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9 cosy home interior updates for winter.

From cosying up under snuggly throws in front of your favourite scandi noir drama to getting out the winter duvet, here’s how to update your home for winter.

Winter is the season to enjoy the weather from inside. So it makes sense that we cosy up our interiors! We layer up on sumptuous textures, add in cooler colours and only go outside if we’re armed to the hilt with woolly accessories.

Whether you want to overhaul your entire space or just add some seasonal touches here and there, these nine cosy home interior updates will help you embrace the beauty of winter.

 photo credit: @jordshomexx | blake throw

Swap out bedding

An extra throw is no longer going to keep you warm. Instead, it’s time to upgrade your bedding to winter levels. We’re talking swapping out everything from the duvet itself to the accoutrements, oh yes. It’s time to get super snuggly!

First, if you don’t already have a 10(+) tog duvet already, now’s the time to invest. Tog is the measurement of thermal insulation, and the higher the number the warmer the quilt will be. For winter, a duvet with a 10-15 tog is recommended to keep you lovely and toasty in bed. Just don’t be surprised if getting up is that little bit harder!

Think about making your bed cosy in terms of aesthetics and textures too. Of course, you could go straight for the Christmas bedding for a festive feel, but for something that will last you for the season, go for something like our Winter Woods duvet cover set in Midnight or Harewood in Blue. The scenes of British animals frolicking in the countryside in the blue colourway will make any bedroom feel wintery.

Change up your cushions and throws to add extra cosiness. Swap light cottons and linens for fluffy textures and cool-toned colour schemes.

Think about your outdoor space

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your garden or outdoor space. Invest in a fire pit or patio heater, or if you fancy renovating, you could create a permanent fireplace in your outdoor hangout space. Paired with something mulled and delicious, layers of thick throws (like these Sherpa fleece ones) and a woolly hat, and you’re all set to enjoy a bit of outdoor time without freezing your toes off!

Improve your window dressings

Your windows are a huge part of your room’s décor, so changing your curtains can have a massive impact on the way your room looks and feels. For winter vibes, you could go traditional with faux wool curtains in a rustic grey and rust colour, or make it moody with dark florals. Pair with blinds for the ultimate in layered living. 

Upgrading your window dressings has a twofold effect – not only will your home look cosy, but it may also help to keep your rooms warmer too, especially if you go for thermal blackout lining. This type of lining blocks heat transfer, preventing heat loss through your windows. Perfect for keeping your home warm in the cold weather.

photo credit: @into.trends | Wildlings home fragrance

Spritz seasonal scents

You have to think about all the senses when updating your home. We’ve talked about looks and feels, and now it’s all about scents. They really add that extra level of comfort and seasonality that completes your interiors.

There are loads of different scents that work beautifully in winter. You could go for something spicy and warming, like our Wildlings home fragrance. Perhaps you want something a little bit more Christmassy, like gingerbread or vanilla frosting.  Or maybe a fresh forest feel with a green, organic scent?

Make it moody

While summer is about a light, bright and airy feel, winter is definitely the moodiest of the seasons. So while you might want to leave a little bit of summer cheer through bold colours, you can punctuate it with a little bit of edginess. Swap out your white lampshades for black ones, your glass vases for jewel tones and even pale painted furniture for dark woods and heirloom antiques.

Upgrade your entryway

A more practical update, but one that you’ll be glad you did. Upgrading your entryway to cope with the winter weather will not only make sure that the rest of your home stays beautiful, but it means that you’ll have a seasonal greeting every time you head in.

Whether you’ve got a fully functional entryway that works for you or you’ve got nothing, the first step is to consider what you need your entryway to do. From catching snow and dirt from being tracked through the house to being a place to store coats, boots and accessories, there’s lots to consider.

For winter, add an extra rug or heavier duty door mat, clear out any summer related gear (flip flops and sun hats aren’t welcome any more), add a boot tray and somewhere to pop your umbrella. Don’t forget a draught excluder for when everyone is in!


photo credit: @houseofhaz | boucle knot cushion, monogolian sheepskin cushions

Change up your soft furnishings

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home feel more wintery is to swap out your cushions and throws. Whether you go the whole hog and change up your entire cushion collection or you just swap a couple out to change your accents, there’s loads of options for getting those winter vibes.

Remove those light fabrics and summery colours and replace them with more seasonal colours, patterns and textures. We’re talking super wintery hues like red, green, blue and white, as well as patterns like tartan and woodland animals. When it comes to textures, go all in with fluffy or furry cushions for the ultimate in comfort, or go for the latest trend with boucle.

Add in seasonal florals

If you’re someone who loves a freshly cut bouquet to greet them when they get in, then why not make sure your flowers are seasonal too? There are loads of different plants and flowers you can choose from to help add that wintery feel to your home.

Of course, poinsettias are a popular choice, but roses in white and red, pine cones, eucalyptus and berries are all great options for a beautiful bouquet. Don’t forget, swap out your usual vase for one in moody black or a delicious jewel tone to help your flowers really pop. 

Cosy up lighting

Ambient lighting is important all year round, but there’s something special about using light to create a cosy atmosphere in the colder months. Whether it’s the twinkling of the Christmas lights or a candle flickering, there’s no denying comfy mode is activated when you’re snuggled under a throw with the soft glow of low light.

The big light is a big no no here – look to create that comforting glow with table lamps, floor lamps and candles.