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Bed Sheets

lay the finest bedding foundation with our sumptuous bed sheets.

Your bedding is only as cosy as its base layer, so finding the right sheet is a top priority. From fitted sheets with plain dye and signature Peter Rabbit™ designs, to luxurious Egyptian cotton flat sheets in sleek neutral shades – our bed sheets offer the perfect snuggle-worthy surface. Keep it clean with crisp cloudlike whites, or dial up the drama with a bright, blooming hue. Shop the collection.

Great bed sheets are like a little secret between you and your bed – one that’s revealed as you draw back your covers after every long day. Whether it’s the satisfying snugness of fitted percale, or a luxurious layer of flat Egyptian cotton – our collection promises the ultimate sumptuous layer. Embrace a splash of colour with chicly shaded designs, or go all-out opulent with high thread count sheets in clean neutral tones.

Bed Sheets


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Our bed sheets collection is rich in sublime surfaces that guarantee a dreamy night’s sleep. Choose from a range of chic colours to complement your decor, simple stripes that’ll elevate your style or a crisp, neutral sheet for the ideal sleep sanctuary. Whether you prefer easy-care polycotton or luxurious 200 thread count fabrics, we’ve got flat and fitted sheets to suit all interior tastes.

A blissful bedding arrangement involves a lot more than bed sheets, however, so make sure to check out the rest of our cosy collection. Drape your sheets in a doze-worthy duvet cover, layer up with wonderfully lush bed throw, or find the perfect perch for weary heads in our pillowcases and shams range.

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flat or fitted bed sheets?

Can’t decide on fitted or flat bed sheets, or not sure about the difference between the two? Not to worry – it’s easier to wrap your head around than you might think.

Both flat and fitted bed sheets basically do the same job. They are pieces of cloth which are spread over the top of your mattress, creating a softer sleeping surface and providing protection for your mattress.

Fitted sheets have elasticated corners, designed to protect and completely cover your mattress easily. They stay in place easier than other types of sheets, and come in a variety of colours, patterns and thread counts – ideal for complementing your bedroom and making your bed a luxurious place to be.

Flat bed sheets have the same rectangular shape as fitted sheets, but they do not have any elasticated corners or three-dimensional shape sewn in. While this can cause the sheet to become loose during the night, it also makes flat sheets a lot easier to fold and stow away. They also have the added advantage of doubling as a top sheet, providing a cosy extra layer once those chilly winter nights roll in.

 how often should you change your bed sheets?

The age-old rule of thumb for bed sheets is that they should be changed and washed every two weeks. While your sheets might look and smell fine after just a fortnight of sleeping in them, you’d be surprised at the amount of dirt that quickly builds up. From dead skin cells to dust mites and other unsavoury bits, you’re not the only one snuggling into your sheets, so regular cleaning is a top priority.

Changing your bed sheets every two weeks is optimal for most, but there are a couple of factors that might mean your sheets need some extra attention. Allergy sufferers, naked sleepers, and those who share their bed with furry friends or midnight snacks can all benefit from a weekly change of bed sheets. Similarly, if you tend to sweat heavily – or even just have your showers in the morning – a weekly switch-up is likely your best option.