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Green Curtains

open your space to serene natural tones with our green curtains.

Fresh, energetic and packed with natural beauty – few things breathe life into a space like green curtains. Explore our stunning range of designs, from traditional jacquard weaves to leafy exotic scenes, minimally monotone styles and more – all available in a stunning range of sage, emerald and earthy green shades. Shop the collection.

Struggling to find your size? Our made to measure service offers tailored sizing down to the centimetre. We’ve also got tons of ready made options if you’re looking for something a little more affordable. Many of our green curtains come with room darkening, 100% blackout and thermal properties – making them the ideal choice for light or chilly sleepers. Choose from traditional pinch and pencil pleat headers, or go sleek and modern with stainless steel eyelets.

Green Curtains


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Whether you’re feeling a fresh pop of colour, some natural earthy grounding or simply want to keep the light at bay – you’ll find your perfect match in our green curtains collection. Wander your way through our stunning selection of signature designs, from bright blooming florals to dramatic animal prints, to sleek colour blocks on luxuriously soft fabrics.

We’ve got tons of green ready made curtains if you’ve got a standard window space or want something more affordable, as well as plenty of made to measure options if you want a more exact fit. Keep noise, chills and nosy neighbours at bay with our 3 pass blackout curtains, lined with sumptuously thick fabric and insulating thermal properties. Or, go light and breezy with 100% cotton and polycotton blend options. Opt for classic pinch and pencil pleat headers for a more traditional look, or embrace something chic and contemporary with our stainless steel eyelet options.

Curtains are an essential functional addition to any space, but that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style. Spruce up your window space with our stunning selection of signature designs – from bright blooming florals to dramatic animal prints, to sleek colour blocks on luxuriously soft fabrics. Explore an irresistible selection of uplifting green shades, from soothing sage and emerald green curtains to pale pistachio and refreshing peppermint.

Craving new curtains but not sure where to start? Our inspiration blog is packed with helpful guides and expert design advice. Save yourself the stress of sizing with our handy curtain measuring guides, or use our curtain buying guide to get to grips with the basics.

what colours go with green curtains?

With such a rich spread of shades to choose from, green is one of the most versatile hues on the colour wheel. Whether you’re looking for something soothing to accentuate your sleep sanctuary, or a glistening splash of emerald green to bring some luxe to your living room – you’re sure to find an ideal match in our stunning selection of green curtains.

If you’re looking to keep things muted and minimalist, go with sage green curtains or a similarly relaxed pale shade. Use dark grey wallpaper for a moody, soothing contrast – or go with beige if you’d rather something a little more earthy. Green pairs beautifully with all manner of neutral tones, allowing you to mix and match without sacrificing that coveted minimalist feel. Go with crisp white bedding to keep the tranquil vibes going, and scatter in some green cushions in soothing shades to complement your curtains.

For a more nature-inspired take, opt for earthy green curtains in soft shades like sage, moss or eucalyptus. Use plenty of raw wood tones in your furniture, and look for organic accessories woven from natural fibres, like our rattan mirrors or seagrass and hyacinth storage baskets. Green is right between blue and yellow on the colour wheel, so feel free to experiment with a mix of pastel blue cushions or a sumptuous ochre throw.