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deck the halls + dazzle your guests with cheery Christmas homeware.

Whether you’re returning from afar or staying settled where you are, we all love celebrating the festive season at home. Our holly jolly Christmas homeware is designed to bring magic to your seasonal setting, stuffed with everything from merry and bright bedding to a chorus of festive cushions, throws accessories and more. Shop the collection.

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and what better way to set the scene than with our merry selection of Christmas homeware. We’ve got styles to suit whatever kind of Christmas you’re dreaming of this year, from traditional and tinseled to snowy and subdued, to bright bauble-clad creations with all the jingling bells and whistles.



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When sleighbells ring and snow starts to fall, we all need somewhere special to gather with loved ones. Our Christmas homeware collection is all about making your home as magical as possible this festive season. Whether you’re craving the classic Christmas aesthetic of marching Nutcrackers and twinkling lights, or a refined minimalist take on the festive season, our signature seasonal designs and world-class quality will be sticking around for many Christmases to come.

It takes more than a few trinkets to set the perfect Christmas scene, so don’t forget to check out the rest of our festive home furnishings – or even check it twice. From blissful Christmas bedding and cushions to throws, gifts and more. Keep the winter chills at bay with seasonal door stops and draught excluder cushions, or build the perfect festive banquet with twinkling Christmas table linen.

Need some Noel-centric style insights? Head over to our Inspiration Blog for a whole host of guides, style tips and seasonal decor ideas. Get your space Santa-ready with our guide to styling your home for Christmas, discover the furn. team’s favourite Christmas decor, or check out our ultimate Christmas home gift guide for 2023.

how to decorate your home for Christmas.

Whether you’re dreaming of a traditional Christmas or branching out to something more modern, everyone loves giving their home that festive glow. It’s a time for warming up, welcoming guests and embracing the seasonal spirit – and what better setting to celebrate in than a wonderland of Christmas homeware?

When decorating your home for Christmas, it’s best to start with the basics. Bring the festivities to your front door with a classic Christmas wreath. You can find them in tons of different styles, or you can even get crafty and create your own from festive twigs, leaves and pinecones. ‘Tis the season for guests and gatherings, so set the perfect scene for your festive feast with our Christmas table linen.

Great Christmas homeware needs plenty of space for leisure and lounging, so don’t forget to show your living room and bedroom some love. Layer your sofa-scape with a chorus of Christmas cushions and throws, or create a seasonal sleep sanctuary with cosy Christmas bedding that’s soft as snow. We’ve got a sleigh-full of Christmas styles to choose from, from tinseled and traditional to minimalist and modern, to country-inspired and beautifully bright.

when do Christmas decorations come down for 2023?

When exactly we should take down our Christmas decor is always a feisty debate. In the UK, it’s tradition to put up decorations on the first day of Advent, which falls this year on Sunday the 3rd of December 2023. While this is the official date, lots of people put their decorations up on the 1st of December, and many get started long before then. It’s all a matter of preference, just don’t let the grinches in your life discourage you from breaking out the tinsel ‘too early’.

When it comes to taking decorations down, the official date is the Twelfth Night of Christmas, which the Church of England celebrates on the 5th of January each year. A lot of us are still recovering from the Christmas and New Year festivities by then however, so don’t stress if we’re two weeks into January and you’re still smothered in tinsel.