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sink into serenity with plush, soft pillowcases.

Whether you prefer sleeping on a puffy cloud of pillows, or you’re looking for that one winning option, our collection of pillowcases is packed with stylish solutions. Lay your head on luxurious Egyptian cotton, crisp percale and the smoothest sateen fabrics, all available in a range of sleek neutrals, muted pastels and bright patterned hues. Shop the collection.

From classic housewife designs to opulent oxford borders, our rich pillowcases collection has finishing touches to suit every style. Round off your bedding aesthetic with a matching pillowcase pattern, or keep them guessing with an entirely new design. Our pillowcases fit the UK standard size of 50cm x 75cm, making them a perfect match for most sleeping pillows.



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A good pillowcase is an investment in yourself and your sleep, ensuring you experience only the softest of slumberous textures once your head hits the pillow. Our collection is filled with plenty of plush options, from classic housewife designs to ornate oxford pillowcases. Whether you’re in search of a summery floral pattern to brighten up your bedroom, tufted polka dots and geometric shapes that bring the fun, or a clean neutral option that exudes hotel luxury – our selection of pillowcases has the perfect thing.

You’ll need more than a new pillowcase for the perfect bed arrangement, so don’t forget to tuck yourself into the rest of our bedding collection. Our dreamy bed sheets lay the softest of sleeping foundations, while fluffy quilts and mattress toppers add that extra touch of bliss. Set your space ablaze with a chicly patterned duvet cover set, and round off the look with an irresistible bundle of bed cushions, throws, or even a luxurious bedspread.

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how often should you change your pillowcase?

On average, you should switch out your pillowcases once a week. Like bed sheets, top sheets and duvet covers, pillowcases come in direct and prolonged contact with our bodies as we sleep. This means that saliva, sweat and dead skin cells can start to build up in your pillows after a matter of days.

The longer your bedding goes without a wash, the better suited it becomes for dust mites and bacteria to start settling in. If you sleep with pets, tend to sweat heavily or are currently ill, aim to wash your pillowcases once every 2-3 days. In most cases, however, weekly cleaning should be enough.

what is a percale pillowcase?

Percale is a type of cotton weave that creates a crisp and soft matte finish. Think fresh hotel sheets – incredibly soft and refreshingly crisp. Cotton percale pillowcases are created with a traditional criss-cross weave, one thread under and one over. This slightly looser weave makes percale a great option if you love cool, crisp sheets that are still packed with plenty of softness.