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tuck into signature designs + sumptuous quality with our bedding range.

The beating heart of your bedroom decor, great bedding can completely transform a space. Our signature designs are hand-drawn at our studio in Yorkshire, and printed on the finest of cloudlike fabrics. Expect bold summery florals, fierce animals and touchable textures in a range of dazzling hues. Shop the collection.

From soft cotton sheets to ornate pillow shams, bedspreads, duvets and more – discover a blissful bedding collection you can really sink into. Our talented team of in-house designers take inspiration from the world around us, crafting stunning signature designs that complement every style and season.



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Did you know we spend about one third of our lifetime in bed? If you ask us, that's far too long to be lying on anything less than perfect. We know the importance of a good night’s sleep, and finding yourself a quality bedding set is half the battle.

Whether you’re after the five-star hotel feeling of 100% cotton percale or sateen, the luxurious layers of thick linen bedding, or you’re simply craving the quick style-shakeup of a new duvet cover set – our bedding collection is the perfect place to start.

Feeling overwhelmed? Our bedding buying guide is here to answer questions and arm you with knowledge – making the buying process almost as blissful as the end product. Swing by our Inspiration Blog for a whole host of helpful guides and styling tips, from bringing romance to the bedroom to our advice on bed cushion arrangements, our top thread count tips and much more.  

which bedding material is the best?

Your bedding fabric is one of the most important factors that determines your sleep quality. Even one night spent on rough, scratchy or stiff sheets is one too many – and your sleep will suffer as a result. 

If you’ve ever spent a night in a hotel and found yourself shocked at the plush levels of comfort, it might be a sign that your bedding needs a revamp, and we’ve got everything you need to replicate that five-star luxury at home.

When it comes to bedding material, the bad news is that there isn’t one clear winner. There are plenty of fabrics that’ll have you floating off to slumber on a cushy cloud of comfort, it just depends on your personal taste and what type of sleeper you are.

A true veteran of the snooze-sphere, cotton bedding is trusted around the world and is found in most fancy international hotels. It’s famously soft, breathable, surprisingly durable and allergy-friendly. Check out our 7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding for a full breakdown of cotton sheet perks.

Percale cotton bedding is for lovers of crisp, fresh sheets – complete with a rich matte finish that’s irresistibly soft against skin. Sateen cotton has more of a glossy finish, and is the ideal option if you prefer a silky-smooth sleep.

For busy family homes or spaces where bedding needs more frequent changing, a polycotton blend is a fantastically durable option. Heavy damage like rips or tears are unlikely, and they’re gloriously low maintenance in terms of upkeep. Simply pop your polycotton sheets in a normal wash cycle and place them in the dryer or on the line afterwards. 

If you’re in pursuit of the luxe look without any added care work, our linen bedding might be the perfect match for you. Its dreamy soft texture is the definition of luxury, and it has the unique benefit of becoming softer with every wash. Linen regulates its own temperature, meaning it feels toasty through the winter and airy in summer. It’s the perfect year-round solution for troubled sleepers who can never get their temperature just right.

how often should you wash your bedding?

Unsure of how to wash bedding? Whether you want to keep your white bedding white, or you’re waking up itchy and think your sheets might be responsible – we’ve got top bed-cleaning tips that guarantee a sanitary snooze.

When it comes to cleaning your bedding, sheets are a top priority and should be machine washed at least every two weeks. If you’ve got a pet sleeping with you or live in a warm climate that causes increased sweating, try to wash your sheets on a weekly basis. Your bed sheet is the first point of contact for bacteria and dead skin released from your body during the night, and will become a breeding ground for dust mites and other unwanted bedmates if not cleaned regularly.

For duvet covers and pillowcases, a thorough wash every two weeks will help your bedding stay fresh. Adding a top sheet to your sleeping arrangement will help keep your duvet clean and lessen the amount of washing needed, but you should still aim for a fortnightly clean. Use hot water and a thorough cotton cycle for optimal cleaning, but always carefully read your bedding’s care label to avoid damage.

finishing touches.

Duvet covers aren’t the be-all and end-all of bedding, and a well-rounded bed will need a healthy mix of embellishments to look (and feel) the part.

Whether you’re craving the fresh feel of crisp new bed sheets, want to up the luxe with a premium bedspread, or experience five-star style with chic pillowcases and shams – find the perfect finishing touches with our bedding collection.

We’ve got anti-allergy quilts and pillows that promise a sneeze-free night of sleep, sumptuously smooth high thread count cotton, and cosy bed throws in a variety of fabrics and finishes.