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Blackout Curtains

discover the new standard for a perfect night’s sleep with our blackout curtains.

A seamless blend of exceptional style, design and function – our 100% blackout curtains are taking a good night’s slumber to lullabying new levels. Our advanced 3-pass curtain technology helps to block out light from streetlamps and sunshine, while built-in thermal properties conserve heat and keep those pesky winter chills at bay. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re a shift worker, light sleeper or you’ve got a little one at home who’s struggling to sleep through the night – you’ll find the perfect solution in our slumberous selection of blackout curtains for the bedroom. Designed with thick 3-pass lining, they effectively block light, heat transfer, and even absorb sound – guaranteed to create the ultimate tranquil sanctuary of sleep.

Blackout Curtains


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Discover the true meaning of a good night’s sleep and elevate your bedroom to a fully-fledged slumber sanctuary with our blackout curtains collection. We’ve got ready made blackout curtains in a range of standard sizes – perfect for most window spaces – as well as made to measure blackout options that offer a more precise fit. All of our made to measure curtains are sized to the nearest centimetre, providing a tailored fit that’ll slot neatly in even the trickiest of window spaces.

Just because blackout curtains are foremostly functional, it doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style. We’ve got bundles of blackout options in all sorts of chic designs, from elegant pinch and pencil pleat headings to stainless steel eyelets that bring a contemporary edge. Open yourself up to our showstopping range of signature designs, from bright blooming botanicals to dazzling geometrics, plain dye prints, exotic vistas and more. Embrace the five-star feel with luxury velvet and heavy chenille fabrics, or opt for the impressive durability of our synthetic polycotton blends.

what are blackout curtains?

In simple terms, blackout curtains are any curtains that completely block any type of light from passing through. Different from room darkening curtains – which still prevent most light from creeping in – blackout curtains go the full way, blocking light from passing through the fabric thanks to their opaque foam lining. 

Our blackout curtains use a 3-pass foam lining, meaning you can be confident that you’re getting the very best in blackout technology. The level of insulation is measured on a scale, starting with 1-pass and going right up to 3. The manufacturing process involves coating the rear side of the fabric with layers of foam, known as ‘passes’.

1-pass blackout curtains are coated with a single layer of heavy, opaque fabric, and while they’ll help to conserve heat and darken your room, some light will still pass through. 2-pass means that the reverse of the fabric is covered with a dark layer of foam, followed by a lighter one. Our blackout curtains are all manufactured as 3-pass, meaning the reverse of the fabric is coated with a white layer of foam, followed by a black layer, and finished with a final layer of white. As well as being the best option for blocking light, conserving heat and reducing noise, 3-pass blackout curtains do not interfere with the look or design of your curtains.

do blackout curtains keep heat out?

Our effective 3-pass lining does a lot more than just block light. The three passes of foam that keep your bedroom doze-inducingly dark will also help keep you cosy and warm, with the middle layer of dark foam working brilliantly to limit heat transfer. Conserving heat during winter and blocking it out through the sunnier months, our blackout curtains help to keep you comfortable in every season – and can even reduce those big winter energy bills.

can you wash blackout curtains?

As the delicate foam lining is what gives blackout curtains their light-blocking power, sticking with a delicate washing process is the best way to ensure you don’t lose any important functionality. Our ready made blackout curtains, however, are fully machine washable. You can even hang them out on the line to dry after cleaning, making them a conveniently low-maintenance option.

Our made to measure blackout curtains are just a touch more delicate, and we advise taking them to a professional dry cleaner if you’ve encountered an unfortunate stain, or just feel like they need a freshening-up.