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Cotton Throws

experience the gold standard of comfort with soft cotton throws.

Refreshingly breathable in summer, and a toasty extra layer through winter – our cotton throw blankets really can do it all. From classic herringbone weaves to funky boho tufts and tassels, to eye-catching geometric patterns that’ll make a style statement in any interior – your dream snuggly layer awaits. Shop the collection.

Our stunning selection of cotton throws is made with the finest 100% cotton and blended fabrics, for a sumptuously soft finish that’s lightweight and airy. The perfect finishing touch for your sofa, bed or garden arrangement – transform your space with a cosy cotton pallet of sleek neutrals, warming pastels and rich jewel tones.

Cotton Throws


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A cotton throw blanket makes the ideal cosy layer in every season, providing toasty warmth in winter while being lightweight and breathable enough for the sunnier months.

If you’re in the market for a throw but aren’t sure where to start, our Inspiration Blog is teeming with tips and ideas. Get the expert advice on how to pick the right throw for you, or embrace some style inspo with our 5 ways to style throws in your home.

are cotton throws warm?

Cotton throws are refreshingly lightweight, making them the perfect choice for summer and the warmer seasons. However, the cosiness of cotton is not to be underestimated, as it makes for a great toasty layer through the winter too.

While our super cosy fleece throws or faux fur throws are a better option if you’re looking for pure insulating toastiness – cotton throws have the advantage of being less bulky, more breathable and comfortable year-round.

If you love layering textures in your home, our cotton throws are a great choice. As they’re so lightweight, they bring dimension, texture and style without looking too bulky. Discover our guide on how to layer your bed like an interior designer if you’re in need of some design ideas.

what are the benefits of 100% cotton?

Our 100% cotton throws are irresistibly soft, providing seriously snuggly comfort for your bed, sofa or garden decor. Due to its tight weave and resistance to dust mites, pet hair and mould, cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic – making it the perfect option for hay fever sufferers or those with sensitive skin.

Cotton’s massive popularity in the textile industry is mainly down to its impressive strength and durability. When cared for correctly, cotton can easily last twice as long as most man-made materials, making your cotton throw a long-term investment that won’t be wearing away any time soon.

Curious about the lengthy list of cotton fabric benefits? Check out our 7 incredible benefits of cotton blog post – it’s chock-full of fun facts and expert advice on the finer details of cotton fabric.

how to wash a cotton throw.

One of the many benefits of cotton is its low-maintenance and easy-care quality. Most of our cotton throws are fully machine washable, but we always recommend carefully reading the care label for any specific guidelines – after all, every throw is an individual.

Avoid turning your washing machine up past 40 degrees when cleaning cotton, to prevent shrinking or damage to the fibres.

Natural or mild liquid detergents are the best option when machine washing cotton, and harsh chemicals like bleach are not recommended. You can apply any stain removers or other cleaning products at this stage, too.

Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle with a cold wash and rinse to avoid shrinking. Start your machine and kick back while your cotton throw gets freshened up.

Once it’s done washing, we recommend hanging your cotton throw blanket outside to dry. Some cotton throws are dryer-safe, but natural line-drying is always the safest (and most eco-friendly!) option.

Although our blankets and throws can be used in any room in the home, we do not recommend these products for young children. Please use responsibly.