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drape, spread + snuggle with our toasty selection of throws. 

The perfect warming layer, pop of texture and cosy finishing touch for your sofa or bed – you can never go wrong with a throw. Cuddle up with rich bundles of fuzzy fleece and faux fur, or keep it breezy with light cotton and waffle fabrics. Explore a wide palette spanning everything from clean whites to muted earth tones, to bold splashes of sunny shades. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re after the insulating the warmth of fleece or fur, the chic herringbone patterns and tasseled details of a woven blanket, or the boho style touch of a tufted geometric pattern – you’ll find your dream piece with our selection of throws. Envelop yourself in chic plain dye shades, go bold with contrasting stripes, or make it a statement piece with a signature woven pattern.



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Toasty and insulating in the winter, or a light layer of stylish texture in the summer – a throw is the ideal year-round solution to padding out your bare-bones sofa or bed. Our easy-care options double as the perfect picnic blanket for the sunny months, only needing a quick run through the wash before being ready for your bed or living room again. 

Need inspiration or got some questions? We’ve already combed through the finer details of finding the right throw for you in our helpful blog posts. Discover how to pick the right throw for you with our introductory guide, and get some expert design tips with our 5 ways to style throws in your home.

why go for a throw?

A lovely extra layer of style, texture and warmth – it’s difficult to imagine any interior that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of a throw blanket. If their practical warming properties aren’t enough to tempt you, throws also offer an easy way to introduce fresh colours and patterns to your interior without making too much of a commitment. They’re affordable, easy to move around and a breeze to care for. 

If you’re not too keen on the colour or pattern of your bedding but don’t want the hassle that comes with making a big change, a throw can work brilliantly to create a new focal point on your bed. Go for a brightly coloured knitted throw with a woven geometric or striped pattern to draw the eye, and spread it along the foot of your bed. Make sure the colour and pattern of your throw complements your bedding, and you’ll end up with a whole new look of layered style.

how to style throws + blankets.

When it comes to styling your throw, the good news is that you aren’t short on options. Throw blankets are extremely versatile furnishings and can be used in any number of ways to bring the colour, texture and visual interest of a space to new levels.

If your sofa is looking a bit bare or underdressed, introducing a sofa throw is one of the easiest ways to create a lush, layered and filled out look. Achieving a well-dressed sofa is all about creating a balanced arrangement, so make sure you’ve got a good spread of sofa cushions to stop your throw looking dwarfed or lost.

Check out our how to dress a sofa blog post for a full breakdown of how to get your sofa looking showroom-ready.

In a similar way, the addition of a bed throw can work wonders for making your bed look more lived-in and inviting. Open the blanket up fully and drape over the end of your bed for an elegant billowy look, or fold up neatly and place it on a corner for a more sophisticated take. Complement with a mix of decorative bed cushionspillow shams even a bedspread for the ultimate blend of luxury layers.