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Outdoor Cushions

bring style + comfort to every summer gathering with outdoor cushions.

Get your outdoor space garden party-ready with our stunning selection of water and UV-resistant outdoor cushions. We’ve got a massive range of beautiful colours, sizes and signature designs, from exotic jungle florals to fierce safari animals, simple plain-dye options and more. So, whatever kind of outdoor oasis you’re dreaming of, we’ll help you get there. Shop the collection.

Our stylish garden cushions are made using comfortable and hard-wearing polyester fabric that’s designed to weather the elements. Both water and UV-ray-resistant, they won’t fade in the sun or absorb water, so you don’t have to let the worry of weather damage spoil the summer vibes. Order your outdoor cushion cover separately and fill it at home, or keep things simple with a prefilled polyester design.

Outdoor Cushions


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The perfect way to refresh your garden, balcony, patio or yard – our outdoor cushion collection has something for every style of open-air space. Whether you’re looking for plain cushions for a minimalist space or something bold, bright and brilliantly summery – you’ll find your perfect match in our stunning collection.

Made with durable, water-resistant polyester fabric, our garden cushions have no trouble handling a splash from the kids in the paddling pool, a stray spray from the watering can or the general ups and downs of British weather. They’re also resistant to UV rays, meaning you don’t have to worry about sun-bleaching or fading through the sunnier months.

Our outdoor cushion covers are made using comfortable and ultra hard-wearing polyester fabric, and come equipped with a convenient zip closure. In terms of durability, our outdoor cushions keep their shape and are resilient enough to cope with everything that family life might throw at them – without ever compromising on comfort. 

We’ve got extra-large 70 x 70cm outdoor floor cushions too, perfect if you’re short on garden chairs or just want some extra seating. They come with all the durability and water-resistant properties of our regular outdoor cushions, with plenty of added size.

Dreaming of a gloriously-styled summer but not sure how to get there? Head over to our inspiration blog for a full range of useful guides, design advice and seasonal tips for every occasion. Take a look at our outdoor cushion buying guide, where we talk you through all the features and benefits of the collection, as well as the design process and how to look after them. Craving some style ideas? Check out our detailed design tips for styling your outdoor sofa.

how to clean outdoor cushions.

While our garden cushions are highly durable and designed to withstand even the busiest family homes, we all know how easily accidents can happen. Whether it’s an ice cream cone keeled over, a furry friend gone a bit too friendly, or the standard stains that come with garden life – plenty of potential mishaps await your outdoor cushion covers, so it’s important you know how to clean them.

We’ve already got a detailed guide of how to clean outdoor cushions over on our inspiration blog, but keep reading for a breakdown of the key points.

Our garden cushions are not suitable for machine washing. If your cushion does become marked or stained, we recommend spot cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. As the polyester fabric is naturally hard-wearing and resistant to water, it won’t absorb moisture or cling on to stubborn stains easily. A quick wipe will be enough to get rid of most marks, and your cushions will be back to looking their bright and brilliant best in no time.

how to store outdoor cushions.

Wondering where to store your outdoor cushions during winter? While they’re designed to withstand the elements with ease, we do not advise leaving your garden cushions out in harsh weather for extended periods of time. No cushion in the world is durable enough to survive an entire winter without mould, mildew or other weather-related damage setting in – so it’s important that you know how and where to store them when the time comes.

Before you stow your outdoor cushions away, make sure they’ve been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Wipe away any visible stains, and use a vacuum or brush to remove any loose debris like dust, dirt or pet hair that might be caught in the fabric’s surface. To fully protect your cushions against the growth of mould and mildew, allow them to dry out thoroughly before putting them in storage.

The best way to keep outdoor cushions fresh through winter is to store them in a clean, dry, water-resistant container that’s sealed airtight. This will guarantee that no moisture or other contaminants can get to your cushions while they’re not in use. If you don’t have access to a secure container, store your cushions in any dry, sheltered spot. Cover them with plastic bags for an added layer of protection, and you’ll be all set for the next season of alfresco antics.