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curtain buying guide.

A pair of green jacquard curtain with a detailed floral design, hung in a room with neutral walls, next to a grey armchair holding a matching green cushion.

we’ve pulled all our knowledge together to shed light on these shady home accessories.

Curtains. Your passport to privacy, sources of valuable shade and certified style essentials for any curated space. They can turn a tired old room into a fresh, homely hideaway with just a simple swish, all while providing your home with valuable shelter and calm. Our curtain collection draws on all our industry expertise, from quality fabrics to premium linings, to a wide range of headings, patterns and colours designed to set any space alight.

Our sizeable selection can be a lot to wrap your head around, so we’ve broken down all the key points in this handy catch-all guide.

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ready made or made to measure



fitting + finishing touches


There are tons of different curtain fabrics out there, and the perfect one for you is entirely dependent on what your priorities are.

 "Heavier fabrics like velvet and chenille will block light and look luxurious, while lighter cotton and polyblend designs are durable and easy to care for". Explains Suzi, Design and Development Manager at "There's no right or wrong curtain fabric, just the one that's right for you".

A 100% cotton curtain panel with a multicoloured printed floral design, hung on a white curtain pole in front of a dusky pink wall.
Tonga Jewel Floral Made to Measure Curtains


Soft, lightweight and gloriously versatile – cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world of curtains and beyond.

With an ability to beautifully translate so many different colours and patterns, it’s the perfect fabric for creating a wide range of interior styles.

A printed curtain panel with a multicoloured jungle leopard design, hung on a white curtain pole in front of a muted green wall.
Jungle Leopard Made to Measure Curtains


As the name suggests, polycotton is a simple combination of polyester and cotton.

Blending the lightweight breathability of cotton with the warmth and durability of synthetics – polycotton is the quintessential ‘best of both worlds’ fabric.

A crushed velvet curtain panel in a pale oyster pink shade, hung on a silver curtain pole in front of a window and a white wall.
Verona Crushed Velvet Curtains in Oyster


If you’re looking for a little luxe at your windows, velvet curtains should certainly be on your radar.

Heavier and thicker than cotton or polycotton, velvet comes in a range of dazzling colours and finishes. Go with crushed velvet to add some opulence to your space, or opt for something a little more subtle with a soft velvet lustre.

A black velvet curtain panel with a multicoloured printed floral design, hung on a white curtain pole in front of a neutral background.
Botanist Black Floral Made to Measure Curtains


Printed curtains feature patterns that are printed on the surface of the fabric, rather than woven through it.

They’re usually made from cotton, polyester, or some type of polycotton blend. Our digitally printed curtains come in a wide variety of vivid colours and intricately crafted designs.

A pink curtain panel with a printed floral and bird design, hung on a white curtain pole in front of a gold background.
Demoiselle Floral Made to Measure Curtains in Blush


Almost the opposite of printing, woven curtains use coloured threads to weave patterns and designs through the fabric.

While the patterns might not be as intricate as digitally printed ones, the fabric in woven curtains tends to be more durable and longer lasting.

A baby blue curtain panel with an embroidered floral design, hung on a silver curtain pole in front of a neutral background.
Sophia Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains in Blue


The slightly more refined relative of weaving, embroidery involves creating or embellishing designs on fabric with a needle and thread.

It’s an ancient art that requires skilled craftsmanship, introducing an artisanal touch of luxury wherever it pops up.

A closeup image of heavy chenille curtain fabric in a natural brown shade.
Heavy Chenille Room Darkening Curtains in Natural


Far from boring, plain curtains are a staple. Whether you’re crafting a lush colour scheme or a laid-back minimal one, you can’t go wrong with a plain dye design.

They’re easily coordinated with, and can be transferred across any number of spaces and styles – meaning they’ll withstand any taste shift, makeover or all-out home move you might throw at them.

A closeup image of a velvet curtain design, with a blue-based multicolour print of tropical florals.
Hidden Paradise Midnight Made to Measure Curtains


An instant way to bring personality, depth and all-out pizzaz to a space – patterned curtains are always an impactful addition. Whether you love a bright and bold motif or something soft and subtle, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Floral patterns are incredibly versatile, ranging from quaint and quirky to rich and exotic, to dramatically dark and moody.

Abstract patterns are those designs that don’t really resemble anything. Think squiggly lines, dreamy swirls, or anything unusual that captures the imagination.

Geometric patterns include everything from stripes and checks to diamonds, triangles and polka-dots. They’re great for contemporary spaces, whether you’re craving the impact of sharp edges or the levity of gentle curves.



A shorter-length curtain might be the most practical choice for your home, especially if you’ve got kids, pets (or even both) running around.

They usually drop between 1cm above and 15cm below the windowsill, keeping them safe from the reach of sticky fingers or mucky paws. A shorter length is also ideal if you’ve got a radiator or furniture beneath your window that you don’t want interfering with your curtains.


Long curtains are perfect for giving your space that sleek, polished look. They tend to drop around 1cm above the floor, or – if you’re handy with a measuring tape – they can just kiss the floor.

It’s a modern, trendy look that provides a lot more insulation and shade than shorter lengths.


The ‘pooled’ or ‘puddled’ curtain style allows excess fabric to hang and gather on the floor. It creates a romantic and relaxed feel, recalling the Victorian tendency to layer up windows as a means of conserving heat.

While certainly a style statement, pooled curtains do require an extra level of upkeep, whether that’s keeping them clean or making sure they’re perfectly presented. Add about 10-20cm onto the floor length of your curtains to achieve a luxurious pooled effect.

ready made or made to measure?
A green curtain panel with an intricate jacquard design of forest florals. A pair of soft velvet curtains with a plain dye charcoal design, hung on a white curtain pole in front of a neutral background.
Woodlands Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains in Green | Heritage Charcoal Made to Measure Curtains

Before you get too hung up on a particular fabric, we’d recommend measuring for your curtains. If you’ve got a tricky bay window or any sort of irregular window space, a made to measure design might be your best option.

We’ve got step-by-step measuring guides for all curtain styles over on our inspiration blog, so check those out if you’re in doubt about the process.

ready made.

Our ready made curtains come in a variety of standard sizes, based on the most popular window measurements in the UK. They come with eyelet and pencil pleat heading options, and we’ve even got a full range of blackout ready made curtains if you’re after complete darkness.

Our ready made sizes are:

(width x drop)

117 x 137cm

117 x 183cm

168 x 137cm

168 x 183cm

168 x 229cm

229 x 137cm

229 x 183 cm

229 x 229cm

 If your measurements don’t quite match up with these sizes, a more tailored option might be for you.

made to measure.

Our made to measure curtains offer a lot more flexibility, from our 250-strong selection of fabrics to options of eyelet, pencil pleat and pinch pleat headings .

You’ve also got the option of four different types of lining – thermal blackout, bonded interlining, unlined or standard cotton sateen – which we've explained in detail below.


When it comes to curtain headings, you've got three main options. Each offers a different look, as well as unique design benefits that might help sway your decision.

"There's a lot more to curtain headings than style, so it's worth giving your decision some time" Suzi explains. "Eyelets are sleek and modern, but they're also the easiest to hang and adjust. Pencil pleats are classy but casual, and give you the freedom to tighten or loosen the heading to your liking. Pinch pleats use the most fabric of any curtain heading, meaning they're a bit pricier but a lot more luxurious".

A black and white graphic showing a pencil pleat curtain heading design.
Pencil Pleat Curtains

pencil pleat.

Pencil pleat is one of the most popular heading types, due to its casual look and ability to fit any number of interior styles. The look gets its name from the tightly gathered pleats which run across the heading, resembling an orderly line of pencils.

You can adjust pencil pleat headings to be as relaxed or tight as you like, giving you an extra touch of freedom in how your curtains are styled. They can be hung on either a curtain pole or track, but you’ll need curtain rings if hanging pencil pleat curtains on a pole.

We offer both made to measure and ready made pencil pleat curtains, so you’ve got plenty of options in terms of sizing.

An animated black and white graphic, showing the design of an eyelet curtain heading.
Eyelet Curtains


Otherwise known as ring tops, eyelets are the most modern style of curtain heading.

Metal rings, known as eyelets, are sewn along the top of the fabric and threaded onto a curtain pole. Wide, wavy pleats run down the fabric as a result, creating a relaxed look that’s effortlessly contemporary.

Eyelets glide seamlessly along the curtain pole, meaning they’re simple to use and a lot less finicky than other heading types. Eyelet curtains can only be hung on a curtain pole, however, so you might want to go with another style if you’ve already got a track installed.

Our eyelets measure 40mm, and we recommend using a pole of up to 28mm in diameter. If you’re unsure about sizing, we’ve got both made to measure and ready made eyelet curtains available.

A black and white animated graphic, showcasing the design of a double pinch pleat curtain header.
Pinch Pleat Curtains

pinch pleat.

Pinch pleat curtains are the ultimate luxury choice, giving a highly decorative look that’s perfect for more traditional and formal styles.

Tightly gathered fabric pleats run across the top, leaving wide gaps in between. The pleats contain either two or three folds of fabric and are permanently sewn in, meaning you can’t adjust them like pencil pleats.

Pinch pleat curtains can be hung on either a pole or a track, but you’ll need curtain rings if using a pole. Unlike our other headings, pinch pleats are only available in made to measure sizes, with the option of a double or triple pinch pleat design.


We offer four different types of curtain lining. Our ready made curtain linings vary from design to design, while our made to measure range gives you a choice of all four. 

"Thermal blackout is our heaviest lining, and is great if your bedroom is constantly leaving in light" Suzi explains. "Bonded interlining adds plenty of weight and texture, and can help to regulate a room's temperature and noise levels. Our standard lining, cotton sateen, is perfect for most spaces. If you're looking for something really light, there's always the option of going without a lining, too!"

A black and white animated graphic of a sun and a temperature gauge, symbolising a thermal blackout curtain design.

thermal blackout.

Our heaviest curtain lining, thermal blackout offers the very best in light-blocking, heat-saving and noise-reducing technology.

Our thermal blackout curtains are ‘3 pass’, meaning they’re backed with a layer of white foam, followed by two layers of opaque membrane. This gives our curtains the highest level of blackout ability, ensuring even the smallest speck of light won’t creep its way through.

Insulating thermal properties mean this lining will trap heat in your home through winter, while blocking it out in those sweltering summer months. Our thermal blackout lining is an ideal option for light sleepers, shift workers, children or anyone who requires a deliciously dark sleep sanctuary.

An animated black and white graphic of a series of squares placed on top of each other in differing shades, symbolising the bonded interlining design of a curtain.

bonded interlining.

A padded lining that’s stitched in the reverse of your curtain’s fabric, bonded interlining provides a valuable extra layer of protection for your home.

While not as heavy-duty as thermal blackout, bonded interlining is a great room darkening addition to any space. It also gives your curtains a fuller, heavier appearance, so it’s a great choice if you’re chasing that luxury look.

An animated black and white graphic, featuring a series of overlapping lines in a hash symbol shape, symbolising a cotton sateen curtain lining design.

cotton sateen.

Cotton sateen is a gloriously thick and smooth fabric, with a glossy finish that’s undeniably opulent.

Pop it on the back of your curtains, and you’ve got great protection from the sun that won’t fade over time.

A black and white animated graphic, featuring two overlapping squares in different grey shades behind a black X symbol, symbolising an unlined curtain design.


Just as it sounds, unlined curtains are designed without any lining at all. The back of your curtain will just be the reverse of your chosen fabric, without any thermal or room darkening properties.

It’s a great affordable option for rooms that don’t need heavy protection, or if you’re a fan of the wispy voile-style look.

fitting + finishing touches.


Whether you’ve gone for ready made or made to measure, all blacked out or completely unlined – you’ll still need to fit your curtains once they arrive.

While this can feel like an intimidating task, it’s a lot more doable than you might think. The process for fitting your curtains will depend on the type of heading you’ve chosen, so check out our curtain fitting guide for a full breakdown of how to hang each style.


Whether for style purposes or something a little more practical, blinds are a great option for layering up your window dressing.

Create a cosy enveloped feel, elevate your curtains’ style or ensure your window is completely blacked out – the reasons for adding blinds to your windows are pretty much endless.

We’ve got plenty of ready made and made to measure blinds on offer, from roman blinds to rollers in tons of plain and patterned styles.