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cushion inner pads: what's the best filling for cushions?

Cushion filling, inner pads or inserts – whatever you call them, they’re an essential part of making your cushions look beautifully plump and full. If you’ve decided on your cushion covers, and you’re struggling to work out which type of inner pads might be the best one for you, you’re in the right place. Our handy guide will clear up any confusion!


what cushion fillings can I choose from?

We have a huge selection of cushion covers in every type of colour, design, shape and size. And for the majority of them, they can be ordered as cover only, duck feather-filled, or polyester-filled (and you can order feather and polyester inner pads separately). But what’s the difference between the two inner pad options?


polyester filled inner pads

Our sturdy hollowfibre cushion pads can be the best way to plump your cushions. Not only are they filled with 100% hard-wearing polyester, but they are also encased in a tea bag-like polypropylene cover which is double stitched. Hollowfibre is made from synthetic materials and gets its name from the fine, hollow strand of polyester that it is made from. 


 duck feather inner pads  

If you prefer your cushions plush and soft, our duck feather cushion pads are filled to the brim with the finest 100% washed duck feathers; carefully made to ensure the stalks of the feathers are not sharp. They are also encased in a 100% soft cotton ivory cover with double stitching to prevent any feathers from falling out, adding a more luxurious feel. 


which cushion inner pad is best for my cushions?


Cushion inner pads can determine the overall look and comfort of a cushion which usually influences an individual’s preference. 

Polyester filled cushions are considered robust and sturdy as they tend to keep their shape; they are typically more popular as decorative accessories as they offer a practical use. With our polyester fillings, you are guaranteed perfectly plump cushions every time.

Duck feather filled cushions will compress and relax if you lean on them. Because of this, they offer great support for your back and bum when sitting. Heavy weight and made from natural materials, they are also breathable; they allow air to pass through, meaning you won't get too warm. As these fillings do not hold their shape, you'll need to ‘fluff’ them up occasionally to keep them plump.



Removable inner pads are incredibly practical as you can simply throw the cushion cover into the wash if it ever happens to get marked. 

As they are made from natural materials, duck feather inner pads are undoubtedly durable. If looked after properly, our duck feather fillings are guaranteed to give your cushions that desirable plumpness for years to come. 

In terms of durability, our polyester pads come out on top as they are remarkably versatile, keep their shape and are resilient enough to cope with everything that family life can throw at it without compromising on comfort. 

In the unlikely occurrence your inner pad does become dirty or marked, we would advise to spot clean or hand wash only (for both types). Placing a cushion pad in a washing machine poses the risk of damaging the overall quality as the filling can bunch together. We don't recommend tumble drying any of our cushion inners as this can be a potential fire hazard.



We highly recommend choosing a polyester cushion inner pad if you are prone to allergies. Made entirely from synthetic materials, hollowfibre shouldn’t trigger anyone’s sensitivities whereas a duck feather filling could.



Not only are our polyester cushion pads able to withstand the everyday wear and tear of a busy household but they are also super affordable considering their strong durability. 

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, a slightly elevated cost is justified by the plush comfort of our duck feather filling. You won’t find comfort quite like it elsewhere!



Just like you, we understand the importance of ethical sourcing. This is why the duck feathers used in our pads are ethically sourced as a by-product from the food industry. Be rest assured knowing our supplier has frequent RDS inspections to ensure no animals have been subject to any unnecessary harm. RDS is the Responsible Down Standard which is a certified company who pride themselves on protecting the welfare of animals. You can find out more information about the RDS by visiting: Responsible Down Standard | Textile Exchange



Did you know the feathers in our duck feather inner pads are compostable? Feathers break down relatively easily and are a great way to raise your soil’s nitrogen levels. Simply take them out from their casing and tip them straight into a compost bin. Be sure to dispose of the cotton cover separately. 

Unfortunately polyester cushion inner pads are non-recyclable, and as a result, over fourteen million duvets and cushions end up in UK landfills per year. Inspired by an ever-growing sustainable society, we encourage the reuse of our cushion fillings. Here are a few ideas on how you can do just that:


- If your inner pads are in a good condition, you can donate them to homeless shelters. Or if they are rather old, why not try your local animal sanctuaries?

- Get crafty! You or a friend can use the fillings for arty projects if you have a hobby for sewing.

- Use our polyester filling as extra insulation in your loft to keep you extra cosy at night. 


Want to take a more sustainable approach? Check out our recycled polyester cushions! Certified by ‘REPREVE’ they are made from 100% recycled PET which is commonly made from plastic bottles cleaned from our oceans.


what size cushion filling would I need?

Our cushion inner pads come in all shapes and sizes. When buying a brand new pad, make sure it is at least one size up from your cushion cover. Cushion cover dimensions typically refer to the width and length when the cover lies flat and unstuffed but once your cover is filled, you may find it's a touch smaller. 

For more help, take a look at our guide on how to decide on the right size cushion covers and pads.