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Minimalist Home Style

create a calm + clean space. 

Banish the clutter and discover your sense of inner peace, all with a minimalist interior style. Think neutral and black everything, clean lines and simple silhouettes, and gorgeous textures like boucle, slub cotton and faux fur. We've got minimalist style cushions, bedding, throws and more, all designed in the UK by our incredible in-house designers. Shop the collection.

You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with our minimalist home furnishings – discover a whole host of accessories to transform your home. Whether you’re looking for cushions, throws, and bedding to increase your comfort. Or bathmats, mirrors, and blinds to add finishing touches, our minimalist range has something for every room.  

Minimalist Home Style


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After emerging in the 20th century as a rebellion against expressionism, minimalist décor is only becoming more popular in people’s homes. It can be seen as an almost spiritual pursuit, stripping down to the essentials and essence of what life is. Think practical and comfortable additions to your home and making a conscious choice to only bring in the things you really need. It’s refined, it’s functional, and it’s so very stylish. 

When it comes to minimalist décor, we’re talking simplicity – we’re taking on the mantra: less is more. Excessive decoration is not welcome here and colour and pattern should be used sparingly. Decluttering is vital. You know what they say, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Minimalism isn’t just a style, it’s a way of life, too – one that’s proven to work wonders on our wellbeing. Focus on clean lines, monochromatic colour schemes, and natural texture to achieve this stunning look in your interiors. 

minimalist cushions. 

Indulge in simplicity with our minimalist cushions. To curate a minimalist sofa-scape, we have a range shapes and sizes to suit your seating. With a choice of colourways, you won’t struggle to find a shade to suit your interiors. Go muted with grey, black, and ivory shades, or inject an accent colour with ochre, teal, and duck-egg blue hues. Be sure to up the style factor with subtle details on our cushions – whether you’re looking for a pom-pom trim, piped edge, or lace fringing, look no further. You’ll be sinking into a land of softness and adding depth to your spaces with 100% cotton, sumptuous velvet, and textured corduroy materials. And you’ll even find UV and water-resistant cushions to perk up your outdoor areas.  

The best part of our minimalist cushions are available to buy as a cover only option, so if you’ve already got a cushion and simply want to swap the cover out for a minimalist number – we’ve got it sorted for you. But if you’re looking for both cushion and cover, you can choose between luxurious feather and classic polyester cushion inners for a ready-filled addition.  

minimalist bedding. 

Get the uncluttered look in the bedroom with our minimalist bedding. Minimalist décor is all about introducing good quality materials that last. In our range you’ll see a variety of finishes to get this stunning look in your bedroom. Super soft against the skin, you’re sure to drift off into a deep sleep with 100% cotton, sherpa fleece, and waffle weave fabrics.  

Browse a plethora of plain-dye and softly patterned bedding for a tranquil, easy on the eye look. With subtle polka dots and stripes, your bedroom décor will be elevated to a minimalist dream. Sleep beneath a whole host of colourways. We’ve got natural beige, soothing eucalyptus, and red clay to achieve a muted look. For the whole family living the minimalist lifestyle, our bedding comes in toddler, single, double, king, and super-king sizes. 

minimalist throws. 

Snuggle up in style with our minimalist throws. There’s no doubt you’ll stay super cosy cuddled up with our cosy textures. Peruse woven, knitted, and herringbone throws to drape over your beds and sofas. For an added tactile element, many of our throws are complete with tasselled edging. You’ll find our throws in an assortment of beautiful colourways to introduce the minimal look. Embellish your spaces with a pop of bright fuchsia, a splash of neutral grey, or a delicate blush tone. 
minimalist bathroom. 

Every minimalist bathroom needs a bath mat. Not only will our non-slip linings keep you safe as you step from the bath or shower and into your day, but the traditional loop weave will add a good dose of style to your bathroom floor. Your feet are in for some TLC too – our minimalist bath mats are manufactured from 100% cotton for a 1500gsm thickness, making them ultra-soft underfoot. Grab our bath mats in a myriad of shades to suit your existing colour scheme – browse everything from ivory and ochre to oatmeal and eucalyptus to get the minimal look down. 

If there’s one thing we can’t live without, it’s towels. Enfold yourself in irresistibly plump and fluffy 100% cotton for the ultimate post-shower snuggle. Our minimalist towels are complete with a textured weave and Oxford panel trim to add sleek style to your bathroom. Find our towels in grey, pecan, and blue hues. Bring a whole set to the bathroom – our minimalist towels are available in a range of towel bundles. But if you’re just looking for a single towel to add to your collection, you can find face clothshand towelsbath towels, and bath sheets to suit your requirements. 

minimalist mirrors. 

Go super sleek with a minimalist mirror. Here you’ll find streamlined and simplistic frames to add function and form to your home. Our minimalist mirrors come in classic circular designs that’ll bring flow, curve, and clean lines to your interiors. A mirror is a must have for a minimalist home – it’ll work to create an illusion of extra space, which is especially useful in homes on the smaller side. Find our frames in black, white, silver, and gold shades.   

minimalist curtains + blinds. 

Keep it simple with our minimalist curtains and blinds. Amongst our collection you’ll find ready made eyelet curtains and uncomplicated roller blinds, as well as bespoke made to measure designs to get the snuggest of fits at your window. Hang your curtains in an assortment of minimal style block colours including natural beige, soothing berry, and tranquil mineral shades.