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Rectangular Cushions

style, comfort no need to think outside the box.

With an eclectic mix of animal prints, patterned designs and classic monochrome finishes – shape is just about the only thing that ties our collection of rectangular cushions together. From bright, bold designs that will bring your sofa to life, to softer minimalist looks that will sink you into slumber, our rectangular cushions collection offers the perfect blend of style and comfort. Shop the collection today.

When it comes to finding the right cushion for you, we know that comfort is just as important as style. We’ve got tons of advice to help you feel confident throughout the cushion-hunting process – from our rectangular cushion covers sizing guide to our cushion filling buying guide, which will help you find the perfect fit. So, whether you’re after a show-stopping decorative piece for the living room sofa, or a dulcet-hued cushion to float yourself to sleep, our rectangular cushions collection has you covered.

Rectangular Cushions


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Whether you’re after durability and design, or you’re a sucker for comfort, our wide selection of rectangular cushions offers everything you need and more. We’ve got dazzling designs in eye-catching colours to brighten up your living space, as well as more low-key options to bring a feeling of zen to the bedroom. Most cushions from our rectangular cushions collection can be purchased as covers only, but you also have the option of a hollowfibre polyester or luxurious duck feather filling. 

Our helpful rectangular cushion covers sizing guide and cushion filling buying guide have all the information you need to feel confident in your decision, so be sure to check them out. 

knowing your sizes

Whether you’re looking for a rectangular cushion cover for a pad you already own, or you’re after a polyester or feather-filled option, you’ll need to be comfortable with your sizing. To find out what size cover you need for a cushion, simply measure the cushion pad and look for a cover that’s at least two centimeters smaller. This tiny difference in size allows the cover to be filled out, giving that all-important fully plumped feeling that we’re all striving for. 

choosing a filling

If it’s a pre-filled cushion you’re after, it’s important to think about which filling option you should go for. Our rectangular cushions collection can be purchased with either a polyester or feather-filled pad, both of which offer an array of benefits - depending on what matters to you. 

Our hollowfibre polyester cushion pads offer intense durability and an ability to maintain their shape that’s difficult to achieve with other materials. This makes our polyester filling the perfect option for decorative rectangular sofa or bed cushions, as they will remain plump and fresh looking over time.

Our 100% washed duck feather pads also offer great durability due to their natural composition, but their comfort factor is the real standout. In contrast to the polyester filling’s ability to hold shape, the duck feather pad offers a moldability akin to memory foam, guaranteed to have you floating off to sleep in record time. 

how to style rectangular cushions

If you’ve never spent much time pondering over cushion shapes, don’t worry – we’ve done the work for you. The beauty of rectangular cushions is that they can fit into just about every interior design style there is. From traditional to contemporary, minimalist to eclectic – you can embellish your chosen aesthetic with the timeless touch of a rectangular cushion, while never sacrificing the look you’re going for.

Our monochrome and neutrally toned cushions fit perfectly in minimalist and rustic-styled spaces, while our more heavily patterned pieces can add some extra depth to your contemporary or mid-century aesthetic.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Our refined collection of illustrated cushions might add that essential eye-catching pop to your space. From detailed exotic animal prints to hand-drawn farmhouse pieces, there’s a cushion design for every end of the style spectrum.  If an eclectic or farmhouse aesthetic is what you’re after, accenting with an illustrated cover can bring a lot of depth and detail, without being too big of an investment. Stylish, no-fuss and easily moveable – our collection of rectangular cushions offers the perfect way to experiment with and hone your style.