An outdoor entertaining area decorated with a garden sofa, outdoor cushions and an abstract outdoor rug.
how to create an outdoor entertaining area.
A small garden patio space decorated with a sofa, outdoor cushions, throws and an outdoor rug.
small garden patio ideas to transform your outdoor space.
grey marble wallpaper
Wallpaper: Measuring Guide
made to measure measuring guide: pencil pleat curtains.
made to measure measuring guide: pencil pleat curtains.
teal abstract wallpaper theia
what to do with wallpaper samples.
peony floral curtains next to mirror and plant
how to clean curtains: cleaning fabric curtains + blinds.
how to wallpaper.
how to wallpaper.
green forest bedding with cottagecore decor
cottagecore decor: create your dream cottagecore house.
Woven eyelet curtains a jacquard floral design in a calming blue shade, hung in a room with green walls and a white ceiling.
made to measure measuring guide: pinch pleat curtains.
Made to measure eyelet curtains with a monochrome a living room with grey walls and modern decor.
made to measure measuring guide: eyelet curtains.
A polyester outdoor rug with a tropical leaf design, laid on a wood deck surface below an outdoor chair.
outdoor living: what is the best material for rugs?
Neutral bed accessories layered in a boho style, including a beige duvet, red and pink cushions, and a clay pink throw.
neutral home decor with a twist: salt + sand.
A green recycled plastic rug with a funky geometric design, laid on a wooden deck surface.
are outdoor rugs waterproof?
A biophilic bedroom design with neutral cotton muslin bedding, earthy beige and green scatter cushions, a moss bedspread, a white mohair throw and indoor plants.
how to use biophilic design according to your interior style.
five outdoor cushions with bright statement slogan designs, scattered on a grass surface.
how to store garden cushions.
A garden scene of an outdoor rug placed on grass underneath a garden chair, an outdoor cushion and various summer ornaments.
using your outdoor rug on grass, gravel + decking
emerald quilted duvet set with luxe cushions
introduce luxe style to your home: luxury interior.
bringing boho style into your home: boho chic.
bringing boho style into your home: boho chic.
A winter bedroom with navy walls, winter foliage and a yellow duvet cover set with a printed design of winter woodlands and animals.
9 ideas for a bright and seasonal home in January.
minimalist cushions in velvet green and boucle
minimalist interior design: simplicity at its finest.
three country print cushions on floral duvet set
countryside chic: country home style.
the art of maximalist interior design.
the art of maximalist interior design.
scandi style bed decor with neutral cushions and olive green throw on bed
scandi interior design: cosy calmness.
how to clean outdoor cushions.
how to clean outdoor cushions.
a pile of cushions in red, pink and beige tones.
15 ways to add a little romance to your bedroom.
A patio decorated with a polyester outdoor rug, woven patio furniture, throws and weather-resistant outdoor cushions.
everything you need to know about outdoor rugs.
how to clean + care for indoor rugs.
how to clean + care for indoor rugs.
A living room with a brown leather and grey fabric sofa, both decorated with colourful geometric and frilled cushions.
how to pick + style cushions for grey sofas.
A striped 100% cotton bedding set in white and eucalyptus shades, made on a bed with a coordinating cushion and tufted throw in a neutral bedroom.
7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding.
A vibrant draught excluder cushion with a multicoloured exotic leaf design and a printed slogan reading 'shut the front door', laid on a grey carpet in front of a dark blue wall.
draught excluder buying guide.
Three green, gold and white Christmas cushions with various festive designs, arranged on a neutral couch with a beige throw.
the furn. team's favourite Christmas decor.
A green festive duvet cover set with a traditional design of baubles and trinkets, arranged on a bed with a red scatter cushion and some festive foliage.
how to get your guest bedroom ready for Christmas.
A collection of Christmas gifts wrapped in red, white and gold wrapping paper, tied up in bright bows and laid out on a red surface.
the ultimate Christmas home gift guide for 2023.
A selection of four Christmas cushions in neutral, blue and green shades, arranged on a cream sofa along with a cream fleece throw in front of a decorated Christmas tree.
how to decorate your home for Christmas 2023.
A closeup image of emerald green curtains with a jacquard geometric design, opened to reveal a white window sill overlooking an outdoor scene.
how to use your free fabric samples.
A pair of green jacquard curtain with a detailed floral design, hung in a room with neutral walls, next to a grey armchair holding a matching green cushion.
curtain buying guide.
A close-up image of an orange duvet cover set with a tufted pumpkin design, made on a bed with a wooden headboard and blue and white scatter cushions.
how to celebrate Halloween at home.
Three Halloween cushions with abstract, witchy printed designs, arranged on a blue sofa with a white throw.
the Halloween edit: as seen on Instagram.
A cotton duvet cover set with a tufted tree design, made on a bed with a matching tufted throw and cushion.
how to make your bed warm + cosy for winter.
A brushed cotton bedding set with a Scandi style woodland design.
which bedding material is best?
A collection of white bouclé cushions and throws, arranged on a white bouclé sofa.
5 dreamy ways to style bouclé cushions.
A green duvet cover set with an embroidered floral design on soft velvet fabric.
bedding size guide.
A selection of moss, olive and forest green cushions stacked on a wooden chair with a green throw draped over the arm, in a room with beige walls and a beige rug.
7 cosy autumn home decor ideas.
A closeup image of a floral duvet cover set with a traditional botanical design, made on a bed with coordinating green and pink throw cushions.
the beginner's guide to bedding.
how to wash bedding.
how to wash bedding.
how to keep white bedding white.
how to keep white bedding white.
Four pillows with white cotton pillowcases, arranged on a bed with a button pleated grey headboard, next to a side table holding a table lamp and a glass of water.
how to make your bed like a hotel.
A white, 200 thread count, Oxford bordered 100% cotton duvet set with patching pillowcases, tousled on a bed with a beige fabric bedframe, with a woven side table holding books and a desk lamp.
your thread count questions, answered.
Barbiecore: get the look.
Barbiecore: get the look.
A teal paisley pillowcase on a folded over duvet cover set, in the background you can see a white painted brick wall that's got a green plant growing over it.
how to choose bedding.