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Pencil Pleat Curtains

bring a sense of the traditional with pencil pleat curtains.

Pencil pleat curtains are a classic choice. The neat and uniform pleats give any room a more formal air, making them perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms alike. Our collection includes an incredible array of different styles, from pretty floral numbers to plain colour blocks. Discover ready made and made to measure pencil pleat curtains. Shop the collection.

Pencil pleat curtains are made using tightly gathered folds of curtain fabric to create elegant pleats that look like a line of pencils... hence the name! When fitting pencil pleat curtains, you can adjust the pleats to your desired size. Pencil pleat headers are suitable for both poles and tracks. If you are using a curtain pole, you will need curtain rings to fit them.

Pencil Pleat Curtains


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Our collection of pencil pleat curtains feature a wide variety of colours as well as a range of different patterns and fabrics. You can choose from plain, floral or geometric patterns in fabrics like velvet, cotton, herringbone and more. Whether you’re renovating your space or you’re just giving your windows a refresh, you’re sure to find a gorgeous pair of pencil pleat curtains to suit you.

With both ready made and made to measure curtains available in our collection, finding the right size is easy too!

Looking for pencil pleat blackout curtains? Our collection includes pencil pleat curtains that have been treated with a ‘3 pass’ process, which prevents all light from passing through the fabric. Perfect for your bedroom, where blocking light or visual privacy is of paramount importance.

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what are pencil pleat curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are a classic curtain heading, and still one of the most popular headings available. The pleats are simple and regular, giving you a neat, formal look wherever you use them. They’re created by pulling the cords within the heading, which means that you can control how tight or loose the pleats are.

You can use them with tracks and poles, making them a versatile option.

how to hang pencil pleat curtains. 

Pencil pleat curtains are customisable – you can create the exact size pleats that you want! But this does mean that before you can hang them, you have some work to do first.

First, lie your new curtains on the floor, reverse side up. Then, tie one end of the loose cords in a knot. Pull the other end of the cords and start to gather the fabric at the head of your curtain. You’ll notice that it will gather tightly at the far end, and loosely at the near end – you’ll have to flip the curtain over to adjust the pleats to your liking.

Once the pleats are gathered the way you want, tie the loose cords together.

Then, you can hang your curtains. Use the small fabric hoops on the reverse side (not the cords) to attach your hooks. You’re ready to hang!

Want more information on how to hang pencil pleat curtains? Take a look at our curtain fitting guide.