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the perfect finishing touches to your dream sofa-scape.

While your naked sofa or bed might seem boring, we think it’s stacked with styling potential. Our rich selection of scatter cushions is thousands-strong, and constantly being updated with fresh fabrics and chic signature designs. From majestic wild animals to lush jungle florals, retro geometrics to surreal abstract prints – discover bespoke styles in a range of spectacular shades. Shop the collection.

Many of our cushion designs are hand-crafted on site at our Yorkshire studio, and move on for manufacturing at our very own UK complex in Staffordshire. Hours of work by our talented design team goes into each drawing and painting, which are then transferred to the finest of plush fabrics. Once cut, our scatter cushions are sewn, filled and ready to order. We’ve been honing our craft for over 30 years, giving us the confidence to say that no-one does cushions quite like us.

You can read more about our cushion making process here.

Please note, as some of our UK-made cushions are hand-cut from large sheets of fabric, the position of the design may differ slightly to images onsite.



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From simple plain cushions to plush piped velvets, beautifully embellished patchwork and rich exotic designs – we’ve got scatter cushions to suit all interior styles. Whether you’re layering your living room, bundling comfort in your bedroom or introducing indoor comfort to your outdoor space – you’ll find your perfect match in our sumptuous selection of cushions.

Snuggle into a super soft selection of faux fur, bouclé and tufted fabric finishes; or take a deep dive into flourishing florals, funky geometrics and intricate animal designs. Bring bulky softness your bed with luxuriously large options, or soften up your sofa with a rich spread of scatter cushions.

Craving a cushion crash-course? Head over to our blog for a full spread of expert guides and top styling tips, from how to wash velvet cushion covers to how to pick + style cushions for grey sofas.

how to choose a cushion.

While it might sound simple, there’s a surprising amount of thought and work that goes into choosing the right cushions for your home. Even before you start trawling your way through our thousands of designs, you’ve got to figure out what type of cushion you need and what exactly you’ll be using it for. There’s sleeping pillows and large shams for the bedroom, scatter cushions and floor cushions for maximising comfort, and outdoor cushions for upgrading your garden space.

If you’re buying cushions purely for comfort, chances are you’re going to be sitting or laying on them quite a lot, so avoid delicate embellishments like beading or embroidery. For those seeking more of a style statement, feel free to experiment, but keep in mind that your chosen design should coordinate with your sofa or bed. Measure your chosen space to find a cushion cover size that’ll sit prettily in your space, and then start thinking about what cushion filling is right for you.

how to arrange cushions on a sofa or bed.

Once you’ve settled on your chosen cushions, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to display them on your sofa or bed. When arranging cushions on your bed, getting your size ratios right is central to preventing your bed from feeling overwhelmed or underdressed. A good rule of thumb for a cosy bed cushion display is to use two sleeping pillows per head in your bed. That’s two sleeping pillows for a single bed, and four for anything bigger. This will set a solid foundation for the more decorative side of your display.

Once you’ve laid down a base of sleeping pillows, you can start decorating to your heart’s content. Prop two large square cushions up behind your pillows if you’d rather hide your headboard, and then get started on styling. Place larger decorative cushions towards the back of your arrangement, and work your way outwards so that your smallest piece is at the front. Quirkily-shaped round cushions work great as a crowning jewel, if you’re unsure of how to round off your display.

If you’re wondering about how to arrange cushions on a sofa, the main thing to keep in mind is striking a balance between comfort and style. Make sure to choose a few plain options that don’t include any delicate details, and use these as comfort-focused pieces. From here, you can dial up the style tassels, embroidery and tufted fabric designs.

how to clean cushions.

No cushion lasts forever without picking up it’s fair share of stains and spillages, so it’s important you know how to maintain yours properly. If you’re unsure of how to clean your decorative cushions, it can be easy to make the wrong move and leave your cushion faded, shrunk or otherwise damaged.

Your first port of call is to figure out what type of cushion you’ll be cleaning. Decorative cushions are made from all sorts of different fabrics, and each of these fabrics will require unique care. Outdoor cushions need regular wiping with water and a mild detergent, while delicate fabrics like silk require professional dry cleaning. The main thing to keep in mind is that every cushion is different, so it’s important to carefully read the care label on your cushions before cleaning them.

Always remove the inner pad from the cushion cover before cleaning, as this will ensure that both get cleaned thoroughly. Most of our cushions come equipped with an easy-to-use zip closure, so you shouldn’t have any problem separating them out. Give your cushions a good shake and a run under the vacuum to get rid of any loose dirt or debris from the fabric’s surface. You might need to pre-treat with a stain remover if you’re battling an especially stubborn stain, so carefully read over the care label again to ensure you’re going about it the right way.