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Curtain Buying Guide

Curtains are an essential for any room. They can turn a tired room into a fresh, homely one. Not only do they provide privacy and light control, but a good set of curtains add to your room’s décor. Our curtain collection features a wide range of colours, fabrics, patterns and curtain types, so you’re sure to find something to suit you with us.

Need help deciding?  Our handy guide is here to take you through the process from start to finish.

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ready made or made to measure?



fitting + finishing touches.




Soft, lightweight and versatile, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for curtains (and lots of other home décor!). It can be made into so many different colours, styles and patterns that it’s perfect for a wide range of home décor styles.



Polycotton blends polyester with cotton, so it has the best of both worlds. It’s soft and lightweight, but also really easy to care for. It’s an ideal option for kids’ rooms and busy households.   



For something more luxe, consider velvet curtains. Heavier and thicker than cotton or polycotton, velvet comes in a range of colours and finishes. Opt for crushed velvet to add some opulence to your room, or go more subtle with a soft velvet lustre.



As the name suggests, printed curtains is where the pattern is printed on top of the fabric (not woven through as part of the fabric). Printed fabric usually features a wide range of colours and can be available in a variety of precise patterns.  



Woven fabric is where the design is created through the weaving of coloured threads. While the pattern may not be as intricate, the fabric itself is more hardwearing and longer lasting.



Embroidered fabric is where the design is created or embellished with thread and needlework. It takes craftsmanship, and will add a sense of luxury to any room.




Plain curtains are a staple. Whether you’re crafting a lush colour scheme or a laid-back minimal one, you can’t go wrong with a plain dye curtain. They’re easy to style, and can be reused in different rooms, styles and settings over time as you redecorate or move home.



Instantly add personality to any space with patterned curtains. Whether it’s something big and bold or something more subtle, you have loads to choose from.

  • Florals are typically whimsical and girly, but there are plenty of dark and moody or minimal floral designs to choose from too – florals are incredibly versatile.
  • Abstract patterns are designs that don’t really resemble anything. They’re ideal for minimalist styles but will work in a variety of rooms.
  • Geometric patterns are perfect for a modern space, catering to a number of different home décor styles.
  • Stripes are a timeless design that creates a more formal feel to your space. Perfect for luxe and traditional spaces. Vertical stripes can help ceilings look taller too.





Short curtains are the most practical option for curtains, especially if you have pets or kids (or both!). They can end 1cm above your window sill, or 15cm below it – both out of reach of sticky fingers and mucky paws! This length is also ideal if you have radiators or furniture underneath your window that you don’t want to obstruct with curtains.


Long curtains are perfect for giving your room that finished, polished look. They usually end 1cm before the floor, or if you think you can get really precise with your measurements, they can just kiss the floor.


'Pooled' or 'puddled' curtains are curtains that have excess fabric that gathers on the floor. They feel very relaxed and romantic, but because they require some upkeep (making sure they’re clean and aesthetically pleasing), they’re not the most practical. To create a pooled curtain effect, add an extra 10-20cm to the floor length of your curtain.


ready made or made to measure?

We’d recommend measuring for your curtain before you set your heart on a particular fabric, as that will help you decide whether to go for a ready made or made to measure option.

Our ready made curtain collection comes in standard sizes, so if your curtain needs are different from these, our made to measure collection allows you to get the exact fit you need.

Ready made curtains:

  • Standard sizes
  • Eyelet and pencil pleat heading available
  • Blackout range


Made to measure curtains:

  • 250 fabrics
  • Eyelet, pencil pleat, double and triple pinch pleat heading options
  • Four different lining options, including blackout thermal, unlined, bonded interlining and cotton sateen.



Pencil pleat

One of the most popular header options, a pencil pleat heading option features gathered folds of fabric. When fitting them, you can adjust them to your preferred size of pleat. Depending on how tightly the fabric is gathered, they can look very neat and uniform, like a row of pencils!

The pleats create folds all the way down the fabric, giving the curtains a classic look. Perfect for a range of styles, pencil pleat headings look particularly at home in cottages, country homes and rustic décor. They work with a number of lengths too.

Pencil pleat curtains can be used with both poles and tracks, though if you are using a pole, you’ll need curtain rings as well.

Pencil pleat curtains are available in both our ready made and made to measure curtain collections.  


Also known as ring top curtains, eyelet curtains are a modern heading option. Metal eyelet rings are sewn into the fabric of the curtain at regular intervals. They’re threaded on to a curtain pole or rod, giving your curtains large, rounded pleats.

Eyelet curtains are durable and easy to use, as the eyelets glide along the pole with ease. We recommend them for kids’ rooms, but their contemporary look and ease of use mean that they’re suitable for any room in the house.

They can only be used on curtain poles. Our eyelet curtains are made using 40mm eyelet holes, so we recommend for poles up to 28mm in diameter. This will ensure easy movement along the pole.

You can find eyelet curtains in both our ready made and made to measure curtain collections. If you choose an eyelet heading for your made to measure curtain, there are seven different eyelet colours you can pick.  

Pinch pleat

A pinch pleat heading is a highly decorative one. They feature tightly gathered pleats of two or three folds of fabric, with gaps in between. They are permanently sewn in, making them different from pencil pleat. The pinch pleat creates an elegant look, with full, round folds through the full length of your curtain.

Pinch pleat curtains can be used on poles and tracks, but like pencil pleat curtains, if you use a pole you’ll need to fit them to curtain rings first.

They are only available in our made to measure collection, and you can choose from double pinch pleat and triple pinch pleat headings.  



Thermal blackout

Looking for a curtain that could help you sleep better? Or even reduce your energy bills? Thermal blackout has to be the lining for you. Our thermal blackout curtains are made with ‘3 pass’ technology, which means that your curtain fabric is backed with a layer of foam, then coated twice with an opaque membrane. It prevents both light and heat transference, so not a spec of light can shine through. The thermal properties mean that your curtains will keep heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer.

Perfect for light sleepers, shift workers and children, thermal blackout lining helps you to create the perfect sleep sanctuary.

Bonded interlining

A padding lining stitched to the reverse of your fabric, bonded interlining provides another layer to your curtain. It makes it thicker and heavier, so the pleats of your curtain will appear fuller and more rounded. The extra layer provides a barrier for light and heat, giving curtains with this lining some room darkening properties.

Cotton sateen

Cotton sateen lining gives your curtains a polished look. The backing is smooth and luxurious, helping to protect your curtains from things like sun bleaching.


Just as it sounds, this means that your curtain has no lining. The back of your curtain will just be the reverse of your chosen fabric. Perfect if you don’t need any room darkening qualities at all.


fitting + finishing touches.


Whether you’ve decided on ready made or made to measure curtains, once they arrive, it’ll be time to fit them! The way they’re fitted will depend on the header type you’ve gone for – check out our handy fitting guide to find out how.


Layer up your window dressing with a blind. Create a cosy feel, add another pattern or just make sure that your window is completely blackout with one of our ready made or made to measure blinds.