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how to create a timeless decor scheme.

Trends come and go, but your décor should stand the test of time. Whether you want to create a scheme that you won’t have to touch for a long time or you want to avoid dated décor, creating a timeless scheme for your interiors can be a hard line to toe.

We’ve created this handy guide full of helpful hints and tips to keep your space stylish for years to come.

Aim for elegance

One of the best ways to create an elegant feel in a room is to create a sense of symmetry, balance and proportion. Symmetry is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and along with balance and proportion, it makes a room feel serene and sophisticated.

So how do you do that? The simplest way is to divide your room into two halves and create mirror images on either side. Most bedrooms are symmetrical, with the bed bring the focal point. Keep it symmetrical with matching bedside tables, matching table lamps and artwork above your bed.

It doesn’t have to be too matchy matchy though – you can create balance with things that are similar colours, heights or shapes.

Traditional details like crown moulding, panelling and built in bookcases will give your room an elegant, enduring look too. They look like part of your home, rather than anything that you might have added later.


Photo credit: @fix_no_166


Focus on functionality

Timeless interiors doesn’t just mean aesthetics. When planning your room you need to consider its use and how it functions. Try to consider all your needs, like storage for kids’ toys, a place for you to work or somewhere to entertain. If you prioritise décor over the way you use your home, you won’t have a timeless space, instead you’ll end up with a room that you have to update and change.

Prioritising function over form also applies when it comes to specific pieces of furniture too. Your cabinet might be beautiful, but it’s no good if it doesn’t hold your vinyl collection!

Choose quality materials

Quality furniture and soft furnishings will last for many years, which is exactly what you want for your timeless décor scheme. Investing in pieces that are well made and appeal to your classic sense of style will stand the test of time. If you look after them well, they will stay looking beautiful.

Low quality will inevitably break or fall apart and eventually start to look shabby, and that’s not what we’re going for. If you’re worried about affordability, simple set your budget and buy the best quality that you can afford. There’s no need to break the bank!


Photo credit: @a_story_of_home | Jacko Throw.


Stick to classic colour schemes

When it comes to timeless colour schemes, you’d be right in thinking that neutral tones and classic colour pairings are the way to go. Shades like taupe, cream, off-white and grey are the perfect main colour for your scheme. Soothing and versatile, they’re a great way to start off a classic colour palette.

Layer it up with a similar colour to your main one, and then add in a pop of colour. It doesn’t have to be anything wild – it could be a gorgeous rust colour or an indigo blue. Your accent colour can be changed out easily if you fancy a change of scenery, but the rest of it will stay timelessly classic.

Mix old and new

Using all the same matchy-matchy furniture (whether old or new) will date your room, sometimes instantly. Instead pair modern and antique or vintage pieces together for a fresh take on timelessness that’s completely unique to you.

It can be tricky, however, to make a space feel cohesive when you’re mixing furniture. An easy way to help you visualise it is to create a mood board and then you can see what your room might look like before you even start. Use images of timeless spaces that you love, as well as furniture that you want to use together.

One tip is to make sure that your old and new pieces of furniture have similar attributes. It could be that they are similar in colour, pattern or material.  

Photo credit: @ohmyedwardian | Velvet Cushions, Paradise cushion 

Pick the trends that you love

Resigned yourself to completely avoiding trends for a timeless space? No need! Just make sure that they’re trends that you absolutely adore. If you love animal print, add them in through throws and cushions – easy to swap out and replace if you fall out of love with it.

We trust you not to invest in trend-led pieces just for the trend’s sake. Instead, consider whether it really feels like you, or you’re just charmed by the way it’s been styled, the influencer who’s showcasing it or simply the idea of being ‘current’.

Use things that bring you joy

Similarly, everything in your home should bring you joy. So if you’re agonising over whether your beloved artwork might fit into your timeless scheme, don’t worry about it too much. It’s there because it has meaning to you, and ultimately, it’s your home.

You can find loads of ways to bring things in that you love, whether you use its colour as an accent colour, as part of your gallery wall or just as an item on your display shelves.

Cover image + thumbnail photo credit: @somethingbluehome | Nash Ink/Royal  Cushion.