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everything you need to know about outdoor rugs.

A patio decorated with a polyester outdoor rug, woven patio furniture, throws and weather-resistant outdoor cushions.

we've solved all the outdoor rug riddles, so yours doesn't get pulled from under you.

Ah, the humble outdoor rug. It’s tough to think of another accessory that so powerfully impacts design while often being overlooked, under-appreciated and, frankly, walked all over. It’s clear that garden rugs provide durability, versatility, and the instant transformation of a space with just a quick unroll.  But aside from that, just how well do we know these superstars of summer styling?

Outdoor rugs have steadily become more popular in recent years, with new materials, patterns and colourways constantly coming into vogue. And with many choosing to shower their balconies, porches and patios with all the style and comfort that was once reserved for interiors, it feels like the outdoor space is having its biggest moment yet. So, to help you navigate this new territory and feel confident in your purchase, let’s dive into everything you need to know about outdoor rugs.

what is an outdoor rug?
A boho style outdoor rug with a geometric diamond design, lying on a grass surface with a coordinating outdoor cushion, accessories and plates of food. A polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a printed leopard design, laid on a wooden decking next to an garden chair and coordinating outdoor cushions.
@jadeholyk | Leopard Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Ochre

An outdoor rug is any rug that’s specifically designed for outdoor use. They’re made using more durable materials than indoor rugs – often polyester or polypropylene – and are usually weather-resistant to some degree. They dry quicker, clean easier and absorb less water than indoor designs, making them the ideal choice for any open-air space.

More recently we’ve seen the rise of indoor/outdoor rugs – hybrid designs that are soft enough for interior use and durable enough to weather the elements. Commonly made from polyester or nylon flatweaves, they’re great outdoor-friendly options that provide all the plush comfort of the indoors.

are outdoor rugs a good idea?
A polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a printed tibetan tiger design, laid underneath a white woven chair with coordinating outdoor cushions.

If you’re looking to elevate the style of our garden, patio, balcony or any other external space – outdoor rugs are a brilliant option. While a tasteful selection of throws and outdoor cushions can make a big impact, rugs have the unique ability to zone your space and make it work as a cohesive whole.

Aside from the style benefits, garden rugs are an extremely practical option. They’re weather-resistant (sometimes fully waterproof), naturally stain-resistant, easy to clean and highly durable. Our indoor/outdoor rugs are machine washable (30°C maximum) and resistant to both water and UV rays.

Our 100% recycled polypropylene designs are waterproof – meaning you don’t have to stress about bringing them straight back inside – and can be easily cleaned with a shake, wipe or jet wash.

what are outdoor rugs made of?
A polyester indoor/outdoor rug with an abstract multicoloured floral design, laid on a stone patio with two pink patio chairs and an outdoor sofa with coordinating outdoor cushions. A closeup image of an outdoor rug made from 100% recycled polypropylene, with a green and white checkerboard design.
@letsgotopoppys | Checkerboard 100% Recycled Rug in Green

While many different materials can be used to make outdoor rugs, the most common are polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PES) due to their stain-resistance, weather-resistance and relative affordability. Other popular materials include nylon, olefin, and natural plant fibres like bamboo or jute.

Our waterproof garden rugs are made using 100% recycled polypropylene, which is derived from repurposed plastic bottles. A denser, smoother finish is the result, with increased protection against the elements and general footfall. They’re waterproof (so don’t stress about immediately bringing them back inside!), UV ray-resistant and highly durable.

Our indoor/outdoor rugs are woven from 100% polyester, giving them a softer feel that’s perfect for both internal and external spaces. They’re resistant to both water and the sun’s UV rays, meaning they can handle exposure to the elements but shouldn’t be left outside permanently.

where can you use an outdoor rug?
A polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a printed design of exotic birds and green forest florals, laid on a wooden decking surface along with an outdoor sofa, table and coordinating outdoor cushions. A picnic rug with a neutral striped design, laid on a beach sand surface with various summer accessories.
@michelle_elia_browne |

Once again showing their versatility – outdoor rugs are suitable for use in just about every place you can imagine.

Because of their resistance to staining, water and general wear, garden rugs can be popped down on any of your usual outdoor surfaces – from gravel and grass to wooden decking and stone patios. Their light and foldable design means you can even take your rug on the go – perfect for beach trips, park picnics and all your summer adventures.

As they’re designed for outdoor use, you don’t have to worry about our patio rugs leaking colours, melting or causing damage to any of your surfaces. There’s also nothing stopping you from using your rug indoors! They can actually be a useful addition to spaces like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, where moisture can cause mould and mildew to develop in regular rug fabrics.

rug style + design

There are plenty of practical benefits to our outdoor rugs collection, but what good is that without some showstopping style?

Our talented designers have worked tirelessly to curate a collection that’s got something for every interior style, packed with stunning signature prints that bring a fresh burst of energy to any space. What’s more, all our waterproof outdoor rugs come with a coordinating reverse design, giving you a fresh look with just a simple flip when the mood strikes.

A 100% recycled plastic outdoor rug with a minimalist abstract design, laid on a wooden decking with a black bistro seat holding a coordinating outdoor cushion.
Klay Recycled Outdoor Rug in Natural


Whether you’re an out-and-out minimalist or just want a soothing design to give your space that quiet garden oasis vibe, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Take our Klay Outdoor 100% Recycled Rug for example.

Earthy beige provides a stunningly subdued backdrop, while dreamy abstract swirls in a clean white tone bring just the right amount of energy. Plus, the reverse design offers a simple inversion of the colour scheme for whenever you fancy switching things up.

A polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a multicoloured design of vibrant tropical florals, laid on a wooden decking among a maximalist outdoor scene.


For lovers of the tropical villa vibe or those who are simply seeking to dazzle, our maximalist garden rugs offer everything you want and more. Not sure what we mean? Feast your eyes on the radiance of our Psychedelic Jungle Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Pink.

Vibrant tropical florals in fuchsia pink, rich gold and blazing orange tones practically erupt from the fabric, while a paler candy pink soothes in the background.

A boho style polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a geometric diamond design, laid on a grass surface with various summer items and a chair holding a matching outdoor cushion.


Craving those free-spirited festival vibes, or just something a little more cultural? Look no further than the Atlas Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Natural.

The printed diamond geometric design is complete with a unique tufted effect, creating a rustic appearance that brings plenty of textural depth. The natural, understated colourway is perfect for boho-inspired spaces, beautifully complementing natural elements and textures.

caring for your outdoor rug.

So you’ve found the perfect patio rug, you’ve unrolled an entirely new look for your outdoor space and you’re thrilled with how it looks – what now?

While your rug might look great at first, we all know that outdoor spaces aren’t exactly the easiest to keep clean. Bugs, cobwebs, mould and mildew can all cause your rug to become a bit musty over time, so keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance is essential.

A neutral woven rug with a plain design being cleaned with a small red vacuum.

general upkeep.

Whatever kind of outdoor rug you’re using, we recommend giving it a quick surface clean at least once a week – twice if used heavily – to keep it in the best shape possible.

This can involve a thorough shake, a quick wipe with a cloth or a run under the hoover, depending on the level of dirt caught on the surface.

A closeup image of a woven polyester indoor/outdoor rug with a printed tropical floral design.
Coralina Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Aqua/Pink

how to clean a polyester indoor/outdoor rug.

To make them as simple as possible to care for, our polyester indoor/outdoor rugs are machine washable at a maximum of 30°C. Just pop them in for a gentle cycle with a mild detergent, and flat or line dry outside.

If your polyester outdoor rug has picked up a small, isolated stain, there’s always the option of spot cleaning to save your time and money. Create a solution of mild detergent or dish soap (20%) and warm water (80%), and gently agitate the stain with it.

While it’s unlikely to cause damage, we always recommend patch testing your solution on an inconspicuous area of the fabric to stay safe.

A closeup image of a waterproof outdoor rug made from 100% recycled polypropylene, with a printed abstract swirl design.
Dunes 100% Recycled Outdoor Rug in Brick

how to clean a 100% recycled plastic outdoor rug.

Thanks to their smooth polypropylene surface, our recycled plastic outdoor rugs are great at stopping stains and spilled liquids from becoming absorbed.

While some dirt might become trapped in the surface, this can usually be solved with a good shake or a run under the hoover. If your polypropylene patio rug has picked up a more difficult stain, thoroughly spot cleaning with a solution of mild detergent or dish soap (20%) and warm water (80%) should remove it.

If all else fails, a jet wash with a pressure attachment on your garden hose will do the trick. Leave to flat or line dry outdoors, and your rug will be back to first-day freshness in no time.