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Blue Throws

sink into soft layers of tranquility with our blue throws.

The universal hue of soothing, quiet and calm – our blue throws bring a whole new meaning to relaxation. Enjoy the sumptuous comfort of fleece and faux fur fabric, style your space with classic geometric and herringbone designs, or turn up the textures with feathery fringed edging. Choose from a range of pale duck egg, deep navy and cool teal shades. Shop the collection.

Whether you prefer a light cotton throw to drape over your sofa, or a thick fleece blanket to snuggle up with on chilly nights, our selection of blue throw blankets has you covered. Enjoy the perfect finishing touch of style, texture and comfort for your sofa or bed – sure to have you rolling yourself up in a toasty blanket burrito.

Blue Throws


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Believed to have calming effects on our blood pressure and heart rate, there’s a reason why blue is such a popular choice in spaces where we want to promote relaxation. Whether it’s the cool aquatic flow of teal, the regal touch of royal blue, or the soothing presence of pale duck egg shades – introducing a blue throw to your sofa or bed guarantees a laidback vibe.

You can find out more about the psychology behind blue and other shades with our guide to colour psychology. If you want to know more about throws, be sure to check out our guide on how to pick the right throw for you. Or, if you’re seeking style inspiration, our 5 ways to style throws in your home is a must-read.

Every shade of blue has its own unique character, and the shade you choose will have a real impact on how your space looks and feels. If you’re unsure of which shade would work best in your home, we’ve broken down some of the options below. 

navy blue throws.

Moody, mysterious, regal, warm and soothing – navy’s got a lot going on. It’s a colour that’s often avoided or seen as intimidating due to its richness, intensity and association with nobles, but we’d like to respectfully disagree. It’s true that navy is a powerful shade and will easily overpower your space if used incorrectly, but like many things – it’s all about finding the right balance.

White makes the perfect cooling counterpart to navy, offsetting the deep-blue intensity with a clean, crisp gust of freshness. Balance out your navy blue throw with some bright white cushions, and introduce some funky geometric options for an even more relaxed take.

duck egg blue throws.

Sophisticated, smooth and daintily delicate – you don’t get much more soothing than pale duck egg blue. From coastal to cottagecore, pale blues make a great fit in more natural and laidback interior styles. Since its faded appearance means it borders on neutral, duck egg blue is a lot easier to work with than more intense shades. 

Pair your duck egg blue throw with neutral floral wallpaper and muted floral cushions to bring out its traditional side. Think soft creams, blush pinks and muted granny florals that’ll dial up the summery sweetness.

royal blue throws.

If you’re less interested in keeping things chill, and more interested in making a statement – there’s few better colour options than royal blue. Like navy, it’s rich and potent, but royal blue brings a healthy dose of vibrancy that makes for stunning combinations with brighter shades.

Sitting directly across from bright yellow and orange on the colour wheel, royal blue is perfect for building vivid colour schemes that’ll make any space pop. Pair your royal blue throw with zesty orange cushions and a yellow or orange rug for the ultimate show-stopping scheme. Bring some balance with off-white wallpaper and you’ll have an eye-catching interior that feels in perfect harmony.