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Blackout Curtains Buying Guide

With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising, everyone knows that the summer months can quite often mean uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Blackout curtains can be a great way to block out any unwanted light and regulate the temperature of your room when you need it most. Ensuring you sleep soundly all year round.

If you're not sure if blackout curtains are the right choice for your home, let us take you on a tour of some of the features and benefits, to see if we can make your decision a little easier.


What are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are specifically designed to block out 100% of light. Made using the best in class ‘3 pass’ manufacturing process - this is where the lining is formed using three layers of ‘foam’ (white, then black, then white again). This ensures that absolutely no light can be passed through the fabric, for total darkness, perfect for anyone that requires a little extra shut eye.


Which rooms are blackout curtains most suitable for?

Blackout curtains can be used for any room in the home. But they are particularly suitable for rooms where blocking light, aiding visual privacy or thermal insulation is of paramount importance.

They are a great all year round curtain option as the 3 pass curtain lining has a natural ability to regulate room temperature. Ensuring to keep your room cool in the summer, and warm in the winter by ‘blocking’ the transfer of heat. Another added benefit in winter is that they will keep any unwanted draughts out. 

We would also recommend them for use in commercial environments such as office spaces. Their most common use, however, is in children’s bedrooms or home studies where light glare and heat are your daily nemesis!

Blackout curtains are also great at absorbing noise. They can aid the reduction of traffic and other sounds to help create a tranquil space for ultimate relaxation.


What other choices of light filtration are available for curtains?


Blackout curtains will block out 100% of light from any room, as long as they have been fitted correctly. There are other choices of light filtration available that perhaps you might want to consider.

Alongside blackout curtains, we also manufacture a range of room darkening curtains. These readymade curtains block out enough light to significantly darken a room and provide total privacy, while avoiding the ‘total blackout’ effect you’d get from a blackout range.

We also offer a semi sheer range, which will provide privacy in any rooms that they are used in. Usually made from a fabric lighter in weight and colour, these curtains will not completely block out sunlight from entering a room but help diffuse the light.

Sheer curtains are made from a very lightweight fabric that will give you a measure of privacy and soften your home’s lighting. These curtains will allow most light to pass through.

What sizes are our blackout curtains available in?

Our blackout curtains are available in a range of popular sizes that will fit most windows.

Width x Drop
117 x 137cm 
117 x 183cm
168 x 137cm
168 x 183cm
168 x 229cm
229 x 137cm
229 x 183cm
229 x 229cm

Blackout are the most dense of all the curtains. You will not find a pair with quite the same benefits or that block out any more light than these. In order for blackout curtains to perform at their best, it’s super important that they are the correct size, and that they’re fitted correctly. Don’t panic though... This is really simple and we have a fitting guide to help you!