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Thermal Curtains

keep the heat in with our stylish thermal curtains.

Stay toasty with our stunning range of thermal curtains – also referred to as energy-efficient curtains, they’re made of material that blocks heat transfer. This means they’ll keep the heat in during winter and keep you cool in the summer. Choose between ready made and bespoke made to measure thermal curtains for the perfect fit at your window. Shop the collection.

Delve into our range of thermal curtains and find three header types to update your spaces, with decorative pinch pleats, traditional pencil pleat, and contemporary eyelets, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer it patterned or plain, we have an assortment of stunning colourways and designs – discover florals, abstracts, and geometrics galore. 

Thermal Curtains


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Providing you with extra insulation, thermal curtains are the ideal option for your home if you’re wanting to make some steps to be more sustainable and keep the energy bills down! Not only will they keep you toasty during the cooler months, they’ll also help to keep the heat of the sun out during the warmer seasons. 

A great option if you live in a town or city where it’s likely to get a little loud – due to their lining, they’ll also reduce noise, meaning you can enjoy some peace and quiet without having to worry about unwanted sound from the streets outside coming in. 

ready made or made to measure?

Getting the perfect fit at your window is imperative when it comes to thermal curtains – if they’re too big or too small, the thermal and blackout features won’t work effectively, and you’ll lose all the heat and darkness. Luckily, you can avert that disaster by choosing between our ready made and made to measure designs.

Discover our thermal curtains in a wide array of popular sizes and find your window match. Our ready made thermal curtains are available in a choice of two header types with traditional pencil pleat and modern stainless steel eyelet headers for you to create the look you want in your interiors.

Struggling to find your window size? Don’t worry, we also offer a bespoke made to measure service, meaning you’re guaranteed the perfect fit. Simply give us your window measurements, select the ‘thermal blackout' lining option when purchasing, and we’ll send you your thermal curtains – easy as that. Our made to measure thermal curtains come with either pencil pleat, decorative pinch pleat or double rolled eyelet headers for a luxurious looking window.

Not sure how to measure up? Take a look at our curtain measuring guides for more help.

Super-soft and hardwearing, with our ready made and made to measure thermal curtains, we have a plethora of fabric types to choose from. Whether you’re looking for elegant velvet or classic cotton, stain resistant polyester or traditional jacquard weave, you’ll find them all and more with us. 

colourways + pattern.

Reflect your personality with a variety of stunning colourways. We have everyone’s favourite shade – go vibrant and stand out from the crowd with hot pink and ochre shades, or keep it subtle and neutral with creams, whites, and browns. Love the dramatic look? We’ve got you with midnight blues and blacks. Or, if you prefer it pretty and pastel, there’s duck egg blues and blush pinks.

Patterned or plain is the question! Block coloured, plain-dye thermal curtains are great if you already have heaps of pattern in your home and you don’t want it to be too over-the-top. Whereas a patterned curtain is a great focal point, as it will help to draw the eye and create a sense of movement and flow in a room. 

Browse through and you’ll find floral prints galore! With huge exotic blooms and more delicate wildflower designs, there’s a floral addition for every home. If florals aren’t your thing and you like a more modern motif, go for geometrics. Angular and symmetrical, geometric patterns are great in creating a sense of balance in a room. Still not tickled your fancy? Go for animal print if you’re looking to up the deluxe. 

what are thermal curtains?

Thermal curtains work to block out the transfer of heat. That means when it’s hot outside (and your curtains are drawn) they’ll reflect the heat back out of the window, stopping it from heating up the room. Then in the colder months, thermal curtains will keep the heat in the room and prevent loss of energy by stopping it from leaving through the cold window. Good news! Thermal curtains are a great investment as they’ll keep your energy bills lower across the year.

They get their thermal properties from their three-pass curtain lining. Created with a layer of foam that’s coated with a black layer of opaque membrane, and then again with a white one. This three-pass lining means heat can’t pass through. 

are thermal curtains blackout?

Yes! Our thermal curtains are blackout. The same three-pass lining process also means they keep all light out, too. Great for if you’re a light sleeper, you won’t need to worry about any sunshine or streetlamps seeping through as you get your sleep in. These blackout features also mean you’re provided with the utmost privacy as well. What’s not to love?

For extra insulation, layer up with a thermal blind.