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how to get your guest bedroom ready for Christmas.

A green festive duvet cover set with a traditional design of baubles and trinkets, arranged on a bed with a red scatter cushion and some festive foliage.

did somebody say ho-ho-holiday hosting? let’s make your guest bedroom a paradise of Grinch-proof style.

Christmas – the host wonderful time of the year. Whether you’ve got family flying in from afar or friends belting out the festive bangers on a lengthy drive home, we’ve all got guests to get ready for this season.

British people will be trekking over 700 miles on their festive travels this year, so it’s important that your guest bedroom provides the perfect seasonal greeting. From burnishing the bedding to curating a calm, clutter-free space, there’s a lot involved in giving your guests the comfiest experience possible. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the perfect holiday hosting handbook.

So, without further ado – and with the help of some of our favourite Instagram creators – here’s exactly how to decorate a guest bedroom for Christmas.

clear the clutter.

What’s better than walking into a tidy, perfectly prepared bedroom? Walking into a tidy, perfectly prepared bedroom after an exhausting day of Christmas travelling. So, root those rubber gloves out – we’re getting a head start on the spring clean.

a neutral minimalist bedroom with white festive bedding, including a white duvet cover with a tufted tree design, embroidered and tufted scatter cushions, and a faux fur throw.

With working from home becoming the norm for many, guest bedrooms have began to feel more like home offices.

Keyboards, notepads, even that long-empty coffee cup you’ve developed a mental block against removing – clutter is everywhere in our spare rooms these days, and if you’re hosting for the holidays, it’s all got to go.

A bedroom with festive pink bedding featuring a design of leopards among Christmas trees, a white faux fur throw, neutral scatter cushions and novelty star-shaped lighting fixtures.

Start by clearing out the biggest bits. Arm yourself with a bin bag – or two, for any recyclable rubbish – and chuck out anything you don’t use or value.

Once you’ve binned those, round up anything else that doesn’t belong in your guest bedroom and pop it all outside the door. This way, you can quickly clear the room and worry about finding new homes for things later. You’ll end up with a beautifully blank canvas, perfect for starting your hosting hub from scratch.

beautify the bedding.

Your guest’s bed will be their sanctuary throughout their stay, so making it incredibly cosy is central to keeping them happy. Nothing beats setting eyes on an irresistible bed and realising that it’s all yours for the night, and that’s exactly the kind of magical feeling your guests deserve this holiday season.

Green Christmas bedding with a traditional design of tree ornaments, made on a bed with matching pillowcases, grey scatter cushions, a gingerbread man plush toy and a festive wreath.

Investing in brand new bedding will give your guest a real VIP experience, while leaving you with a handy extra set to use year-round.

Go for bright and bold Christmas bedding if you’re determined to stoke the festive spirit, or choose something a little more subtle if you want that sleek hotel bed feel.

An ornately styled neutral bedroom with a white wooden bedframe, green festive bedding with a winter woodland design, and neutral textured scatter cushions.

You’ve got to strike the perfect balance of Christmas vibes and cosy ones, so don’t forget the cushions and bed throws! No guest bedroom is complete without a quality cushion arrangement and some lush layers, so don’t hold back on this step.

You could even introduce a pillow sham and a bedspread if you’re feeling extra fancy – your guest will certainly thank you for it!

giftwrap the windows.

If your guestroom curtains seem a little stale, now’s the most window-ful time of the year to make a change. While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when getting guest-ready, new window dressings make a massive impact, and won’t go unnoticed by your visitors.

A grey blackout curtain panel hung in a white room, with a potted plant on the window sill.
Dawn 100% Blackout Thermal Curtains in Charcoal

Having the right curtains is especially important in wintertime, as they can make a huge difference to your room’s insulation.

If your guest bedroom is north-facing or just tends to get a bit chilly, thermal curtains will be a lifesaver for your guest. They’re designed to keep heat in through winter and out through summer, keeping you in a snug temperature sweet-spot year-round.

A closeup image of a blackout curtain panel fabric in a eucalyptus green shade.
Dawn 100% Blackout Thermal Curtains in Eucalyptus

If you’ve got children, light sleepers or a jetlagged journeyer staying round this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with 100% blackout curtains. Ours use the highest grade 3-pass technology to completely block out all light, so neither sunbeams nor streetlights will get a chance to disturb your guest.

They’ve got thermal properties of their own thanks to their thick lining, and can even help to absorb sound – how’s that for a silent night?

create a seasonal survival kit.

From cleansing wipes and skin creams popped on the end of the bed, to the seasonal Boo Basket trend that swept through TikTok last season – giving your guest a hamper of essential goodies has become a pillar of modern-day hosting.

A bathroom with neutral and teal tiling, decorated with folded and rolled up towels and a neutral bath mat.

While it is the giving season, you don’t have to go overboard with this one – just focus on a handful of necessary items that you’re confident will come in handy for your guest. If in doubt, it’s always safe to start with some fresh, fluffy towels. No one’s ever complained about having too many, so leave out as many spares as you’re willing to part with.

Our Cleopatra Egyptian Cotton Towels are the ultimate luxury choice, available in sleek silver and charcoal, pretty blush and uplifting ochre yellow.

A neutral bedroom decorated with white bedding, white textured scatter cushions and a white tufted throw.

It might warm our hearts, but Christmas is a notoriously chilly time of year. Keep those winter gusts well clear of your guest with a lavish spread of toasty throws, whether faux fur, sherpa fleece or a chunky tufted knit.

After all, no one deserves a lump of cold among their Christmas gifts this year.

finishing touches.

Your guest bedroom should now be equipped with all the essentials, but stopping there wouldn’t exactly be in the spirit of the season, now would it? It’s often the more subtle Christmas guest bedroom ideas that make the biggest impact, and a little extra effort can make all the difference.

A red Christmas duvet cover set with a design of woodland animals and florals, presented on a bed with olive green scatter cushions and a neutral faux fur throw.

The bed looks luxurious, the layers feel glorious – but that still leaves a few of your guest’s senses unaccounted for. Bring a holistic sense of harmony with some fresh home fragrance, because let’s face it – a damp, dusty or straight-up stale smelling room is enough to ruin anyone’s Christmas.

The simple addition of a scented reed diffuser, candle, or a spritz from one of our room sprays is enough to keep even the fussiest guest feeling sweet.

A novelty penguin door stop made with soft velvet and bouclé fabric, stood against a wooden door in front of a neutral background.
Bouclé Penguin Door Stop in Warm Grey

If you’ve got a particularly breezy guest bedroom, a festive draught excluder will help to keep your guest cosy and the Christmas vibes consistent. Our sweet novelty door stops provide the perfect friendly face to greet your guest on arrival, while making sure they get as much (or as little!) privacy as they like.

Finish things off with some freshly-picked flowers – hellebores, holly and mistletoe all bloom through winter – either dried and scattered or sitting pretty in a vase.


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