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Maximalist Home Style

more is more is more. 

Blend your personal mix of colour, pattern and texture with our maximalist style home collection. Layer our bold prints and patterns (all designed by our incredible in-house designers), clash your favourite colours and pair contrasting textures for your unique take on the style. Shop the collection. 

Whether you're an out-and-out maximalist or you just want to add a statement piece to your sofa, you're sure to find the cushion, duvet cover set or throw to suit your style with us. 

Maximalist Home Style


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Transform your home into an eclectic printed paradise with our maximalist home furnishings, including a selection of maximalist cushions and bedding. Maximalist decor is all about expressing your personality, using bold prints and patterns to reflect your inner artist through interior design. Embrace jungle motifs or experiment with clashing prints throughout your bedroom and living room to create your own unique space with our vibrant home decor.

maximalist bedroom.

Jazz up your bedroom with maximalist decor, layering patterns and colours that merge together to create the ultimate bedscape. Make your bed the centre of attention with our maximalist bedding – from abstract designs and floral mosaics to jungle escapes taking you on a tropical adventure through the wilderness. Pair such bedding with quality cushions available in nearly every hue. Douse your bedroom in a sunshower with yellow, orange and red cushions, or opt for blue and green cushions if your theme welcomes cooler colours.

Layering is key when it comes to mastering the maximalist style. Add throws into your unique bedscape mix and experiment with various textures. Tufted throws, classic herringbone materials and tasselled details are great additions to a maximalist bedroom.

maximalist wallpaper + curtains.

The most popular room in your house should be exciting and enticing, hence why investing in maximalist decor for your living room could be just the spruce up your interior needs. Maximalist interiors are a fine art, and it can be tricky to perfect the balance between curated creations and chaos. If you’re after a strong start with maximalist decor, create a feature wall in your living room with our maximalist wallpaper, bound to grab all of the attention with mesmerising murals and stunning prints.

Feeling brave? Cook up a storm in a maximalist kitchen with our stunning wallpaper options, home to plenty of beautiful paste-the-wall designs that make wallpapering your kitchen quick and easy.

Want to envelop your whole room in printed wonders? Well, maximalism is perfect for that. Shut out any distractions with our maximalist curtains and continue your journey through the patterned paradise you’ve created. Our curtains are available in ready made and made to measure sizes, meaning you needn’t worry about those hard-to-reach high ceilings.