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White Pillowcases

settle into soft, serene plushness with a fresh white pillowcase.

The epitome of sparklingly clean, sumptuous sleeping – it doesn’t get much more luxurious than crisp white pillowcases. Our collection’s got it all, from opulent Egyptian cotton to high thread count percale, to decorative tufted designs and flourishing floral prints. Keep it clean with simple whites, or dial up the drama with a vibrant patterned moment. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re replacing old bedding or looking to layer up with some stunning decorative pieces, a white pillowcase is perfect for bringing some pearly-hued beauty to your home. Our classic housewife designs come with the no-fuss envelope closure you know and love, while our premium oxford pillowcases offer stylish fabric borders that’ll bring your luxury bedroom aesthetic to life.

White Pillowcases


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Everybody loves a clean, classic bedroom that makes you want to snuggle up with just a glance, and nothing creates that feeling quite like fresh white pillowcases. Our classy collection’s got it all, from leafy exotic prints and brightly coloured florals to simple white designs that exude hotel luxury. Turn up the textures with cloud-like fabric tufts, or embrace a premium level of comfort with 200 and 400 thread count cotton.

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why do white pillowcases turn yellow?

If you’ve had much experience with white pillows and pillowcases, you’ll know that they don’t stay white for very long. Just a few months is enough for the shiniest white pillowcase to start picking up visible stains and taking on an unsightly yellow tint. While this can be alarming, it’s nothing to worry about, and is just a normal consequence of sleeping on the same pillow every night.

When white pillowcases turn yellow, it’s usually a result of staining from the body. Sweat, saliva, and natural oils from our bodies and hair start to build up on pillowcases after a week or so of use. This is why we recommend a weekly wash for bed sheets, pillowcases and any other bedding that comes in direct contact with your body during sleep.

how do I get old yellowed pillowcases white again?

Although white pillowcases stained yellow can be quite a concerning sight, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s far from permanent. The key to getting yellow pillowcases white again is understanding what type of stains you’re dealing with – once that’s figured out, all you’ve got to do is wash your bedding with the right products.

Hair and body oil stains are best removed by pre-treating them with a small amount of shampoo, and soaking in warm water for about ten minutes. Agitate the stain by rubbing it with a soft brush until it fades, then throw it in your washing machine for a hot cycle.

Pouring about 30ml of washing-up liquid into the drum of your regular wash works great if sweat or saliva are causing your yellow stains. Add in the washing-up liquid along with your regular amount of detergent, and stop the cycle midway through to let everything soak if you’re dealing with particularly heavy staining.

If all else fails, adding about 240g of regular baking soda to the drum before washing your pillowcases will help to lift stains and naturally whiten them. Clean the drum with a damp cloth once the cycle’s finished, and hang your bedding out to dry in the sun’s naturally bleaching light. Adding 60ml of distilled white vinegar to your washing machine’s detergent drawer, and 60ml to the fabric softener drawer, will hopefully seal the deal if your white pillowcases are still looking yellow.