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Outdoor Rugs

illuminate your outdoor living space with stain-resistant garden rugs.

The perfect finishing touch for your garden, decking or patio – no open-air space is complete without a stylish outdoor rug. These stain-resistant garden rugs boast our captivating signature designs, from flashy florals to exotic animals, dreamy abstract prints and more. Discover the key ingredient to your dream outdoor living  space. Shop the collection.

Elevate your summer style with water-resistant patio rugs, perfect for devoted hosts of alfresco gatherings and seasoned sunbathers who dream of a vibrant garden oasis. Made using plush polyester flatweave and 100% recycled plastic, our weather-resistant rugs can handle anything the elements might throw at them.

Outdoor Rugs


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Let every second of outdoor living reach its full style potential this summer with our radiant selection of outdoor rugs. Whether you're looking for a pristine patio rug to complement your furniture, a skin-friendly surface for barefoot garden guests or a chic balcony rug to draw your outside space together – discover stylish and affordable solutions in our versatile collection.

You'll find an endless array of colours and designs throughout our collection, many of which are created right here in the UK at our Yorkshire design studio. Choose from striped outdoor rugs with jazzy geometric patterns, or keep your garden sleek and simple with modern checks and minimalist prints. If you’re looking to make more of a maximalist style statement, go for a tropical outdoor rug with dazzling shades of green, pink and sun-kissed orange.

Just like our outdoor cushions, our water-resistant outdoor rugs are also protected against the sun's UV rays. This means that even the most scorching of summer days won't pose problems like fading or fibre-weakening.

Got your heart set on a garden rug but now sure where to start? Head over to our inspiration blog for a sweeping selection of guides and expert design tips. Get to know the range with our introduction to outdoor rugs, find out where you can use them and learn the best materials to use in your outdoor space.

how to clean outdoor rugs.

As they spend a lot of time out in the elements, it's only natural that garden rugs pick up more dirt, grime and general staining than indoor designs. Thanks to their weather and stain-resistant properties, this isn't something to worry about and they are perfect for outdoor use. A thorough surface clean with a damp cloth, followed by a quick rinse with the garden hose and some light detergent is all your outdoor rug needs to get back to looking its best.

Start by taking your rug outside and shaking off any loose debris. Give it a gentle run under the hoover and treat any heavy stains with a delicate remover agent. Our woven indoor/outdoor rugs are suitable for machine washing at 30°C, but always carefully read your product's care label before applying detergent or starting a machine cycle. Our recycled plastic outdoor rugs are suitable for spot cleaning only, as their smoother texture means most stains can easily be removed by hand.

are outdoor rugs waterproof?

Even the most waterproof outdoor rugs will eventually suffer damage if left out in the elements for long enough. Most garden rugs are closer to water-resistant, meaning they don't absorb water easily and dry a lot quicker than the average rug. You can still leave your outdoor rug out in the rain, just make sure to dry it off regularly to keep it in the best condition possible.

Our polyester indoor/outdoor rugs are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand splashes, spills, showers and most weather conditions without becoming damaged.

Our 100% recycled plastic rugs are specially designed to be highly waterproof, so you don't have to worry about rushing them back inside after an evening in the garden. However, we do recommend allowing your waterproof outdoor rug to dry off from time to time. Give it a thorough shake and line or flat dry to ensure the material stays in perfect condition for as long as possible.

what is an indoor/outdoor rug?

When searching for a new outdoor rug, you might find that a lot of the designs are labelled as indoor/outdoor. This is nothing to worry about, and simply means that the rug is designed with built-in properties that make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor/outdoor rugs are extremely versatile. They are suitable for use in any outdoor space, while also being durable enough to place in high-traffic indoor areas like halls or entryways. As they're resistant to stains and water, indoor/outdoor rugs also make a great addition to potentially messier spaces like the bathroom or kitchen.

how to stop outdoor rugs from blowing away.

Nothing spoils a peaceful picnic like your garden rug blowing away, and it can quickly become a safety issue if you're hosting vulnerable guests or have small children running around. So, to stop your worries - and your rug - from running away, there are some simple precautions you can take to keep your outdoor living space a safe place for all.

The easiest way to prevent outdoor rugs from blowing away is by weighing them down with heavy garden furniture. Use a coffee table, sofa, chairs or even some heavy plant pots to keep your garden rug safely anchored down. If you don't have much space or your furniture isn't heavy enough - tape, rubber grippers and anti-slip mats are great alternatives for keeping balcony rugs secure.