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Bed Cushions

breathe new life into your bedroom with captivating bed cushions.

The easiest way to bring a burst of colour, style and character to any space – new bed cushions are always a good idea. Float through our stunning selection of designs, from traditional chintzy florals to exotic vistas and hypnotic geometric prints. Or, find the hue that sets your heart aflutter with our vast range of neutrals, pastels and dazzling summer brights. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re looking for a pretty piped trim, swinging boho tassels or the tactile bliss of textured cotton – our cushions for beds will set any boudoir’s style ablaze. Many of our signature designs are hand-crafted in the UK by our talented design team, before being sent for manufacturing at our factory in Staffordshire. Grab a cushion cover separately to fill at home, or choose from our soft polyester or luxurious duck feather fillings.

Bed Cushions


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We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping, and when you think about it like that, investing in quality bedding starts to make a lot more sense. Our selection of bed cushions has something to suit all styles and inclinations, from heavenly velvet to sumptuous synthetic blends, to textured and tufted cushions that’ll have you drifting off in record time. Keep things classically neat with our rectangular and square bed cushions, or opt for something outside the box with a playful round cushion.

It takes more than a couple of bed cushions to make a luxurious sleep sanctuary, so make sure to check out the rest of our bedding collection. From sumptuously soft bed sheets to plush pillowcases, downright heavenly duvet covers and more – we’ve got everything you need to take your bedroom to blissful new heights of comfort and style.

Got a burning desire for fresh bedding but not sure where to begin? Head over to our inspiration blog for a whole host of guides, design advice and trend-led tips. Discover the A-Z of buying bedding with our comprehensive guide, learn how to clean your decorative cushions, or make bedtime a blushful experience with our 15 ways to add a little romance to your bedroom.

how to dress a bed with cushions.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that decorating your bed with cushions should be a fairly simple task. After all, the name ‘scatter cushions’ does suggest nonchalance – as if you could fling some cushions in the general direction of your bed and end up with a showroom-worthy arrangement. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite that simple, and a little bit of design knowledge goes a long way when it comes to pulling off that coveted hotel bed aesthetic.

We’ve already got a full blog post for how to arrange cushions on your bed, but keep reading for a breakdown of the main points.

When it comes to assembling a five-star display of bed cushions, it always helps to start out with a solid foundation of sleeping pillows. We’ve all got our preferences, but a good rule of thumb is to use two sleeping pillows for each head that can fit in your bed. That’s two sleeping pillows for single sized beds, and four for anything bigger.

Where you go from here is up to your individual taste and style. A sparse display of just one or two bed cushions works great for minimalist spaces, while a lavish arrangement of colour and texture feels right at home in more maximalist bedrooms. If you’re using pillow shams or any especially large bed cushions, make sure to place them near the headboard at the very back of your display. This will lend symmetry and flow to your cushion arrangement, giving it that chic designer flair. Place any round bed cushions, bolster cushions or other statement shapes at the very front of your display, rounding off the look with a finishing touch of style.