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Outdoor Rugs

roll out a lush new layer with stylish outdoor rugs.

The perfect finishing touch to bring a new lease of life to your garden, decking or patio – no open-air space is complete without outdoor rugs. From flashy jungle florals to fierce safari animals, earthy abstract swirls and jazzy geometrics – discover the missing ingredient for your dream outdoor space. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re a devoted host of alfresco gatherings, or a seasoned sunbather who dreams of a quiet garden oasis – elevate your summer style with these essential garden accessories. Show some love to your patio and the planet with our 100% recycled plastic outdoor rugs, woven from repurposed polypropylene. Or, make a statement in every season with polyester flatweave designs, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor Rugs


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Let every second in the sunshine reach its full style potential this summer with our radiant selection of outdoor rugs. Whether you’re looking for a lavish layer to complement your patio furniture, a foot-friendly surface for barefoot garden guests, or just need a flashy focal point to draw your outdoor space together – discover the most stylish of solutions in our chic collection.

Not sure where to start? Head over to our inspiration blog for a sweeping selection of helpful guides and expert design tips. Want to get to know the collection a bit more personally? We’ve broken down a few of our favourite designs in our introducing… outdoor rugs that make a statement blog post.

how to clean outdoor rugs.

As they don’t live safely indoors like your standard area rug, it’s only natural that outdoor designs pick up a bit more dirt, grime and general staining. This isn’t something to worry about, and thankfully means that garden rugs are often easier to clean.

To clean your outdoor rug, always start by taking it outside and shaking off any loose debris. Give it a gentle run under the hoover, and treat any heavy stains with a delicate remover agent. Our woven outdoor/indoor designs are suitable for machine washing at 30°C maximum, but always carefully read your product’s care label before starting a machine cycle. Our recycled plastic outdoor rugs are suitable for spot cleaning only, but their smoother texture means most stains can easily be removed by hand.

are outdoor rugs waterproof?

While many outlets describe their outdoor rugs as waterproof, most designs will eventually suffer water damage if left out in the elements for long enough. Our polyester outdoor/indoor rugs are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand splashes, spills and the occasional shower without any ill effects. Just remember to bring them back inside once the alfresco antics are all wrapped up!

Our 100% recycled plastic rugs are waterproof, meaning you don't have to worry about rushing them back inside after a night in the garden. However, we do recommend allowing your waterproof outdoor rug to dry off from time to time. Give it a shake, and leave to line or flat dry to make sure the material stays in the best condition possible.

Just like our outdoor cushions, our woven and plastic outdoor rugs are also resistant to the sun’s UV rays. This means that even the most scorching of summer days won’t pose problems like colour fading or general heat damage.

can outdoor rugs get wet?

Yes! All our outdoor rugs are designed to withstand exposure to water without becoming damaged. However, it’s important to remember that even the most durable of designs will eventually degrade if left outside. So, make sure to always shake them dry, bring them back inside, and store in a clean, dry place until your next outdoor adventure!