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how to decorate your home for Christmas 2023.

A selection of four Christmas cushions in neutral, blue and green shades, arranged on a cream sofa along with a cream fleece throw in front of a decorated Christmas tree.

get your reindeer in a row – it’s time for seasonal home styling.

When we look back on our fondest festive memories, the importance of a great setting quickly becomes clear. Think of what sticks in your mind from Christmases past. It might be the pattern on your childhood Christmas bedding, carefully traced through hours of sleepless excitement. It might be the aroma of honey-glazed ham running thick through the house, or even the fondly-missed fuzziness of Gran’s knitted Christmas blanket.

The merriest Christmas memories come with a strong sense of place, and that’s why setting the scene is so important. We’re covering a spread of seasonal home decor styles this year, from traditional and modern to quaintly country and twinklingly bright. Knowing exactly how to decorate your home for Christmas is a skill that’ll stick with you for life, making sure each season leaves some magical memories in its wake.

traditional Christmas.

If deciding how to decorate for Christmas has you dumbstruck, you can’t go wrong by sticking with the classics. Whether you’re looking to reclaim that childhood nostalgia, or craving the crackling-fire-cosiness of a Hallmark movie set, a traditional Christmas aesthetic is always a timeless choice.

what is traditional Christmas decor?

Traditional Christmas decor is anything that’s designed in a typically seasonal style. Think sleigh-fulls of classic Christmas symbols – from nutcrackers and mistletoe to baubles, bells and holly boughs.

Festive colours like emerald greens, rich reds and shimmering snowflake whites are also big players in traditional Christmas decor. If you’re attempting a traditional look, you’re basically trying to transform your space into an all-out shrine to Santa’s grotto.

3 ways to style your traditional Christmas home.
A green Christmas duvet cover set with a traditional design of baubles and other trinkets, arranged on a bed with a book, candle and christmas gifts.
Deck The Halls Christmas Duvet Set in Pine Green

If a traditional look is tickling your fancy, it doesn’t get more classically Christmas than our Deck The Halls Christmas Duvet Set in Pine Green. Our goal with this design? Tear the cosy feeling of Christmas down to its finest threads, and weave it into one seriously seasonal bedding set.

Expect jingling bells, prancing reindeer and just about every festive figure you can think of – not to mention the gold holly bough reverse, ideal for that subtler seasonal touch.

A front view of a red velvet cushion in a cranberry shade with a brown piped border.
Meridian Velvet Cushion in Cranberry/Mocha

From cakes to candles, spirits to sauce – the humble cranberry is a bona fide icon in the world of Christmas tradition. Combine all that Christmas energy with the serene softness of our Meridian Velvet Cushion in Cranberry/Mocha, and you’ve got one bell of a festive furnishing.

A chocolate brown border seals the deal on this seasonal show-stealer, bringing both spirit and warmth in a fantastically festive ratio. Keep an eye out for coordinating velvet cushions in Maroon/Moss and Emerald Green/Moss, because one festive fitting is simply never enough.

A midnight blue fleece throw with a printed winter woodland design, folded on a wooden bench in front of a white background.
Winter Woods Fleece Throw in Midnight

Nothing says Christmas like a warm fuzzy blanket, and our Winter Woods Fleece Throw in Midnight Blue is the perfect piece for all your Noel-time napping. From its opulent sheen to its snowy reverse, to the winter woodland scene that bounds right off the fabric – this is one Christmas creation that leaves nothing to the imagination.

A microfleece front and snug sherpa fleece reverse make this throw wonderfully warming, with strong insulating qualities that’ll keep you toasty through even the chilliest winter. If you’re feeling something a little sunnier, our matching Winter Woods Throw in Ochre brings plenty of bell-jingling brightness.

modern Christmas.

Sick of the sleigh bells? Weary of wreaths? Not sure how to decorate your home this Christmas in a way that feels fresh? A little festive fatigue affects us all from time to time, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend the season on the sidelines.

what is modern Christmas decor?

Modern Christmas decor is all about creating a clean and contemporary festive vibe, rooted in traditions but styled for today. Sleek neutral colours, nods to Scandi minimalism and plenty of textural depth are just some of the modern Christmas hallmarks. It’s been a prominent festive style for some years now, and we don’t think it’ll be sleighing away any time soon.

3 ways to style your modern Christmas home.
A white cotton duvet cover set with a tufted snowflake design, arranged on a bed with festive fairy lights and an open book.
Snowflake Duvet Cover Set in White

Simple, serene and truly one of a kind – our Snowflake Duvet Cover Set in White has quite a bit in common with its namesake. Soft-as-snow cotton percale sets the scene for a shower of tufted snowflakes, springing off the fabric with spades of textural depth.

Wake up in a winter slumberland of quality 100% cotton, keeping you incredibly cosy while still providing impressive breathability. The sleek design guarantees a kitsch-free Christmas, understated enough to be used throughout the season without feeling over-the-top.

A white draught excluder cushion with a looped bouclé design, placed on a wooden floor in front of a neutral background.
Cabu Textured Bouclé Draught Excluder in Ecru

Whatever style of Christmas you’re wishing for this year, functional accessories never go out of fashion. Outwit the winter chills with our Cabu Textured Bouclé Draught Excluder in Ecru, designed to banish the iciest breezes with ease.

Popping our draught excluders at the foot of your door or window provides you with up to a kilo of gust-busting weight, densely packed with durable polyester filling. Combine all that quality with the on-trend elegance of a chunky bouclé finish? It’s a contemporary Christmas miracle.

A cream-coloured faux fur throw blanket, draped over a woven chair next to coordinating furnishings in a neutral room.
Empress Faux Fur Throw in Cream

What do you get when you combine a thick faux fur pile, heavyweight comfort and a snowy alpine-inspired design? The only cosy Christmas layer you’ll ever need. Our Empress Faux Fur Throw in Cream is the epitome of modern style and comfort, boasting an opulent finish and expansive 180x130cm size worthy of any ice-queen’s palace.

Create a symphony of snugness with our matching Empress cushion and draught excluder, available in a snowy spread of seasonal shades.

bright + bold Christmas

If taking ‘merry and bright’ to lustrous new levels sounds right up your snow-covered street – you won’t want to miss our bright and bold Christmas collection.

what is bright and bold Christmas decor?

Just like it says on the technicoloured tin, our bright and bold Christmas style is all about making a sparkling statement. From twinkling tree lights to ribbons and red noses, eye-catching colours are a core part of the festive season – so why not bring some of that brilliance to your home decor?

3 ways to style your bright + bold Christmas home.
A pink Christmas duvet cover set with a printed design of leopards in festive scenes, complete with a tonal leopard print reverse.
Purrfect Christmas Duvet Cover Set in Pink/Lilac

It’s often those unconventional, one-of-a-kind designs that end up making the biggest impact – and our Purrfect Christmas Duvet Cover Set in Pink/Lilac is a pawsitively flawless example. Roguish leopards run riot in Santa’s workshop, wriggling into wreaths and clawing at trees across a radiant pink background.

A lilac leopard-print reverse offers a calming counterpoint to the busyness of the lead design, perfect for that sluggish post-Holiday period. Round things off with our matching Purrfect Fabyuleous Cushion in Pink/Lilac, or opt for something a touch more traditional with our coordinating duvet cover in green and gold.

A fuzzy dice style door stop in a hot pink shade, complete with alternating checks of bouclé and faux fur fabric.
Check It Bouclé Door Stop in Pinky Crush

If you live and breathe all things bright, allow us to introduce you to our Heya Home range – packed with more shiny shades and playful prints than Santa’s workshop. Our Check It Bouclé Door Stop in Pinky Crush is only the twinkling tip of the iceberg, complete with contrasting checks of fleece and bouclé for a fiercely bold finish.

Complete the look with our matching Check It Bouclé Fleece Cushion, or go for a cracking combination of festive hues with our dreamy cream and emerald green editions.

A knitted technicolour cushion in a woven loop cotton design, complete with a slogan reading 'it's Crimbo'.
Festive-val Crimbo Cushion in Multicolour

Wish knit could be Christmas every day? You’ll love our Festive-val Crimbo Cushion in Multicolour from the minds behind Heya Home. The woven slogan design let’s everyone know exactly what time of year it is, while a firework display of festive shades sets the perfect holiday tone.

Knitted cotton loops bring sleigh-fulls of softness, while the technicolour check pattern provides your seasonal dose of dazzle. If you’re dreaming of a bright Christmas, why not go baubles-to-the-wall with our coordinating Festive-val Baubles Cushion in Pink?

country Christmas.

From snow-capped peaks to the cutest winter creatures, Christmas has always had strong ties to the countryside. Whether you’re getting festive in a farmhouse or bringing wild magic to your city apartment, we can all appreciate the charm of country Christmas decor.

what is country Christmas decor?   

Country Christmas decor draws inspiration from the wild world around us, from festive fauna to woodland florals and majestically seasonal scenery. Expect intricate illustrations of the best of Britain’s countryside, from foxes and hares to Scottish highland cows, to pheasants, stags and hedgehogs that capture that quaint country feeling.

3 ways to style your country Christmas home.
An emerald green duvet cover set with an intricate design of British woodland animals and florals, complete with a coordinating tonal reverse.
Harewood British Animal Duvet Cover Set in Emerald

If you’re struggling to settle on one favourite winter animal, you’ll be pleased to learn that this design’s got them all. Our Harewood British Animal Duvet Cover Set in Emerald Green weaves a rich tapestry of the country animal kingdom, boasting everything from foxes and barn owls to stags, hares, foxes and more.

Made with pure 200 thread count cotton, it’s as soft as it is scenic, promising a perfect sleep no matter the season. Go with ruby red or rich midnight blue if you’re not sold on green, and complete your hub of hibernation with a coordinating Harewood Animal Cushion.

A neutral cushion with a hand-painted watercolour design of a stag's head, complete with a printed hessian-effect strip.
Hessian Stag Square Cushion in White

On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen! Britain is home to its own special brand of Santa’s reindeer, and what better way to honour it than with a burst of country character. Our Hessian Stag Square Cushion in White brings together all the best elements of country Christmas decor, from hand-crafted watercolour artwork to a soothingly subdued colour palette.

A strip of printed hessian offers the finest of finishing touches – think Rudolph, but rustic.

An tonal green throw blanket with a printed check design, folded to reveal a fluffy white sherpa fleece reverse.
Blake Check Fleece Throw in Green

The cosiest country Christmas vibes? Check! While it might look like something we’ve nicked from Santa’s grotto, we promise that the Blake Check Fleece Throw in Green is entirely our own creation. Sherpa meets microfleece in this cocktail of festive cosiness, complete with a printed tartan pattern that ticks all those farmhouse boxes.

Not sure on the green? We’ve got a matching red design that’s equally elf-friendly, as well as a pared-back natural version that’s sure to get the eggnog flowing.