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Sofa Throws

layer the perfect finishing touch with our cosy sofa throws.

It’s the little details that make your decor really shine, and our selection of toasty sofa blankets is the perfect example. Envelop your living room in the finest of fuzzy Sherpa fleece and faux fur, turn up the textures with irresistible waffle and knitted weave, or set the ultimate cosy tone with crinkle cotton, woven herringbone, and classic check designs. Shop the collection.

A sofa throw is one of the most versatile soft furnishings out there, and there’s no limit to the amount of style and practical routes you can explore. Our chic collection offers a perfect fit for every living room style – from playful boho tassels and fringing to traditional jacquard weaves, to glistening faux fur that lets the luxe shine through. Whether you’re after a simple white or cream, muted earthy tones or bright geometric patterns that bring a funky touch – you’ll find your perfect match with our collection.

Sofa Throws


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When it comes to small details that make a big impact in your living room, nothing beats the classic sofa throw. Spread it over yourself for the perfect insulating layer, drape it over the back of your sofa for an inviting pop of colour and texture, or stylishly store them in a wicker basket for guests to cosy up at their leisure. The possibilities are endless, and so are the snuggly vibes. 

Ready to throw yourself into the warming world of sofa blankets? Get inspired with our 5 ways to style throws in your home, as well as our guide on how to pick the right throw for you. They’re packed full of helpful tips and advice, helping you find the perfect throw for your home.

what are sofa throws used for?

The ideal soft furnishing for cosy family movie nights, serial sofa-nappers or anyone who constantly feels chilly at home – our sofa throws are incredibly versatile.

Get lost in cloud-like comfort with a fluffy fleece or Sherpa fleece sofa blanket. Fleece fabric is famously warm while still being lightweight, keeping you nice and toasty while making sure you don’t overheat.

Our knitted throws for sofas offer beautifully textured softness, while bringing tons of style details like patterns, tufts and tassels. We’ve got gloriously chunky knitted waffle sofa throws that are bursting with glorious texture and pattern – guaranteed to liven up even the most tired of sofas.

Looking for a soft touch to make your garden, patio or decking space feel a little cosier? A breezy cotton sofa throw might be just the thing you need. Cotton is refreshingly light and breathable, making it the perfect option for sunny summer spaces, or if you’re concerned about being too warm. If you’re looking for design inspiration for your outdoor space, check out our helpful blog post on how to style your outdoor sofa.

how to style a sofa throw.

So, you’ve decided on a sofa blanket, but you’re not sure how to display it or what to pair it up with? Not to worry! Throws are incredibly versatile and low-maintenance, and can even end up looking great when strewn randomly. However, if you’re craving some style inspiration, there are a few staple techniques you can use to ensure your throw ends up looking its best.

For a classically neat look, fold your throw lengthwise into thirds and then fold in half. You’ll end up with a tidy looking fold that you can prop up on the arm of your sofa or living room chair. If it looks a little too spruced, you can always give your throw a gentle messing up to get that cosy lived-in aesthetic. 

Give your sofa a lavishly layered look by going with a casual drape style. Loosely fold your sofa throw in half, and drag it over the arm or back of the couch. Tousle, tweak and re-adjust until you’re happy, and complement with a balanced arrangement of sofa cushions to round off the look.  

Although our blankets and throws can be used in any room in the home, we do not recommend these products for young children. Please use responsibly.