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Tufted Bedding Sets

feel the difference with our tufted bedding sets.

A nuzzle-worthy dream come true for doze-devotees and fluffy comfort fanatics – our tufted bedding sets bring new layers to what we know as a good night’s sleep. Sink into dreamily soft 100% cotton fabric, playful polka dots and sleek geometric patterns in a range of white, neutral and muted colourways. Shop the collection.

Made with detailed threads woven onto a soft fabric base to create sumptuously textured patterns – our tufted bedding sets collection offers comfort that’s irresistibly tactile. Many of our sets are machine washable, giving you luxury spa-level quality without any added work. Our single-size sets come with one matching pillowcase, while double sizes and upwards come with two.

Tufted Bedding Sets


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Elegant, soft and reinforced to last – the benefits to bringing tufted bedding sets to your decor are boundless. Many of the sets in our collection are made with 100% cotton fabric, for an irresistibly soft finish that’s durable and breathable to boot.

Need some convincing when it comes to fabrics? Check out our 7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding blog post. It’s a one-stop rundown of every little advantage that cotton bedding has to offer – from its signature durability to hypoallergenic properties.

Our bedding buying guide covers all the finer details of our snooze-inducing collection, from bedding basics to fabrics, weaves, thread counts and more.

what is tufted fabric? 

First popularised in England during the Victorian era, tufting fabric was initially a means of holding the filling of mattresses, chairs and other furniture in place. Its classy look meant that tufted furnishings soon became a symbol of wealth that was only available to the upper tiers of society.

Tufting is seen in a number of furniture items, from chairs to mattresses, headboards to duvet covers and more.

The process basically involves the layering of a thread on top of a base layer of fabric. This thread is often used to hold the fabric and filling in place using buttons, ribbons or knots.

Any number of patterns and designs can be produced with this thread – the most common of which are diamond, ‘biscuit’ (or square), and channel (stitched lines). 

Tufted fabric adds texture and shape to furniture, as well as to the room itself. Beyond style, the tufting process reinforces the fabric and keeps everything firm and in place. This leads to less wear and loss of life in the fabric over time – for a fresher look and feel that lasts.

how to style tufted bedding sets. 

While tufted bed sets have a historic association with finer society – you don’t have to embrace the luxury look if you’re bringing them into your home. 

We’ve got tufted boho polka dots that fit perfectly with quirkier eclectic styles, minimalist white tufted bedding that’s pristinely pared-back, and clean geometric patterns that’ll satisfy any taste.

However, there’s nothing wrong with leaning into the luxury look, and you can do just that by pairing jewel-toned or white tufted bedding with swirling marble wallpaper. Layering up fabrics and textures is a guaranteed way to give your bedroom that lavish hotel aesthetic, so don’t be shy about introducing a fancy faux-fur bed throw. Dress the bed with velvet cushions and introduce metal lights for an opulent sheen that rounds off your luxe vibe.

Alternatively, you can keep things cool and calm by coupling a white tufted bedding set with cool grey wallpaper and neutral decorative cushions in white or beige. One popular minimalist approach is to stick mainly with neutrals in your colour scheme, while layering up with fabrics and textures instead. Think bouclé cushions in cream or grey, a woven seagrass rug, neutral textured wallpaper and raw wood furniture.