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Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover sets

cloud-like comfort in every season.

Our brushed cotton duvet cover set collection is the perfect solution to a dreamy year-round slumber that’s always just the right temperature. Whether you’re after a hand-crafted artistic design or an understated minimalist look, our collection of duvet cover sets has everything you need to keep cosy in style. Shop the collection today.

Our airy brushed cotton duvet cover sets find that perfect goldilocks zone of temperature for those of us who always seem to be just a little too warm or cold. Guaranteed to have you counting down the minutes until bedtime, our brushed cotton bedding is also renowned for its unique softness and warmth.



Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover sets


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Designed for new levels of comfort, brushed cotton is made through a mechanical process whereby small metal brushes are gently rubbed against the fabric. Smaller cotton fibres are lifted, leading to an extra-soft texture and a handy ability to insulate heat. Just like a brushed cotton jumper stops the need to layer up in the winter months, a brushed cotton duvet cover set will keep you snug and cosy on the chilliest of nights. 

Not just superbly warm and soft, brushed cotton epitomises the ‘best of both worlds’ due to its airy and breathable qualities – making it a perfect material for summer, too. While great for keeping heat in so that you’re nice and toasty, brushed cotton is also effective at keeping heat out. Where denser fabrics might leave you tossing and turning to find the cooler spots of your bed, brushed cotton is naturally breathable and easily wicks away any moisture. 

On top of its temperature-regulating quality, brushed cotton’s breathable and super-soft texture makes it a great pick for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Its soothing weave means that it’s incredibly tender to touch, making it an ideal option if you suffer with eczema or psoriasis. Unlike other rough-fibred materials which may cause itchiness or aggravate certain skin types, brushed cotton’s smooth and light qualities make it extra kind to skin – meaning it's great for children too. 

While some of us are all too familiar with the sweaty, frustrating struggle of getting to sleep in a warm room, the opposite problem can be just as common. The cool, crisp hotel-like feeling of percale sheets works great for those who tend to feel too warm, and the silk-like cosiness of sateen is usually the fabric of choice for those who get chilly in bed. While people usually fall into either camp, brushed cotton offers a handy middle-ground that’s comfortable year-round. Breathable and airy for summertime, but cosy and insulating for the winter – brushed cotton is the perfect multi-purpose fabric to take your sleep to the next level. 

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