Buying Guide: Bedding

At furn. we understand the importance of getting a good nights sleep. We’re ambassadors for creating practical, cosy and comfortable bedrooms, that will help you drift off to sleep in no time. Our bedding is both beautiful and snuggly, you won't want to get out of it - you’ve been warned!

We've created this buying guide to help you find the ultimate bed linen that will best suit you and your sleep style. Your perfect night’s sleep starts right here.

What size bedding do i need?

First thing to consider is what size bedding you need. Ensuring that you buy the right size bed linen to fit your bed is essential. Especially if you want to avoid hopping around in the night to stretch the corners of your sheets back on. 

Whereas the size of quilt that you choose for your bed all depends on your personal preference. You may prefer to buy a larger size if you enjoy cocooning yourself, or perhaps you prefer a larger quilt to prevent those duvet wars in the early hours of the morning. If this applies to you, then don’t forget to size up on our duvet cover sets to fit your quilt!

All our Duvet cover sets and bed linen meet the UK standard. So let us take you through our sizing:


Duvet Set: 120 x 150cm
Fitted Sheet: 70 x 140x 15cm


Duvet Set: 137 x 200cm
Fitted Sheet: 90 x 190 x 32cm
Flat Sheet: 180 x 254cm
Quilt: 135 x 198 x 5cm


Duvet Set: 200 x 200cm
Fitted Sheet 135 x 190 x 32cm
Flat Sheet: 230 x 265cm 
Quilt: 198 x 198 x 5cm


Duvet Set: 230 x 220cm
Fitted Sheet: 150 x 200 x 32
Flat Sheet:  275 x 275cm
Quilt: 228 x 219 x 5cm

Super King:

Super King: 260 x 220cm
Fitted Sheet:180 x 200 x 32cm
Flat sheet:305 x 275cm
Quilt: 260 x 220 x 5cm

Duvet Cover Sets - What’s included?
Your choice of duvet covers is arguably the biggest influence on the look and feel of your bedroom. Gifting yourself a new duvet set will ultimately transform your bedroom with minimal effort. Our Reversible Duvet Cover Sets are perfect if you fancy a mid-week quick change, as you get two show-stopping looks in one.

All our duvet cover sets are available in our full UK size range of;  Single, Double, King and Super King. We even have our own range of kids bedding available in a Toddler size.

All duvet cover sets contain one duvet cover. Both toddler and single sized duvet cover sets are supplied with one matching pillowcase, while sizes Double, King and Super King are supplied with two matching pillowcases.

What pillowcases are available?
We sell a range of coordinating, complimenting and additional pillowcases and shams. For some of our duvet cover sets we also have coordinating pillowcases available, because we understand that two pillowcases isn’t always enough!

Let us help you understand the different styles...

Firstly we have the Housewife pillowcase. This is the standard style which is included in most of our duvet sets. These measure at 50x75cm and will fit a standard polyester or feather pillow inside.

Oxford Pillowcases
Next up we have the Oxford pillowcase, these have a generous fabric trim (also known as an ‘Oxford border’ hence the name). Typically they can be found within our more traditionally styled bedding ranges. Despite their larger appearance, the internal measurements are identical to the housewife and will also fit a standard pillow. 

Continental Pillowcase Shams 
Last but not the least, we have our stylish continental pillowcase shams. These measure a generous 65x65cm and make the perfect additional pillowcases as a decorative statement or for layering. For some of our bedding ranges we also have matching continental shams so keep your eyes peeled for these if you have a keen eye for detail and like to ‘complete the look’.