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Cushions for Sofas

update your living room with on trend sofa cushions.

Sink into a sofa that you adore with our collection of sofa cushions. Whether you’re looking for a completely brand new look or you just need to update your sofa for the new season, you’ll find the perfect cushions with us. Make it sumptuous with soft velvet or cute and quirky with an animal print. Which will you choose? With thousands of designs to choose from (and growing), our stunning collection has been designed with love, care and attention - to guarantee a quality and design presence that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We have been making sofa cushions for over 30 years and many designs are handmade in the UK by our specialist cushion manufacturing site.

Cushions for Sofas
selection of colourful cushions on a grey sofa
picking cushions for a grey sofa
vibrant velvet: meet meridian cushions for sofas
labels and material depicting our handmade cushions from evans lichfield
evans lichfield: designed and made in the u.k.


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showing 52 of 1243

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Our collection of stylish sofa cushions is huge, so we’ve got loads of designs for you to choose from. Whatever your style personality, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. You can do a complete overhaul of your sofa with colourful velvet, natural tufted designs or intricate patterns. Looking for different shapes? You’ll find square, rectangle, circle and even 3D knot shapes to add depth and interest to your sofa.

Read our cushion buying guide to help you make sense of the wide variety of cushions, pillows and shams available.

how to match cushions to your sofa.

The key to matching cushions to your sofa is to think about how cushions might fit in to your existing scheme. First, think colour. If you have wallpaper, using colours that are present in the pattern will ensure a cohesive look. Got a neutral colour scheme? Go tonal with beiges and creams, punctuated with dark brown or black. You could go for the same hue, but add in texture with boucle, tufting and tassels.

Then, think about the fabric and style of the cushions. If your room is quite formal, then matching piped cushions with a classic pattern or print work well, but if your room is more relaxed, then a set of different cushions in fun colours and prints will only add to that boho feel.

Next to consider is size. If you have a big sofa, then you can mix it up with large and small cushions. For a smaller sofa, or an armchair, you will have to think about size more carefully – cushions are there for comfort and style, but too many cushions on a small sofa can actually be more uncomfortable to sit on! Pair a large cushion with a smaller, complementary cushion on one side.

Got a grey sofa? Take a look at our guide for picking and styling cushions for grey sofas.

how to arrange cushions on your sofa.

The way you arrange cushions on your sofa depends on the feel you’re trying to achieve in your living room. For a traditional look, sets of symmetrical matching cushions can make their way from the outside in, with an accent pillow making a statement in the centre of your sofa.

For a more casual feel, group two or three cushions on either end. Different size cushions add interest and make getting comfy easier!