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Velvet Cushions

luxurious texture. sumptuously soft.

Inject some luxury to your décor with our velvet cushions. Whether you prefer patterned or plain, you're bound to find the perfect velvet cushions in this range. Choose bold colours to make a statement, or versatile neutral tones that will compliment your existing décor.

Add a hint of glamour to your home with our practical and stylish designs. Our velvet cushions are perfect for most rooms in the home. Expect delicate florals, tropical animal prints and striking plain colours with piped feature trims.

Velvet Cushions


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Usually associated with deep red and luscious black, velvet carries the misconception of being a dark, moody fabric. Here at furn. we offer a wide range of vibrant colours to help spruce up your home whilst maintaining the warm and cosy feel velvet offers. 

Luminous yellow, perky pink, and leafy green are just some of the many colours our velvet cushions are available in. Found in both our cushions and bedding sets, it can now be your go-to fabric.

how to style velvet cushions.

Because of its high prices, velvet was only ever worn by the elite. Today, velvet can be enjoyed by everyone! It still looks decadent and regal, which is why velvet cushions are so beloved – especially by us. 

Velvet is the perfect way to experiment with textures and hues. Crushed velvet cushions deflect light in every direction, giving a classic shine, and come to life when sat next to vibrant colours. Soft velvet provides comfort and luxury, making it perfect for pairing with tufted cushions to add volume and interest.

A number of our velvet cushions come adorned with pom-poms to help you get into that fiesta feeling, adding extra dimension and appeal. Available in all shapes and sizes (including super cute heart shapes) pom-pom velvet cushions are great for pairing with plainer cushions to help them truly stand out.

A home is not complete without a throw. Pair your velvet cushion with a textured throw like fleece or cotton to create an extra layer of warmth. If you’re worried the colour of your velvet cushion won’t quite match your duvet set or sofa, having a neutral throw in between will help them blend more naturally.

how to wash velvet cushions.

All our velvet cushion covers will have instructions on how to wash on the label, but we appreciate that labels can fade. 

First, you need to know what your velvet cushion is made from. Traditionally made from expensive pure silk, today velvet can be made from a mixture of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and rayon.

If your velvet happens to be made from silk, we advise you seek a professional cleaner. For cotton, polyester or rayon blends washing by hand will be the safest option – though these can sometimes be machine washable.

For spills, place a cloth or paper towel on the stain, don’t dab or rub. Try and soak up as much as possible before moving to: Operation Damage Control. 

You have two good options:

1. Dipping a cloth into the foam made from 100ml of lemon juice and a tablespoon of soda bicarbonate 

2. Water and washing up liquid.

Once you’ve decided on your solution, dab (don’t rub!) the stain gently until no longer visible and let your velvet cushion air dry. 

If all this fails – it’s okay to admit defeat and take your velvet cushion covers to a reliable dry cleaner. After all, you don’t want to cause unnecessary damage to your luxurious cushions.