushions for your home with our in-depth style guide, or get all our insider tips on cleaning your cushion covers and outdoor cushions with simple step-by-step breakdowns.

how to clean floor cushions.

Whether you’ve got a soft cotton cushion for nightly meditation or a durable polyester design for picnics in the park – knowing how to properly clean your floor cushions is essential. Floors are notorious breeding grounds for dirt and grime, which can quickly transform into mould or mildew if left on your floor cushions too long.

Our collection has all kinds of large floor cushions, from 100% cotton indoor designs to outdoor options made from hard-wearing polyester. The right cleaning method will vary depending on the type of cushion you’re working with, so always start by carefully reading the care label attached to your product. Remove the cushion insert from the cover if possible, as this will allow for more thorough cleaning of both elements.

Next, grab the hoover and get to work on both the cover and insert of your floor cushion. Use a gentle handheld vacuum, or an upholstery attachment if your regular vacuum has one. Thoroughly vacuuming the entire cushion will help lift dust, pet hairs and other loose debris, giving you a blank slate to treat heavier stains.

Machine wash your floor cushion cover according to the instructions on the care label, choosing a gentle cycle, mild detergent and moderate heat that won’t damage the fabric. If washing your floor cushion by hand, spot-clean stains with a gentle cleaning solution that’s suitable for the fabric. Test the cleaning solution by placing a tiny drop on an inconspicuous area of the cushion, and checking for colour bleeding or fading.

If your floor cushion has stubborn stains, you might need to pre-treat them with a specialised stain remover that’s suitable for the fabric. Read the instructions on the stain remover carefully, as different products often require different methods of cleaning. Let the stain remover settle into your cushion for 10-15 minutes, then wash according to the guidance on your care label.