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7 gorgeous ideas to add a little luxury into your bathroom

photo credit: @_banks_ave, Loft Towels in White.  

Your bathroom is a hard-working space, with it being a functional room to get washed and ready in the morning, as well as a serene place to unwind.  But whether you’ve got a rental bathroom or you’re renovating your whole space, everyone wants a little luxury in their bathroom.

Our luxury bathroom ideas are quick and easy, helping you to design a space that feels decadent, but still feels like you. There’s no one way to create a luxurious bathroom, but these ideas will certainly make a world of difference.


make an impact with wallpaper.


Photo credit: @houseofstew, wallpaper: palmeria in emerald | @_my_home_inspo_, wallpaper: marble in champagne.

While wallpaper might not be your first thought when it comes to the bathroom, it can really make an impact. Whether you go for dark and dramatic, bold and beautiful or subtle and minimalist, there’s a bathroom wallpaper for you.

Pair with matching tiles for a bathroom scheme that makes a statement that you can’t ignore. For something softer, opt for a complementary colour. Want a bathroom that invigorates? Go for a contrasting shade for a vibrant feel.

Not sure on wallpaper in the bathroom? Don’t worry – just make sure that it’s positioned away from ‘wet zones’ where it’ll get splashed directly with water. Install on a well prepped wall with a strong adhesive and your wallpaper should stay up for years.


create a statement with a decorative mirror.


Photo credit: @houseonthecorner_16, similar mirror: Cypress Mirror | @houseon the corner_16, similar mirror: Lykke Mirror.

Whether you’ve opted for a patterned wallpaper or a painted wall, a statement mirror makes any room feel a little more luxurious. Go for gold for a really glamourous mirror moment – and opt for one that’s got an intricate or feature frame to really make an impact.

Not a fan of gold? Black or silver mirrors can look equally stylish, just make sure that your mirror echoes shapes and colours that you have used in your space. It could be a similar shape to your sink or your bathroom tile.


up the luxe factor with lighting.


Products: Linden 5 Bulb Pendant Ceiling Light | Percallo Wall Light

Consider your bathroom lighting to create a high end feel without breaking the bank. Your bathroom is a space that is functional, but it’s also a space to reset and relax, so you need layers of lighting that will serve both of these things.

For your task lighting, consider two wall lights either side of your mirror. This will not only make it easier to use your mirror, but it will add pleasing symmetry to one of the focal points of the room, the sink and vanity space. If you’re short on room, you could add a wall light above the mirror.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your ceiling light too – as long as it’s not near any water sources, you can go as bold and as opulent as you like. Be sure to check the IP rating of your light, as it should be at least 20 for a bathroom.

When it comes to ambient lighting, you could make your lights dimmable – perfect for creating softer light levels for a relaxing bath. Alternatively, you could layer up on your candles for lighting that will provide relaxing or reviving scent as well.


invest in soft, fluffy towels.

Products: Loft Towels in White, Oatmeal, and Eucalyptus

There’s nothing more lavish than getting out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a luxuriously thick, soft towel. Look for 100% cotton or Egyptian cotton towels and you’ll be rewarded with some incredibly fluffy towels that will make you feel like you’re in a hotel.

Not sure what colour to go for? Choose towels in complementary colours for a serene feeling bathroom, or contrasting colours to make a statement. But, if you’re going for true luxury, it has to be white towels. Bonus – they’ll go with any colour scheme.


treat yourself to a plush bath mat.


Products: Diamond Tufted Bath Mat in Ivory | Bee Deco Bath Mat in Blush.

Likewise, when stepping out of the shower, you need something plush to greet your toes. A sumptuously soft bath mat that’s super absorbent will only add to the feeling of luxury in your bathroom.

It’s not just about what it feels like on your freshly washed feet either – a bath mat can also add an element of luxe in visual terms too. Go for textures like tufting or bobbles and luxe finishes like gold and tassels to add a sense of opulence.


inject your personality with wall art.


Photo credit for both: @houseonthecorner_16 Loft towels in Oatmeal and Blush.

Feeling like you’ve gone too serene and spa-like with your bathroom and want to add a bit of personality? That’s where wall art comes in.

Whether you’re going for beachy vibes with wooden accents and coastal scenes or you’ve opted for a French boudoir feel with a regal portrait in an ornate frame, there are loads of ways to include artwork in your bathroom.

Add shelves for a different way to add a bit of character to your bathroom. Create a display that complements your theme, with artwork, sculptural pieces and more. It can be anything that you like – it doesn’t have to be ‘bathroom appropriate’ at all, it just has to make you happy.

Frame any artwork behind glass and with a waterproof backing to keep it free from water damage. Add in good ventilation and your paintings or prints will be happy in your bathroom for years to come.


don’t forget to bathscape.


Photo credit: @homebythestation, Loft Towels inEucalyptus.

The ultimate in bathroom luxury? Taking the time to make bath time a decadent affair. Bathscaping (like tablescaping but for your bath) has recently become a trend, and it’s all about creating a relaxing and beautiful bath setting.

So, how do you ‘bathscape’? Essentially, you need a bath tray. A bath tray is a pretty and functional way to lay out everything you might need for your bath. Make it aesthetic with a small plant and a candle, as well as your luxury bathing and skin care products.

Soak in your bubbles and enjoy your luxury bathroom.