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smother your space in sumptuous comfort with our soft cushion covers.

Switch up your sofa or bed in an instant with our collection of gorgeous cushion covers. We’ve already got thousands of signature designs to choose from, and our selection is constantly growing. Think leopards, leaves, funky geometrics, plush velvet and 100% recycled cushions. Need a filling for your cover? Choose from feather-filled or polyester pads in your order. Shop the collection.

Swapping out your cushion covers is a quick and easy way to transform the look and feel of any room. Revive your space with vivid patterns and dazzling hues, or go tranquilly tonal with a palette of neutrals and natural earthy shades. Many of our designs are hand-crafted by our talented design team at our Yorkshire studio, and are then sent for manufacturing at our UK complex in Staffordshire. We’ve been perfecting UK cushion covers for over thirty years – making us time-tested experts in quality, service and design.

Please note, as some of our UK-made cushions are hand-cut from large sheets of fabric, the position of the design may differ slightly to images on site.

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With over thirty years’ experience in producing the highest quality UK cushion covers, we’re confident in our expert soft furnishing skillset. Our talented team of in-house designers spend hours perfecting our designs down to the finest detail, with many drawn or painted by hand. Many are then transferred to our UK cushion-making complex in Staffordshire, where they’re carefully stitched, sewn and flourished with finishing touches that’ll shine bright in your home for years to come.

Need a filling for your cushion cover? Choose between our durable polyester and plush duck feather pads when making your order. Many of our cushions are also available as cover only – perfect if you’ve got a spare inner pad at home or fancy trying your hand at some DIY cushion filling.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our expert guide to finding the best cushion filling for you. It’s stuffed with everything you need to know about our cushion fillings, from material properties to durability, allergy information, sustainability and more.

If that’s not enough, our Inspiration Blog is bursting at the seams with design-based cushion guides – from how to arrange cushions on your bed to how to clean your cushion covers.

what size cushion cover do I need?

Whether you’ve got a cushion cover that needs filling or vice versa, we’ve got tons of handy step-by-step guides to help you out. If you’re ordering a cushion cover and plan on filling it yourself, start by measuring the length and width of your inner pad. For a luxuriously plump look and feel, you’ll need a cushion cover that’s slightly smaller in dimensions than your inner pad. Both the length and width of the cover should be at least two centimetres smaller than that of your inner pad to ensure you get the right look.

If you’re ordering an inner pad and already have a cushion cover at home, start by laying the cover out flat on the floor and measuring its length and width. If your cover is round or similarly shaped, simply measure the diameter. No one likes a cushion that’s baggy or bulging, so make sure your inner pad is one size up from your cover for the optimum plump feel. We’ve got a handy table over on our cushion covers and pads blog post which tells you what sizes you should be aiming for, as well as a DIY guide on how to fill your cushions at home.

how to wash cushion covers.

Everyone loves a brand-new cushion cover and the fresh feeling that comes with it. As many of us know, however, soft furnishings don’t always stay clean and pristine for very long. Whether it’s a stray splash of tea sent flying as you settle down, pesky paw marks from your furry friend getting a little too comfortable, or even a full glass of red wine that’s suddenly toppled – there are many accidents that might await your new cushion covers. We’ve already got a detailed guide on how to clean your cushions, but read on for a breakdown of the basics.

Your first port of call when cleaning a cushion cover – and just about any soft furnishing – is to carefully read the attached care label. Every cushion is different, and may need specific cleaning methods depending on the quality of the fabric and any embellishments like tufting, tassels or embroidery.

Next, make sure to remove your cushion inserts from their cover before cleaning. This will ensure that both your cushion covers and inner pads get thoroughly cleaned. Most of our cushions come with a handy zip closure for easy access, but you can always consult the care label if you run into difficulty.

Before deep cleaning, give your cushion cover a good shake and a run under the vacuum. This will remove any loose debris like dirt, dust or pet hair that might be caught on the fabric’s surface. Use a delicate cleaning solution that’s suitable for your fabric, and always spot test by applying a tiny drop to a concealed area and checking for damage or discolouration.