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Beige Curtains

let natural beauty bloom with our beige curtains.

Whether you’re mad for minimalism, embracing an earthy look or seeking a touch of calm for your interior, our stunning beige curtains offer the ideal solution. Choose from our stunning selection of plain and patterned designs – from simple stripes and checks to striking florals and geometrics – all available in a range of natural and earthy beige tones. Shop the collection.

Struggling to find your size? Our bespoke made to measure service offers tailored sizing, precise to the nearest centimetre. If you’re after a more affordable option, our ready made curtains fit effortlessly in most window spaces. We’ve got 100% blackout curtains with thermal properties for those who appreciate a dark, toasty bedroom, as well as a vast selection of pinch pleat, pencil pleat and eyelet headers to suit any interior style.

Beige Curtains


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Create the ultimate cosy vibe and bring natural, earthy shades to your window with our soothing selection of beige curtains. Whether you’re in search of thermal blackout curtains to keep your bedroom feeling snug, a dazzling pattern to liven up your living room or the earthy impact of plain-dye beige – you’ll find your perfect match in this range of natural curtains.

If you’re looking for something a touch more affordable, our beige ready made curtains come in sizes that suit most standard window spaces. Our beige made to measure curtains are the ideal choice if you’re working with a tricky window space, or simply fancy a bespoke fit.

Ready to let beige take centre stage? We’ve got tons of other natural-hued home furnishings to browse through, from beige bedding sets to calming natural cushions, to blankets, wallpaper and more.

If you’re craving new curtains but aren’t sure where to start, our inspiration blog is the perfect starting point. Get the basics in order with our curtain buying and fitting guide, or pull the finer details together with our extensive list of curtain measuring guides.

what colours go with beige curtains?

If you’re still under the impression that beige is a boring shade, it’s about time you got to know it a little better. Sitting somewhere between grey, brown and yellow – beige is one of the most versatile neutral hues out there. Combining sophistication, soothing and earthy character all in one, we’ve got beige curtains to suit any style of interior.

Sitting on the earthier end of neutral curtains, beige makes a perfect pairing with shades of white, grey and brown. This combination is great for more minimalist spaces, with beige providing a pop of earthy warmth that keeps the grey and white contrast from feeling too stark. Use white wallpaper to give the space a clean backdrop, and save the warmer shades for any statement accents you want to highlight. Go for a mix of beige, brown and white cushions, and layer up textures with a cosy sherpa throw or knitted blanket.

If you fancy something a bit more earthy, using organic colour combinations that exist in nature is a great way to make your space feel snug, calm and refreshing. Go with green wallpaper if you’re looking to maximise the nature-inspired look, either in a rich emerald or moss green shade. Introduce plenty of organic textured accents like jute cushions, woven floor runners and raw wood furniture, and layer up with a cosy cotton throw for a touch of plush comfort.

If multicoloured maximalism is more your speed, neutral curtains work great as a neutral backdrop to bright and bold statement pieces. Use pale grey wallpaper to contrast and heighten the warmth of your beige curtains, and save brighter shades for the focal points you want to really pop. One trusted method is to choose two contrasting colours that make an eye-catching combination, and use them to bring your beige scheme to life. A mix of mustard yellow and deep blue cushions will sit beautifully in front of a blissful beige background, and complementing with a toasty waffle throw guarantees an irresistibly cosy vibe.