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Duvet Cover Sets

spruce up your slumber with our stylish duvet covers.

A duvet cover doesn’t just set the tone for your bedroom’s style. As the first thing we see when we open our eyes, it sets the mood for every morning, day and week. Our duvet cover sets collection flaunts stunning signature designs, from vibrant florals to graceful hand-drawn animals, neat geometric lines and hypnotic abstract swirls. Shop the collection.

Peacefully drift off into our slumberous selection of duvet cover sets, merging statement designs with the finest quality fabrics for a snuggle-worthy finish that’s effortlessly chic. Sink into a dreamy assortment of crisp 100% cotton, luxurious linen and sumptuous textured fabrics – beautifully captured in a range of neutral, gently muted and dazzlingly bright colourways.

Duvet Cover Sets


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We spend roughly one-third of our lives in bed, so why not make it a place we simply never tire of? If you’re anything less than obsessed with your bedding, you’re missing out, and rekindling that love isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a full bed makeover, or just want a fresh duvet cover set to liven up your tired bedroom – our serene selection has you covered.

Your dream sleep sanctuary doesn’t end with a duvet cover set, however, and we’ve got plenty of options to take you the full way. From blissful bed sheets to queenly quilts and pillows, to luxurious bedspreads and the plushest of pillowcases and shams, our bedding collection is nothing short of heavenly.

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what is a duvet cover?

We’ve all heard of duvet cover sets, but how many of us know exactly what they are? Duvet covers are different from comforters, which are bigger, all-in-one alternatives that don’t require a cover – and they’re different from duvets themselves, which are the padded quilts that your cover fits over.

A duvet cover is simply a protective layer of fabric that’s designed to keep your quilt fresh and clean. They’re easy to wash, saving you the hassle of cleaning your quilt on a regular basis. They also make it easy to quickly switch up your room’s style, needing only a quick change to completely transform your space.

how to put on a duvet cover.

While it’s a basic skill that your mother’s been nagging you to perfect for years, putting a duvet cover set on a quilt is still a challenging chore for many. It doesn’t have to be a headache, and with our easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be effortlessly switching out sheets in no time.

Start by making sure your quilt and duvet cover are fresh and clean. Most of our duvet cover sets are machine washable, and so are many quilts, but make sure you carefully read over the care label on your product before popping it in for a cycle.

Once your quilt and duvet cover are feeling fresh, lay your quilt flat over your mattress. Next, grab your duvet cover and turn it completely inside out. Place your hands inside the duvet cover, and find the two top corners that will be nearest your headboard. You should now be holding one corner in each hand.

Still holding these corners, reach and grab the top two corners of your quilt. While tightly gripping both the quilt and duvet cover together, allow the duvet cover to turn right side out over the quilt. Lift and shake so that the duvet cover continues to fall over the entire quilt.

Lay both the quilt and duvet cover down flat once again. Continue to shake, fluff and adjust until the duvet cover is fitted neatly over the quilt. Tie up your buttons or fasten your zip, and continue to adjust until you’re happy with the fit.