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Get to know: our stunning 100% cotton seat pads

Do you want to brighten up some old seats or simply make your household chairs more comfortable? Revitalise your interiors with our stunning new range of 100% cotton seat pads. Available in a range of gorgeous vibrant colours and bold designs. Whether you prefer floral, geometric, polka dots or plain, we can guarantee that we have the perfect seat pads that will suit your style. So get comfy and let us introduce you to our new seat pad range.

100% Cotton
All our seat pads are made from high quality 100% cotton canvas fabrics which are super comfortable and durable. Some of our seat pad styles also have a coordinating velvet reverse, which we’re also happy to say is made from 100% cotton!

Soft Polyester Filling
Next up, let’s talk about the most important factor that is responsible for how comfortable our seat pads are, the filling!

All our seat pads are ready filled with soft and comfortable polyester. We’ve used hollowfibre filling for our cushion pads as it creates a perfectly plump and durable seat pad. The polyester filling is a super comfortable filling choice that will give you the support where you need it most.

There’s no arguing that the designs of our seat pads are simply stunning. We have our team of talented in-house designers to thank for this! They have carefully thought out all the beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics which we can guarantee will brighten and revitalise your home interior.

Whether you prefer floral, geometric, polka dots or plain, we have a gorgeous range of unique printed designs and stylish colours which are sure to liven up your chairs.

Co-ordinating Ties
All of our seat pads have coordinating tie fastenings that will ensure that your seat pad will stay in place on the chair of your choice. The tie fastening feature is super versatile and will fasten to most chairs.

Feature trims
In true bohemian style, some of our cushioned seat pads also feature a complimenting pom-pom edging which coordinates perfectly with the design and colours of the seat pads. Perfect for anyone who like the extra details, these seat pads will make a real statement.

Care Guide
All our seat pads are dry clean only. This is due to the ready filled nature of the polyester filling, dry cleaning these seat pads when required means that the filling will stay put and provide the cushioned support you require.

Suitable Use
Our seat pads are designed for indoor use, however they could still provide the comfort, style and support that you may require for your outdoor chairs.

Bold and vibrant seat pads that will brighten any interior.
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