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Country Home Style

casual + cosy country vibes.

Embrace a natural colour palette, country animal motifs and playful patterns with our country style home collection. From pheasants and foxes to bees and toadstools, you'll find a whole array of British wildlife hopping and snuffling their way round our cushions, throws and duvet cover sets. Shop the collection today. 

Country living is all about embracing comfort whilst staying practical – find doorstops, draught excluders, and throws to keep you warm and add a layer of country chic.

Country Home Style


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Embrace all things light, airy, cosy, and charming with our gorgeous range of country home furnishings. A country home takes aspects of rural living to create a warm, inviting, and timeless décor style that says homely like nothing else does. It provides comfort and warmth through adding muted colours, heritage patterns, and natural materials.

If you’re looking to go all out with the country theme or you simply want to inject a little of the country aesthetic into your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, look no further. In our collection of country home furnishings, you’ll discover everything from cushions, draught excluders, and doorstops to curtains, mirrors, and furniture to add some country flair to your living spaces. 

country style cushions.

Curate a country sofa-scape with our stunning range of country cushions. Soft, plump, and ultra-stylish, they’re sure to add a country feel to any seat you choose to place them on. Our cushions feature an assortment of quintessentially country animals – find hares, foxes, and stags aplenty to transport you to the rolling countryside, even if you live in the city. 

With so many colours, you’re bound to find your ideal shade. Find warm mustard to bring the sunshine, verdant green to add a pop of nature, and natural beige, timeless brown, and soothing grey to offer you with the classic colour palette that country home décor is famous for.

Our cushions come in a variety of sumptuous fabrics to provide you with the utmost comfort. Plump up the cushions with 100% cotton, faux wool, soft velvet, and deluxe leather reverses. The majority of our country cushions are available to buy as a cover only option, or if you’re looking for a ready-filled cushion to add to your collection, you can choose between a luxurious feather or classic polyester inner.

country style draught excluders + doorstops.

Keep the draughts at bay with our country draught excluders. If you’ve got cold air creeping through from beneath your doors or windows, a draught excluder is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and add plenty of charm and style to your interiors. Our country draught excluders come in a variety of attractive designs – think hand-illustrated prints of hedgehogs, robins, and deer to add that country feel. Add plush texture to your spaces with soft velvet and luxurious linen fabrics. Filled with polyester for a durable finish, they won’t struggle to expel any draughts that come their way.

Our charming country doorstops will hold your doors open adorably. Featuring heavyweight highland cows and fleecy sheep filled with sand, they’ll keep your doors open as you move from room to room without having to worry about the doors creaking or swinging shut on you. Discover our doorstops adorned with the softest of faux fur and sherpa fleece finishes.

country style mirrors + curtains.

Get the country look on your walls with our range of mirrors. Our mirrors feature Victorian details with scalloped edges and antique style hanging chains. Mirrors are great for opening up a country style room that’s on the smaller side – they bounce light around the room and reflect your décor back at you to give the illusion of space when you need it most. 

Don’t stop at the walls. Add a touch of country to your windows with our gorgeous range of country curtains and blinds. You’ll discover made to order curtains and blinds in a variety of header types and designs for the perfect fit and drape at your window. With a myriad of stunning floral and heritage tartan motifs, you’re sure to find a country pattern to brighten up any room. Introduce loads of sumptuous texture with 100% cotton, smooth polycotton, and traditional jacquard weaves. 

what is a country style home?

Spanning over a wide variety of looks, country décor can lean towards the vintage, minimal, or traditional – depending on your personal preferences. A country style home décor is inspired by the classic looks of old country farmhouses and cottages – it uses timeless accessories and a muted colour palette to create a feeling of comfort. We’re talking exposed wooden beams and floorboards (if you’re lucky), charming pieces of furniture, plump linen cushions, and warm colour arrangements. 

Incorporating country décor is all about the feeling it inspires as much as the way it looks. In a country home, you’re likely to come across accessories that are comfortable, useful, and visually gorgeous. That’s why you’ll see doorstops, log baskets, and open shelving units that work together to create a feeling that a home is really lived in. 

how to decorate a country home.

When it comes to decorating your home with country style home décor, there are so many ways to achieve the gorgeous look. Whether you want a light and airy look in the living room or a warm and muted aesthetic in the bedroom, the country style encompasses an assortment of looks to leave you feeling cosy as can be.

If it’s the fresh and airy look you’re going for in the living room, begin with off-white walls. This will immediately brighten and open up the room, whilst setting the tone for your country style home décor. Introduce a soft leather or upholstered sofa and pile on the country style cushions to create a comfortable seating area to relax into. Add a doorstop to keep your living room door open – not only will this make your home feel like an inviting place to be, but it’ll also add a touch of country character to your entryway. A quick trick to get your rooms into the country style is to replace your door handles with old-fashioned doorknobs in warm brassy tones.

Get a warm and muted country look in the bedroom by opting for tartan and checked patterns to bring a touch of tradition to your sleeping space. Muted colours and patterns work to create a cocoon-like feeling and add a sense of calm and cosiness, too. Achieve this look by choosing a natural bedding set and layering on checked throws, cushions, and quilted bedspreads for the ultimate comfort and country bed-scape. 

A country style kitchen is instantly recognisable – it’s light, airy, and often incorporates exposed elements. For example, you often see country kitchens with crockery displayed on open shelving units and pots and pans hanging from hooks and beams. This helps to make a home feel not only lived in, but easily functional, too – just grab the pot and start making a hearty stew. A kitchen is incomplete without a clock! Popping an antique-style wooden clock on the wall will add to the country aesthetic perfectly. Add pleated floral curtains to the windows for visual interest, extra texture, and a feminine edge.